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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0 ROADMAP
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2002 17:41:51 GMT
jerenkrantz    2002/10/19 10:41:51

  Modified:    .        ROADMAP
  Add technique for dealing with major version bumps.
  (i.e. lazily resolve them when we go to create a new stable tree)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.24      +9 -1      httpd-2.0/ROADMAP
  Index: ROADMAP
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-2.0/ROADMAP,v
  retrieving revision 1.23
  retrieving revision 1.24
  diff -u -u -r1.23 -r1.24
  --- ROADMAP	19 Oct 2002 17:30:15 -0000	1.23
  +++ ROADMAP	19 Oct 2002 17:41:51 -0000	1.24
  @@ -133,6 +133,14 @@
   desired changes in the stable versions must wait for inclusion into the next
   release cycle.
  +When deciding to promote a development tree to being stable, a determination
  +should be made whether the changes since the last stable version warrant a
  +major version bump.  That is, if 2.2 is the current stable version and 2.3 is
  +'ready' to become stable, the group needs to decide if the next stable
  +version is 2.4 or 3.0.  One suggested rule of thumb is that if it requires
  +too much effort to port a module from 2.2 to 2.4, then the stable version
  +should be labeled 3.0.
   In order to ease the burden of creating development releases, the process
   for packaging a development releases is less formal than for the stable
   release.  This strategy reflects the fact that while in development, versions

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