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Subject cvs commit: httpd-site/docs Announcement
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 23:17:04 GMT
rbb         02/04/05 15:17:04

  Modified:    docs     Announcement
  Prepare for what looks to be an inevitable GA release!
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +394 -61   httpd-site/docs/Announcement
  Index: Announcement
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-site/docs/Announcement,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- Announcement	21 Nov 2001 07:31:46 -0000	1.1
  +++ Announcement	5 Apr 2002 23:17:04 -0000	1.2
  @@ -1,11 +1,10 @@
  -Apache 2.0.16 Released as beta
  +Apache 2.0.35 Released Generally Available
  -The Apache Group is proud to announce the release the sixteenth release
  -of Apache 2.0.  This is the first public beta of Apache 2.0.  This release
  -has been tested thoroughly, and has been running the web site for
  -the last few weeks.
  +The Apache Group is proud to announce the release the first GA release
  +of Apache 2.0.  Apache 2.0 has been running on the website 
  +since December of 2000, and has proven to be very reliable.
   Apache 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements and performance
   boosts over the 1.3 codebase. The most visible and noteworthy addition
  @@ -18,9 +17,9 @@
   have included support for IPv6 on any platform that supports IPv6.
   This version of Apache is known to work on many versions of Unix, BeOS,
  -OS/2, and Windows.  Because of many of the advancements in Apache 2.0,
  -the initial release of Apache is expected to perform equally well on all 
  -supported platforms.
  +OS/2, Windows, and Netware.  Because of many of the advancements in 
  +Apache 2.0, the initial release of Apache is expected to perform equally 
  +well on all supported platforms.
   There are new snapshots of the Apache httpd source available every 6
   hours from - please
  @@ -36,59 +35,393 @@
   For more information, please check out
  -Changes with Apache 2.0.16
  -  *) Change the default installation directory to /usr/local/apache2,
  -     as now defined by the "Apache" layout in config.layout. [Marc Slemko]
  -  *) OS/2: Added support for building loadable modules as OS/2 DLLs.
  -     [Brian Havard]
  -  *) Get MaxRequestsPerChild working with the Windows MPM.
  +Changes with Apache 2.0.35
  +  *) mod_rewrite: updated to use the new APR global mutex type.
  +     [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Fixes for mod_include errors on boundary conditions in which
  +     "<!--#" occurs at the very end of a bucket
  +     [Paul Reder, Brian Pane]
  +  *) worker, prefork, perchild, beos MPMs: Add -DFOREGROUND switch to 
  +     cause the Apache parent process to run in the foreground (similar to
  +     -DNO_DETACH except that it doesn't switch session ids).  
  +     [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Added support for Posix semaphore mutex locking (AcceptMutex posixsem)
  +     for those platforms that support it. If using the default
  +     implementation, this is between pthread and sysvsem in priority.
  +     This implies it's the new default for Darwin. [Jim Jagielski]
  +  *) AIX: Fix the syntax for setting the LDR_CNTRL and AIXTHREAD_SCOPE
  +     environment variables in the envvars file.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) worker MPM: Don't create a listener thread until we have a worker
  +     thread.  Otherwise, in situations where we'll have to wait a while
  +     to take over scoreboard slots from a previous generation, we'll be
  +     accepting connections we can't process yet.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Allow worker MPM to build on systems without pthread_kill().
  +     [Pier Fumagalli, Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Prevent ap_add_output_filters_by_type from being called in
  +     ap_set_content_type if the content-type hasn't changed.
  +     [Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Performance: implemented the bucket allocator made possible by the
  +     API change in 2.0.34.  [Cliff Woolley]
  +  *) Don't allow initialization to succeed if we can't get a socket
  +     corresponding to one of the Listen statements.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Allow all Perchild directives to accept either numerical UID/GID
  +     or logical user/group names.  [Scott Lamb <>]
  +  *) Make Perchild compile cleanly and serve pages again. [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) implement ssl proxy to support ProxyPass / https:// and the
  +     SSLProxy* directives [Doug MacEachern]
  +  *) Update mod_cgid to not do single-byte socket reads for CGI headers
  +     [Brian Pane]
  +  *) Made AB's use of the Host: header rfc2616 compliant
  +     by Taisuke Yamada <> [Dirk-Willem van Gulik].
