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Subject cvs commit: httpd-site/test/flood building.html index.html
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 06:59:01 GMT
jerenkrantz    01/11/20 22:59:00

  Removed:     .        index.html
               apreq    Apache-Cookie.html Apache-Request.html index.html
               contributors index.html
               docs-project index.html
               images   99POYlede.gif SWTopFame.gif SWTopFame00.gif
                        SWTopFame98.gif SWTopFame99.gif SWshowcase.gif
                        apache_email.gif apache_feather.gif
                        apache_feather_bullet.gif apache_feather_promo.gif
                        apache_home.gif apache_index.gif apache_logo.gif
                        apache_pb.gif apache_pb3.gif apache_pb_1.0.gif
                        apache_sub.gif apachecon.gif coar.gif graybar.gif
                        lars.jpg orange_ball.gif powered_by.gif rasmus.jpg
                        seeusatapachecon.gif small_feather.gif smiley.xbm
               info     aol-http.html apache_books.html apache_nt.html
                        apache_on_linux.html apache_users.html
                        how-to-mirror.html in_the_news.xml
                        in_the_news_1997.html in_the_news_1999.html
                        index.html jdk-102.html known_bugs.html
                        security_bulletin_1.2.5.html support.cgi
                        supportdb.txt three-config-files.html
               info/css-security apache_1.3.11_css_patch.txt
                        apache_specific.html encoding_examples.html
               library  index.html
               press    04apr96.txt 05Jan98.txt 22Jun98.html 22Jun98.txt
               test     index.html
               test/flood building.html index.html
  Delete all files from the old httpd-site.
  This will be replaced by the new Anakia-based layout.
  (Boy, I hope this is the right way to do it!)

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