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Subject svn commit: r239344 - in /httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk: mod_dnsbl_lookup/README mod_smtpd_rbl/README
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 04:47:44 GMT
Author: berkes
Date: Mon Aug 22 21:47:40 2005
New Revision: 239344

Updated README for RBL modules


Modified: httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk/mod_dnsbl_lookup/README
--- httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk/mod_dnsbl_lookup/README (original)
+++ httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk/mod_dnsbl_lookup/README Mon Aug 22 21:47:40 2005
@@ -70,16 +70,9 @@
 RHSBLs under different hash tables (IPv6 DNSBLs are not currently 
-# This might be under a mod_smtpd virtual server config
-<VirtualHost *:25>
 # Enable module
 DnsblLookups On
-# Need to get host names for RHSBL lookups to work
-# Note that terminating dot in server names prevents local domain search
-HostNameLookups On
 # The following define positive matches for the chain I call "spammers"
 # Any non-failure result from is a positive match
@@ -179,31 +172,17 @@
 4. Using from mod_smtpd
-The function calls work in isolation, without requiring any prior setup 
-before using DNSBLs. The server configuration takes care of all 
-DNSBL and RHSBL setup, including domains to query and responses to 
-interpret as positive.
-The important knowledge link between mod_dnsbl_lookup and its user, say 
-mod_smtpd, is the chain name that defines the desired DNSBLs. Instead of 
-hard coding a chain name, it makes much more sense to have a module such 
-as mod_smtpd load during its configuration some chains to work with.
-So mod_smtpd might have configuration directives such as:
-SmtpBlacklistChain blackchain
-SmtpWhitelistChain whitechain
-Now mod_smtpd knows which chain to query for blacklisting purposes, and 
-which chain to query for whitelisting purposes. The admin may leave either 
-chain undefined of course and can easily modify the configuration by 
-substituting different chain names (as used by DnsblZone and RhsblZone). 
-The pseudo code within mod_smtpd might then be:
-Attempt to load optional dnsbl_lookup functions
-If functions are available
-	If dnsbl_lookup_ip("whitechain", client) == DNSBL_POSITIVE
-		return ALLOW_SERVICE	// even if blacklisted
-	Else If dnsbl_lookup_ip("blackchain", client) == DNSBL_POSITIVE
-		return DENY_SERVICE
-return ALLOW_SERVICE	// default action
+mod_dnsbl_lookup just provides DNSBL/RHSBL lookup facilities based on 
+configured chain names. Another module, mod_smtpd_rbl, provides the link 
+between mod_smtpd and mod_dnsbl_lookup
+Please see mod_smtpd_rbl/README for instructions on how to enable RBL 
+blacklisting and/or whitelisting in mod_smtpd. It really just requires a 
+definition of blacklist and whitelist chain names so that mod_smtpd_rbl 
+queries the correct servers and interprets the responses correctly.
+Operation summary:
+mod_smtpd defines some hooks
+mod_smtpd_rbl hooks in to the connection stage and envelope stage
+mod_dnsbl_lookup performs queries on appropriate chains as demanded

Modified: httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk/mod_smtpd_rbl/README
--- httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk/mod_smtpd_rbl/README (original)
+++ httpd/mod_smtpd/trunk/mod_smtpd_rbl/README Mon Aug 22 21:47:40 2005
@@ -6,10 +6,14 @@
 SmtpWhitelist - Set SMTP whitelist chain name
 SmtpBlacklist - Set SMTP blacklist chain name
-The main configuration is handled by mod_dnsbl_lookup, see README for a complete
-description of how to configure multiple chains for DNSBL and RHSBL lookups.
+The main configuration is handled by mod_dnsbl_lookup, see its README for 
+a complete description of how to configure multiple chains for DNSBL and 
+RHSBL lookups. Once mod_smtpd_rbl knows which chain to use as a whitelist 
+and which to use as a blacklist, it will invoke mod_dnsbl_lookup's 
+facilities and return information to mod_smtpd via hooks in order to allow 
+or deny mail.
-Here is a sample configuration:
+Sample configuration for mod_smtpd + mod_smtpd_rbl + mod_dnsbl_lookup
 # Enable mod_smtpd
 SmtpProtocol On

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