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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 01:04:06 GMT
>   +      Status: rbb committed a fix to http_protocol.c, but we still
> to
>   +              figure out what to do with ap_discard_request_body.
> Should
>   +              we still rearrange it like the patches below have it?
> Or,
>   +              can we remove all callers of ap_discard_request_body
>   +              only do it in ap_finalize_request_protocol?  (rbb
> that
>   +              we can't do it in ap_finalize_request_protocol
because of
>   +              potential 413 errors which would be detected too
>                    For the core and various modules:
>                      <>
>                    For mod_dav:

To explain in detail.  I did this work yesterday, but when I ran the
test suite, the limits tests all failed.  Why, because we didn't run
ap_discard_request_body until after the response had been sent, which
means that we didn't notice that we had been sent too much data until it
was too late to respond with an error.  All calls to
ap_discard_request_body that don't use the return code can be removed (I
got too busy to do that yesterday, but I'll do it today).

For the limits stuff, we need to decide if we want to return 413 if the
server doesn't care about the request.  For example, default_handler
always just discards the request body, so is it an error if the user
sends 100 Meg of data with a request that is just going to ignore it?
Probably, and if that is the case, then ap_discard_request_body has to
stay in all of the handlers.


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