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Subject svn propchange: r660576 - svn:log
Date Tue, 27 May 2008 20:20:53 GMT
Author: fielding
Revision: 660576
Modified property: svn:log

Modified: svn:log at Tue May 27 13:20:53 2008
--- svn:log (original)
+++ svn:log Tue May 27 13:20:53 2008
@@ -1 +1,77 @@
-Mass 'ab' backports
+Mass 'ab' backports of:
+r390504,i r390511, r390519, r394765, r395228, r396300, r413861 | colm
+Give users the ability to set the window size for apache bench runs. Useful
+for benchmarking largefile downloads.
+  * Add siege-like behaviour to ApacheBench; output the results, as they have
+    accrued so far, when the user interrupts with ctrl-c. As the signal handler
+    is non-reentrant, we don't need volatiles, and the operations all look
+    signal-safe.
+  * Update the base version, since handling a signal differently is an external
+    API change of sorts.
+  * set the LastChangedRevision svn property, as ab.c has $Rev $ embedded, so
+    it really should be.
+when compiling statistics, only interate accross requests which occured.
+A keepalive response need not neccessarily have included any content-length
+header, handle this case properly for 304 responses. PR39789
+r516175 | trawick
+ab: Add -r option to continue after socket receive errors.
+Submitted by: Filip Hanik <devlist>
+Reviewed by: trawick
+r541138 | sctemme
+Explain that POST data should be sent as the correct MIME type.
+Submitted by Vincent Bray noodlet at gmail dot com,
+edited and reviewed by sctemme
+r655214 | fielding
+Overhaul ab.c stats collection and reporting to avoid integer
+truncation and time divisions within the test loop, retain
+native time resolution until output, remove unused data,
+avoid structure copies, consistently round milliseconds, and
+generally avoid losing accuracy of calculation due to type casts.
+Incidentally fixes output bug on gnuplot (seconds were being
+output as microseconds).  It would make more sense to output
+gnuplot stats as microseconds after the start of test, but
+this change returns us to consistency with pre-apr versions of ab.
+PR: 44878, 44931.
+r655637 | fielding
+Don't stop sending a request if EAGAIN is returned, which will only
+happen if both the write and subsequent wait are returning EAGAIN,
+and count posted bytes correctly when the initial write of a request
+is not complete.
+PR 10038, 38861, 39679
+Submitted by: Patrick McManus <mcmanus> (in 2003)
+              Stefan Fleiter <stefan.fleiter>  (in 2006)
+              and Davanum Srinivas (in 2006).  Committed patch
+              contains parts of all three, tweaked by Roy (2008).
+r655654 | fielding
+Improve client performance by clearing connection pool instead
+of destroying it.
+PR 40054
+Submitted by: Brad Roberts <braddr>

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