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Subject svn commit: r604582 - /httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2007 08:58:53 GMT
Author: wrowe
Date: Sun Dec 16 00:58:53 2007
New Revision: 604582

Some win32 notes about in-tree builds.


Modified: httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP
--- httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP (original)
+++ httpd/mod_ftp/trunk/README-FTP Sun Dec 16 00:58:53 2007
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
 To build and install as a DSO outside of the httpd source
 build, from the ftp source root directory, simply;
@@ -14,15 +15,15 @@
 so the desired configuration is picked up.
 To build static, or as a DSO but within the same build as httpd,
-copy the entire ftp directory over an existing httpd source tree,
-and from the httpd source root directory
+copy the entire ftp source directory tree on top of your existing 
+httpd source tree, and from the httpd source root directory
     ./buildconf  (to pick up ftp)
     ./configure --enable-ftp {your usual options}
 and proceed as usual.
-On windows, simply
+On windows, to build out of tree as a DSO, simply
     set APACHE2_HOME=c:\apache22
@@ -38,6 +39,13 @@
 mod_ftp.dsw to mod_ftp.sln, so after converting once, invoke 
     devenv /useenv mod_ftp.sln
+On windows you can overlay mod_ftp into the httpd tree, however you
+would have to manually add the project mod_ftp.dsp to the Apache.dsw
+workspace, ensure the BuildBin project includes the mod_ftp project
+as a dependency, and for the mod_ftp project add dependencies of
+libhttpd, libapr and libaprutil.  Also note that needs to
+be added to the module installation lines in

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