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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 19:34:47 GMT
aaron       02/01/02 11:34:47

  Modified:    .        STATUS
  Threads on FreeBSD are not my friend.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.370     +22 -2     httpd-2.0/STATUS
  Index: STATUS
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-2.0/STATUS,v
  retrieving revision 1.369
  retrieving revision 1.370
  diff -u -r1.369 -r1.370
  --- STATUS	2 Jan 2002 08:14:47 -0000	1.369
  +++ STATUS	2 Jan 2002 19:34:47 -0000	1.370
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
   APACHE 2.0 STATUS:						-*-text-*-
  -Last modified at [$Date: 2002/01/02 08:14:47 $]
  +Last modified at [$Date: 2002/01/02 19:34:47 $]
  @@ -121,7 +121,6 @@
         lost.  This might be an APR issue with how it deals with
         the child_init hook (i.e. the fcntl lock needs to be resynced).
         More examination and analysis is required.
         Status: This has also been reported on Cygwin.  
         Message-ID: <> (cygnus)
  @@ -129,6 +128,27 @@
         Justin says: So, FreeBSD-CURRENT and Cywin have the same 
                      problem.  Yum.  If another platform has this
                      with worker, this becomes a showstopper.
  +      Aaron says: I spent some time disecting this and have come to
  +              the conclusion that it is not a problem in the worker MPM
  +              (or at least, it is not isolated to a problem in worker).
  +              I'll list some of the problems I'm seeing in case someone
  +              else wants to pick up where I've left off:
  +               - The parent process goes into a loop consuming lots of CPU.
  +                 It has to do with how waitpid() and apr_sleep() are called
  +                 from within server_main_loop(). ktrace/kdump output shows
  +                 some weird stuff happening with poll() and suspiciously
  +                 small timeout values (apr_sleep() is implemented with
  +                 select() which is implemented with poll()).
  +               - Delivery of just about any signal to one of the child
  +                 processes will send it into an infinite loop as well.
  +               - Even though the parent is spinning out of control,
  +                 at first the child or children will appear to work
  +                 properly. At times it is possible to get it into a state,
  +                 however, where a request will hang until another concurrent
  +                 request "kicks" the first, at which point the second will
  +                 hang. My theory is that this has to do with the
  +                 pthread_cond_*() implementation in FreeBSD, but it's still
  +                 possible that it is in APR.
       * There is increasing demand from module writers for an API
         that will allow them to control the server  la apachectl.

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