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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/conf charset.conv
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:56:46 GMT
bnicholes    2004/08/18 15:56:46

  Added:       docs/conf charset.conv
  Move charset.conv configuration file out of experimental and into docs/conf.  This file
holds the character set conversion table used by the authn_ldap provider.
  See Attic in experimental directory for previous change history.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  httpd-2.0/docs/conf/charset.conv
  Index: charset.conv
  # Lang-abbv Charset     Language 
  en          ISO-8859-1  English
  UTF-8       utf8        UTF-8
  Unicode     ucs         Unicode
  th          Cp874       Thai
  ja          SJIS        Japanese
  ko          Cp949       Korean
  zh          Cp950       Chinese-Traditional
  zh-cn       GB2312      Chinese-Simplified
  zh-tw       Cp950       Chinese
  cs          ISO-8859-2  Czech
  hu          ISO-8859-2  Hungarian
  hr          ISO-8859-2  Croation
  pl          ISO-8859-2  Polish
  ro          ISO-8859-2  Romanian
  sr          ISO-8859-2  Serbian
  sk          ISO-8859-2  Slovak
  sl          ISO-8859-2  Slovenian
  sq          ISO-8859-2  Albanian
  bg          ISO-8859-5  Bulgarian
  be          ISO-8859-5  Byelorussian
  mk          ISO-8859-5  Macedonian
  ru          ISO-8859-5  Russian
  uk          ISO-8859-5  Ukrainian
  ca          ISO-8859-1  Catalan
  de          ISO-8859-1  German
  da          ISO-8859-1  Danish
  fi          ISO-8859-1  Finnish
  fr          ISO-8859-1  French
  es          ISO-8859-1  Spanish
  is          ISO-8859-1  Icelandic
  it          ISO-8859-1  Italian
  nl          ISO-8859-1  Dutch
  no          ISO-8859-1  Norwegian
  pt          ISO-8859-1  Portuguese
  sv          ISO-8859-1  Swedish
  af          ISO-8859-1  Afrikaans
  eu          ISO-8859-1  Basque
  fo          ISO-8859-1  Faroese
  gl          ISO-8859-1  Galician
  ga          ISO-8859-1  Irish
  gd          ISO-8859-1  Scottish
  mt          ISO-8859-3  Maltese
  eo          ISO-8859-3  Esperanto
  el          ISO-8859-7  Greek
  tr          ISO-8859-9  Turkish
  he          ISO-8859-8  Hebrew
  iw          ISO-8859-8  Hebrew
  ar          ISO-8859-6  Arabic
  et          ISO-8859-1  Estonian
  lv          ISO-8859-2  Latvian
  lt          ISO-8859-2  Lithuanian

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