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Subject svn commit: r782011 - /httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 13:22:32 GMT
Author: fuankg
Date: Fri Jun  5 13:22:32 2009
New Revision: 782011

added some to the NetWare build note.


Modified: httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP
--- httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP (original)
+++ httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP Fri Jun  5 13:22:32 2009
@@ -147,11 +147,17 @@
 To build for NetWare out-of-tree as a DSO, simply rename NWGNUftp-makefile
 to NWGNUmakefile, set the usual environment variables to the same as you
-do for building httpd; first build httpd to get the processed files, then
-from the mod_ftp root directory call:
-make -f NWGNUmakefile
-to build the module, and:
-make -f NWGNUmakefile install
+do for building httpd:
+first build httpd to get the processed headers and import files;
+then from the mod_ftp root directory to build the module call:
+    make -f NWGNUmakefile
+and finally:
+    make -f NWGNUmakefile install
 to copy all files to the httpd distribution directory. This step also creates
 a sample config file in ./conf/extra.

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