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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/mod mod_proxy.xml
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 20:34:59 GMT
ianh        2002/06/04 13:34:59

  Modified:    docs/manual/mod mod_proxy.xml
  hope I did this right
  /me crosses fingers
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.6       +19 -0     httpd-2.0/docs/manual/mod/mod_proxy.xml
  Index: mod_proxy.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-2.0/docs/manual/mod/mod_proxy.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.5
  retrieving revision 1.6
  diff -u -r1.5 -r1.6
  --- mod_proxy.xml	1 Jun 2002 01:42:45 -0000	1.5
  +++ mod_proxy.xml	4 Jun 2002 20:34:59 -0000	1.6
  @@ -58,6 +58,7 @@
           proxy module?</a></li>
   <!--<li><a href="#socks">Can I use the Apache proxy module with my SOCKS
   <li><a href="#intranet">What other functions are useful for an intranet proxy
  +<li><a href="#envsettings">How can I make the proxy talk HTTP/1.0 and disable
   <section id="forwardreverse"><title>Forward and Reverse Proxies</title>
  @@ -254,6 +255,24 @@
   proxy service</a>, Apache can return a redirect response and send the client
   to the correct, fully qualified, server address. This is the preferred method
   since the user's bookmark files will then contain fully qualified hosts.</p>
  +<section id="envsettings"><title>How can I make the proxy talk HTTP/1.0 and

  +disable keepalives?</title>
  +<p>For circumstances where you have a application server which doesn't implement
  +keepalives or HTTP/1.1 properly, there are 2 environment variables which when
  +set send a HTTP/1.0 with no keepalive. These are set via the  <directive
  +module="mod_env">SetEnv</directive> directive.</p>
  +<p>These are the 'force-proxy-request-1.0' and 'proxy-nokeepalive' notes.</p>
  +&lt;location /buggyappserver/ &gt;<br />
  +ProxyPass http://buggyappserver:7001/foo/<br />
  +SetEnv force-proxy-request-1.0 1<br />
  +SetEnv proxy-nokeepalive 1<br />

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