  +  *) The old, legacy (and unused) code in which the scoreboard was totally
  +     and completely contained in a file (SCOREBOARD_FILE) has been
  +     removed. This does not affect scoreboards which are *mapped* to
  +     files using named-shared-memory. [Jim Jagielski]
  +  *) Change bucket brigades API to allow a "bucket allocator" to be
  +     passed in at certain points.  This allows us to implement freelists
  +     so that we can stop using malloc/free so frequently.
  +     [Cliff Woolley, Brian Pane]
  +  *) Add support for macro expansion within the variable names in
  +     <!--#echo--> and <!--#set--> directives [Brian Pane]
  +  *) Fix some mod_include segfaults [Cliff Woolley, Brian Pane, Brad Nicholes]
  +  *) Update the Redhat Layout to match Redhat version 7. PR BZ-7422
  +     [Joe Orton] 
  +  *) add compat layer to support RSA SSLC 1.x and 2.x in mod_ssl
  +     [Jon Travis, John Barbee, William Rowe, Ryan Bloom, Doug MacEachern]
  +  *) Add a new parameter to the quick_handler hook to instruct
  +     quick handlers to optionally do a lookup rather than actually 
  +     serve content. This is the first of several changes required fix
  +     several problems with how quick handlers work with subrequests.
        [Bill Stoddard]
  -  *) Make generic hooks to work, with mod_generic_hook_import/export
  -     experimental modules.  [Ben Laurie, Will Rowe]
  -  *) Fix segfaults for configuration file syntax errors such as
  -     "<Directory>" followed by "</Directory" and
  -     "<Directory>" followed by "</Directoryz>".  [Jeff Trawick]
  -  *) Cleanup the --enable-layout option of configure.  This makes
  -     us use a consistent location for the config.layout file, and it
  -     makes configure more portable.
  -     [jun-ichiro hagino <>]
  -  *) Changes to 'ab'; fixed int overrun's, added statistics, output in
  -     csv/gnuplot format, rudimentary ssl support and various other tweaks
  -     to make results more true to what is measured. The upshot of this it
  -     turns out that 'ab' has often underreported the true performance of
  -     apache. Often by a order of magnitude :-) See talk/paper of Sander
  -     Temme <> at April ApacheCon 2001 for details.
  -     [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
  -  *) Clean up mod_cgid's temporary request pool.  Besides fixing a
  -     storage leak this ensures that some unnecessary pipes are closed.
  +  *) worker MPM: Get MaxRequestsPerChild to work again.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) [APR-related] The ordering of the default accept mutex method has
  +     been changed to better match what's done in Apache 1.3. The ordering 
  +     is now (highest to lowest): pthread -> sysvsem -> fcntl -> flock.
  +     [Jim Jagielski]
  +  *) Ensure that the build/ directory is created when using VPATH.
  +     [Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Add some popular types to the mime magic file.  PR 7730.
  +     [Linus Walleij <>, Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Remove the single-byte socket reads for CGI headers [Brian Pane]
  +  *) When a proxied site was being served, Apache was replacing
  +     the original site Server header with it's own, which is not
  +     allowed by RFC2616. Fixed. [Graham Leggett]
  +  *) Fix a mod_cgid problem that left daemon processes stranded
  +     in some server restart scenarios.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Added exp_foo and rel_foo variables to for
  +     all Apache and Autoconf path variables (like --sysconfdir,
  +     --sbindir, etc). exp_foo is the "expanded" version, which means
  +     that all internal variable references have been interpolated.
  +     rel_foo is the same as $exp_foo, only relative to $prefix if they
  +     share a common path.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Fix some restart/terminate problems in the worker MPM.  Don't
  +     drop connections during graceful restart.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Change the header merging behaviour in proxy, as some headers
  +     (like Set-Cookie) cannot be unmerged due to stray commas in
  +     dates. [Graham Leggett]
  +  *) Be more vocal about what AcceptMutex values we allow, to make
  +     us closer to how 1.3 does it. [Jim Jagielski]
  +  *) Get nph- CGI scripts working again.  PRs 8902, 8907, 9983
        [Jeff Trawick]
  -  *) Performance: Add quick_handler hook. This hook is called at the
  -     very beginning of the request processing before location_walk,
  -     translate_name, etc.  This hook is useful for URI keyed content
  -     caches like Mike Abbott's Quick Shortcut Cache.
