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Subject svn commit: r126233 - /httpd/httpd/trunk/STATUS
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 18:20:41 GMT
Author: pquerna
Date: Sun Jan 23 10:20:40 2005
New Revision: 126233

PR 9457 is marked as fixed. (this is also about APR, not httpd...)


Modified: httpd/httpd/trunk/STATUS
--- httpd/httpd/trunk/STATUS	(original)
+++ httpd/httpd/trunk/STATUS	Sun Jan 23 10:20:40 2005
@@ -147,20 +147,6 @@
       is set.  If not, it means that the HEAD requests don't generate the
       same headers as a GET which is wrong.
-    * HP/UX 10.20: compile breakage in APR.  Looks like it should be easy
-      to fix, probably just some extraneous #include's that are fouling
-      things up.
-      PR: 9457
-      Jeff: See my reply and patch in the PR (and previous commit to
-      stop using "pipe" as a field name).  If patch is committed, we
-      should be okay.  I'll wait to see if the user tests the patch.
-      Update by Jeff 20020722: I got an account on HP 10.20.  It looks
-      like some of the APR thread detection is screwed up.  If we find
-      pthread.h but we can't compile the pthread test program we still
-      think we can use threads.  For that reason, the patch I posted
-      to the PR won't work as-is since a failed compile of the test
-      program means nothing.
     * exec cmd and suexec arg-passing enhancements
       Status: Patches proposed
       Message-ID: <20020526041748.A29148@prodigy.Redbrick.DCU.IE>

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