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Subject svn commit: r413158 - /httpd/site/trunk/xdocs/download.xml
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 20:47:02 GMT
Author: wrowe
Date: Fri Jun  9 13:47:02 2006
New Revision: 413158


  Note 2.2.2 was our 10 year celebration I believe, (just to put something
  interesting front and center under that top announcement, and declare
  this is the definative recommended version.)

  Axe a paragraph from 1.3 - ask us no questions we will tell you no lies.


Modified: httpd/site/trunk/xdocs/download.xml
--- httpd/site/trunk/xdocs/download.xml (original)
+++ httpd/site/trunk/xdocs/download.xml Fri Jun  9 13:47:02 2006
@@ -56,15 +56,19 @@
 <section id="apache22"><title>Apache HTTP Server 2.2.2 
 is the best available version</title>
+<p>The Apache HTTP Project is pleased to announce the release of Apache HTTP
+Server version 2.2.2.  This release represents over ten years of innovation
+by the project, and is recommended all previous releases!</p>
 <p>For details see the <a
    Announcement</a> and the <a
    href="[preferred]/httpd/CHANGES_2.2">CHANGES_2.2</a> list.</p>
-<p>Apache 2.2 add-in modules are not compatible with Apache 2.0 or 1.3 modules.
+<p>Add-in modules for Apache 1.3 or 2.0 are not compatible with Apache 2.2.
    If you are running third party add-in modules, you must obtain modules
    compilied or updated for Apache 2.2 from that third party, before you
-   attempt to upgrade from any previous version of Apache.  Modules compiled
+   attempt to upgrade from these previous versions.  Modules compiled
    for Apache 2.2 should continue to work for all 2.2.x releases.</p>
@@ -158,13 +162,10 @@
 several regressions introduced in 1.3.35 that interfered with Include'ing 
 other configuration files from the main httpd.conf configuration file.</p>
-<p>For additional details, read the <a
-<p>The Apache 1.3 series is no longer under development.  Releases
-are occasionally created to address security issues, or after a number 
-of bugs are fixed.  New features are not likely to be added to 1.3.</p>
+<p>For details see the <a
+   href="">Official
+   Announcement</a> and the <a
+   href="[preferred]/httpd/CHANGES_1.3">CHANGES_1.3</a> list.</p>
 <p>Use the Apache 1.3.36 version only if you must use a third party module
 that is not available as an Apache 2.x module.  Modules compiled for Apache 2.x

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