  +  *) Upgraded PCRE library to latest version 3.9 [Brian Pane]
  +  *) Add accessor function to set r->content_type. From now on,
  +     ap_rset_content_type() should be used to set r->content_type.
  +     This change is required to properly implement the 
  +     AddOutputFilterByType configuration directive.
  +     [Bill Stoddard, Sander Striker, Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Add new M_FOO symbols for the WebDAV/DeltaV methods specified by
  +     RFC 3253. Improved the method name/number mapping functions.
  +     [Greg Stein]
  +  *) remove sock_enable_linger from connection.c [Ian Holsman]
  +  *) Fix for virtual host processing where the requested hostname
  +     has a '.' at the end (PR 9187) [Ryan Cruse <>]
  +  *) mod_dav's APIs for REPORT response handling was changed so that
  +     providers can generate the content directly into the output filter
  +     stack, rather than buffering the response into memory. [Greg Stein]
  +  *) Fix a hang condition with graceful restart and prefork MPM
  +     in the situation where MaxClients is very high but
  +     much fewer servers are actually started at the time of the
  +     restart.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Small performance fixes for mod_include [Brian Pane]
  +  *) Performance improvement for the error logger [Brian Pane]
  +  *) Change configure so that Solaris 8 and above have 
  +     SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT defined by default.
  +     according to sun people solaris 8+ doesn't have a thundering
  +     herd problem [Ian Holsman]
  +  *) Allow URIs specifying CGI scripts to include '/' at the end
  +     (e.g., /cgi-bin/printenv/) on AIX and Solaris (and other OSs
  +     which ignore '/' at the end of the names of non-directories).
  +     PR 10138  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) implement SSLSessionCache shmht and shmcb based on apr_rmm and
  +     apr_shm.  [Madhusudan Mathihalli <>]
  +  *) Fix apxs -g handling.  Move from the top build
  +     directory to the build directory.  PR 10163  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Fix some mod_include problems which broke evaluation of some
  +     expressions.  PR 10108  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Fix the calculation of request time in mod_status.  [Stas Bekman]
  +  *) Fix the calculation of thread_num in the worker score structure.
  +     [Stas Bekman]
  +  *) Use apr_atomic operations in managing the mod_mem_cache
  +     cache_objects for SMP scalability. (see USE_ATOMICS
  +     preprocessor directive in mod_file_cache)
        [Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) Add filehandle caching to mod_mem_cache. (see CACHE_FD
  +     preprocessor directive in mod_file_cache)
  +     [Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) Implement prototype mod_disk_cache for use with mod_cache.
  +     [Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) Add a missing manualdir entry in the Debian config.layout.
  +     [Thom May <>]
  +  *) Stop installing libtool for APR and tell APR where it should place
  +     its copy of libtool (via our installbuildpath layout variable).
  +     [Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) New directive ProxyIOBufferSize. Sets the size of the buffer used
  +     when reading from a remote HTTP server in proxy. [Graham Leggett]
  +  *) Modify receive/send loop in proxy_http and proxy_ftp so that
  +     should it be necessary, the remote server socket is closed before
  +     transmitting the last buffer (set by ProxyIOBufferSize) to the
  +     client. This prevents the backend server from being forced to hang
  +     around while the last few bytes are transmitted to a slow client.
