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Subject svn commit: r900284 - /httpd/site/trunk/docs/index.html
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 06:19:50 GMT
Author: sctemme
Date: Mon Jan 18 06:19:50 2010
New Revision: 900284

Push out HTML version of r900266


Modified: httpd/site/trunk/docs/index.html
--- httpd/site/trunk/docs/index.html [utf-8] (original)
+++ httpd/site/trunk/docs/index.html [utf-8] Mon Jan 18 06:19:50 2010
@@ -85,47 +85,21 @@
  <td bgcolor="#525D76">
   <font color="#ffffff" face="arial,helvetica,sanserif">
-   <a name="apachecon"><strong>Apache HTTP Server at ApacheCon US 2009 - 2-6
November, Oakland, CA</strong></a>
+   <a name="apachecon"><strong>Free Live Video Streams of ApacheCon US 2009</strong></a>
 <a href=""><img src=""
alt="[10 years of Apache]" align="right" /></a>
-<p>The Apache Web Server is where it all started, and, although now just one
-project among many, it has continued to develop new and exciting features
-over its entire 15 year history. 
-Join us at ApacheCon US 2009 for 
-<a href=""><i>httpd.conf</i></a>, 
-a two-day conference-within-a-conference, jam-packed with great content. 
-In addition to covering general aspects of the server, we'll also show you 
-what's new in 2.2, and what's coming in the 2.4 release - SNI, dynamic 
-configuration files, and load balancing. And in our developers' track we'll 
-show you how to take the next step into writing your own modules.
-Many sessions at ApacheCon US 2009 are open to the general public, 
-including the 2-day BarCampApache, select evening social events, 
-Birds of a Feather gatherings, the Hackathon, and most importantly,
-the Big Feather Birthday Bash! Join us in Oakland to celebrating a 
-decade of Open Source leadership!
-<a href="">
-<img src="" width="176"
height="74" alt="Free ApacheCon US 2009 Live Video" title="Free ApacheCon US 2009 Live Video"
border="0" align="right" />
-<p>If you can't make it Oakland, don't miss the
-<a href=""><b>FREE
- US live video streams</b></a>. 
- On Wednesday, the Apache Hadoop track will be streamed live. 
- On Thursday, it's httpd.conf, the track for Apache HTTPD administrators 
- and users. And on Friday, check out the Apache Lucene track. 
- You'll also be able to watch the Apache Pioneer's Panel, and 
- keynote presentations by Kirrily Robert and Brian Behlendorf. 
- Streaming starts Wednesday, 4th November, 
- <a href=";month=11&amp;year=2009&amp;hour=9&amp;min=0&amp;sec=0&amp;p1=224">17:00
- and at the same time on Thursday and Friday.
+<p>ApacheCon US 2009 is over but you can still view 
+<a href=""><b>FREE

+live video streams</b></a> of some of the conference sessions.  Available are
+<a href="">Apache Hadoop</a> sessions recorded on Wednesday,

+November 4, 2009; the <a href="">Apache HTTP Server</a>

+sessions from Thursday, November 5, 2009; the <a href="">Apache

+Lucene</a> sessions recorded on Friday, November 6, 2009; and the excellent Keynote
+presentations from all three conference days.  

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