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Subject svn commit: r602806 - /httpd/httpd/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_proxy.xml
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 08:10:07 GMT
Author: mturk
Date: Mon Dec 10 00:10:02 2007
New Revision: 602806

Document the usage of ProxyIOBufferSize to extend the default AJP message length.


Modified: httpd/httpd/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_proxy.xml
--- httpd/httpd/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_proxy.xml (original)
+++ httpd/httpd/trunk/docs/manual/mod/mod_proxy.xml Mon Dec 10 00:10:02 2007
@@ -1102,9 +1102,18 @@
     <p>The <directive>ProxyIOBufferSize</directive> directive adjusts the
     of the internal buffer, which is used as a scratchpad for the data between
-    input and output. The size must be less or equal <code>8192</code>.</p>
+    input and output. The size must be less or equal <code>65536</code>.</p>
     <p>In almost every case there's no reason to change that value.</p>
+    <p>If used with AJP this directive sets the maximum AJP packet size in
+    bytes. If you change it from the default, you must also change the 
+    <code>packetSize</code> attribute of your AJP connector on the
+    Tomcat side! The attribute <code>packetSize</code> is only available
+    in Tomcat <code>5.5.20+</code> and <code>6.0.2+</code><p>
+    <p>Normally it is not necessary to change the maximum packet size.
+    Problems with the default value have been reported when sending
+    certificates or certificate chains.</p>

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