  +     Fix the case where no error checking was performed on the final
  +     brigade in the loop. [Graham Leggett]
  +  *) Scrap CacheMaxExpireMin and CacheDefaultExpireMin. Change
  +     CacheMaxExpire and CacheDefaultExpire to use seconds rather than
  +     hours. [Graham Leggett, Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) New Directive SSIUndefinedEcho. to change the '(none)' echoed
  +     for a undefined variable. [Ian Holsman]
  +  *) Proxy HTTP and CONNECT: Keep trying other addresses from the DNS
  +     when we can't get a socket in the specified address family.  We may
  +     have gotten back an IPv6 address first and yet our system is not
  +     configured to allow IPv6 sockets.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Be more careful about recursively removing CVS directories. Make
  +     sure that we aren't cd'ing to their home directory first. PR: 9993
  +     [Aaron Bannert, James LewisMoss <>]
  +  *) Add a missing errordir entry in the Debian config.layout. PR: 10067
  +     [Dirk-Jan Faber <>, Aaron Bannert,
  +      Thom May <>]
  +  *) Rename the filter ordering priorities.  The recent filtering fixes
  +     have showcased problems with their usage.  Therefore, we need to
  +     rename them to increase the clarity.  (CONTENT->RESOURCE,
  +     HTTP_HEADER->CONTENT_SET/PROTOCOL)  [Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Fix a problem in the new --enable-layout functionality where
  +     it wouldn't allow overrides from variables like --prefix,
  +     --bindir, etc.  [Thom May <>]
  +  *) Fix a bug in the core input filter for AP_MODE_EXHAUSTIVE. It
  +     no longer hangs around waiting for the socket to close before
  +     returning exhaustive data.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) rename apr_exploded_time_t to apr_time_exp_t (as per renames pending)
  +     [Thom May <>]
  +  *) Change mod_ssl to always do a full startup/teardown on restarts.
  +     this allows mod_ssl to be added to a server that is already
  +     running and makes it possible to add/change certs/keys after the
  +     server has been started.  [Doug MacEachern]
  +  *) Introduce PassPhraseDialog "|/path/to/pipe" mechanism to mod_ssl.
  +     This pipe must be a bidirectional 'console' style relay, which
  +     mod_ssl prints all prompts to the pipe's stdin, and reads the
  +     passphrases from the pipe's stdout.  [William Rowe]
  +  *) Fix bug where --sysconfdir and --localstatedir were being
  +     ignored.  [Thom May <>, Aaron Bannert]
  +     PR 9888
  +  *) Fix --enable-layout to work again. Caution: When specifying
  +     --enable-layout, common arguments like --prefix, --exec-prefix,
  +     etc. will be ignored and the settings from the layout will be
  +     used instead.  [Thom May <>, Aaron Bannert]
  +     PR 9124, 9873, 9885
  +  *) New Directive for mod_proxy: ProxyRemoteMatch. This provides
  +     regex pattern matching for the determination of which requests
  +     to use the remote proxy for. [Jim Jagielski]
  +  *) Fix CustomLog bytes-sent with HTTP 0.9.  [Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Prevent Apache from ignoring SIGHUP due to some lingering 1.3
  +     cruft in piped logs and rewritemap child processes.
  +     [William Rowe]
  +  *) All instances of apr_lock_t have been removed and converted
  +     to one of the following new lock APIs: apr_thread_mutex.h,
  +     apr_proc_mutex.h, or apr_global_mutex.h. No new code should
  +     use the apr_lock.h API, as the old API will soon be deprecated.
  +     [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Merged in changes to mod_ssl up through 2.8.7-1.3.23.
  +     [Ralf S. Engelschall, Cliff Woolley]
  +  *) mod-include: make it handle flush'es and fix the 'false-alarm'
  +     [Justin Erenkrantz, Brian Pane, Ian Holsman]
  +  *) ap_get_*_filter_handle() functions to allow 3rd party modules
  +     to lookup filter handles so they can bypass the filter name
  +     lookup when adding filters to a request (via ap_add_*_filter_handle())
  +     [Ryan Morgan <>]
  +  *) Fix for multiple file buckets on Win32, where the first file
  +     bucket would cause the immediate closure of the socket on any
  +     non-keepalive requests.  [Ryan Morgan <>]
  +  *) Correct Win32 failure of mmap of a segment beyond start of the
  +     file; fixes large SSL and similar transfers.  [William Rowe]
  +     PR 9898
  +  *) Implement apr_proc_detach changes and allow -DNO_DETACH in the
  +     multi-process mode to not "daemonize" while detaching from the
  +     controlling terminal. This is necessary for Apache to work with
  +     process-management tools like AIX's "System Resource Controller"
  +     as well as Dan Bernstein's "daemontools".
  +     [Jos Backus <>, Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Convert mod_auth_digest to use the new apr_global_mutex_t
  +     type.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) fix bug in mod-include where it wouldn't send a unmatched
  +     part if it was at the end of a bucket [Ian Holsman]
  +  *) worker MPM: Improve logging of errors with the interface between
  +     the listener thread and worker threads.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Some browsers ignore cookies that have been merged into a
  +     single Set-Cookie header. Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers
  +     are now unmerged in the http proxy before being sent to the
  +     client. [Graham Leggett]
  +  *) Fix a problem with proxy where each entry of a duplicated
  +     header such as Set-Cookie would overwrite and obliterate the
  +     previous value of the header, resulting in multiple header
  +     values (like cookies) going missing.
  +     [Graham Leggett, Joshua Slive]
  +  *) Add the server-limit and thread-limit values to the scoreboard
  +     for the sake of third-party applications.
  +     [Adam Sussman <>]
  +  *) Fix segfault when proxy recieves an invalid HTTP response [Ian Holsman]
  +  *) OS/390: Get make install to properly copy DSO modules.
  +     [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Win32: Fix bug in mod_status with displaying "Restart Time"
  +     and "Server uptime".
  +     [Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) Fix IPv6 name-based virtual hosts.  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Introduce AddOutputFilterByType directive.  [Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Fix DEBUG_CGI support in mod_cgi.  PR 9670, 9671.
  +     [David MacKenzie <>]
  +  *) Fix incorrect check for script_in in mod_cgi.  PR 9669.
  +     [David MacKenzie <>]
  +  *) Fix segfault and display error when SSLMutex file can not be
  +     created.  [Adam Sussman <>]
  +  *) Add reference counting to mod_mem_cache cache objects to
  +     better manage removing objects from the cache.
  +     [Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) Change the verbage on the ScoreBoardFile in our default configs.
  +     Also change the default to be commented out (unspecified) so we
  +     get anonymous shared memory by default.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Implement new ScoreBoardFile directive logic. This affects how
  +     we create the scoreboard's shared memory segment. If the directive
  +     is present, a name-based segment is created. If the directive is
  +     not present, first an anonymous segment is created, and if that
  +     fails, a name-based segment is created from a file of the name
  +     DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD. This gives third-party applications the
  +     ability to access our scoreboard.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Allow mod_deflate to work with non-GET requests and properly send
  +     Content-Lengths.  [Sander Striker <>]
  +  *) Fix ap_directory_merge() to correctly merge configs when there is
  +     no <Directory /> block.  [Justin Erenkrantz, William Rowe]
  +  *) Remove spurious debug messsages that are normal under HTTP
  +     keep-alive logic.  [Jeff Trawick, Justin Erenkrantz]
  +  *) Fix a bug in mod_cgid that would prevent proper shutdown death
  +     of the cgid process.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Add signal handling back in to the worker MPM for the one_process
  +     (-X, -DDEBUG, -DONE_PROCESS) case.  [Aaron Bannert]
  +  *) Performance: Reuse per-connection transaction pools in the
  +     worker MPM, rather than destroying and recreating them.  [Brian Pane]
  +  *) Remove all signals from the worker MPM's child process.  Instead,
  +     the parent uses the Pipe of Death for all communication with the
  +     child processes.  [Ryan Bloom]
  -  *) top_module global variable renamed to ap_top_module [Perl]
  -  *) Move ap_set_last_modified to the core.  This is a potentially
  -     controversial change, because this is kind of HTTP specific.  However
  -     many protocols should be able to take advantage of this kind of
  -     information.  I expect that headers will need one more layer of
  -     indirection for multi-protocol work, but this is a small step in
  -     the right direction.  [Ryan Bloom]
  -  *) Enable mod_status by default.  This matches what Apache 1.3 does.
  -     [Ed Korthof]
  -  *) Add a ScriptSock directive to the default config file.  This is
  -     only enabled when mod_cgid is used.
  -     [Taketo Kabe <>]

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