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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 03:11:09 GMT
wrowe       01/10/08 20:11:09

  Modified:    .        STATUS
    Bring many things up-to-date.  FirstBill, wasn't the child logging
    process stuff already fixed?
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.301     +25 -25    httpd-2.0/STATUS
  Index: STATUS
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-2.0/STATUS,v
  retrieving revision 1.300
  retrieving revision 1.301
  diff -u -r1.300 -r1.301
  --- STATUS	2001/10/06 00:48:03	1.300
  +++ STATUS	2001/10/09 03:11:08	1.301
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
   APACHE 2.0 STATUS:						-*-text-*-
  -Last modified at [$Date: 2001/10/06 00:48:03 $]
  +Last modified at [$Date: 2001/10/09 03:11:08 $]
  @@ -34,13 +34,17 @@
  -    * Revert to a 1.3 behavior and allow a non-file request to travel
  -      through the request cycle.  If any request gets to the core handler,
  -      without a flag that this r->filename was tested by dir/file_walk,
  -      then we 500 at the very end of the request cycle.  This provides
  +    * Handler and Filter filetypes in mod_mime now trigger mod_negotiation 
  +      recognition of files, but no mechanism exists to prioritize which of
  +      several mod_negotation files aught to be served by handler or filter.
  +      There needs to be a mechanism, or the change to reenable this match
  +      behavior must be reverted [OtherBill's veto of 1.3 behavior].
  +    * If any request gets to the core handler, without a flag that this 
  +      r->filename was tested by dir/file_walk, we need to 500 at the very 
  +      end of the ap_process_request_internal() processing.  This provides
         authors of older modules better compatibility, while still improving
  -      the security and robustness of 2.0.  This does not remove the new
  -      map_to_storage hook itself, but makes it optional for some cases.
  +      the security and robustness of 2.0. 
           Status: still need to decide where this goes, OtherBill comments...
           Message-ID: <065701c14526$495203b0$>
           we need to look at halting this in the 'default handler' case,
  @@ -69,16 +73,6 @@
           MsgId: <>
           MsgId: <3A9C0097.9C83F07C@Golux.Com>
  -    * mod_negotiation will not serve a request when an early extention
  -      is understood, but a later extention is not.  e.g. if the request
  -      index.html.bak is recieved, and negotition could find the file
  -      index.html.bak.en, it still won't be served because the 
  -      ap-mime-exception-list will contain "index" and "bak", and the
  -      string "index.bak" doesn't match "index.html.bak".  Need to
  -      review the ap-mime-exception-list component by component to be
  -      allow these cases.  [This could be part of a patch to allow the
  -      name index.bak in the case above to match index.html.bak.en]
       * mod_negotiation needs a new option or directive, something like
         ForceLanguagePriority, to fall back to the LanguagePriority
         directive instead of returning a "no acceptable variant" error.
  @@ -131,13 +125,20 @@
         - thoughts on filter modes:
             Message-ID: <021b01c14dee$09782af0$>
  +    * Fold mod_auth_db features back into mod_auth_dbm, and depricate it.
  +        This can't wait until we have a 2.0-gold release, if folks need
  +        to move over to auth_dbm, we can't do that to them after 2.0 gold.
       * Allow the DocumentRoot directive within <Location > scopes?  This
         allows the beloved (crusty) Alias /foo/ /somepath/foo/ followed
         by a <Directory /somepath/foo> to become simply 
         <Location /foo/> DocumentRoot /somefile/foo (IMHO a bit more legible
  -      and in-your-face.)  This proposed change would not depricate Alias.
  +      and in-your-face.)  DocumentRoot unset would be accepted [and would
  +      not permit content to be served, only virtual resources such as
  +      server-info or server-status.
  +        This proposed change would _not_ depricate Alias.
       * add mod_gz to httpd-2.0 (in modules/experimental/)
         +1: Greg, Justin, ben, Ken, Jeff, Bill
  @@ -155,6 +156,7 @@
       * Win32: Rotatelogs sometimes is not terminated when Apache
         goes down hard.  FirstBill was looking at possibly tracking the 
         child's-child processes in the parent process.
  +        OtherBill asks, wasn't this fixed?
       * Win32: Add a simple hold console open patch (wait for close or
           the ESC key, with a nice message) if the server died a bad 
  @@ -176,9 +178,6 @@
         optimization working in threaded.  prefork's new design for how
         to notice data on the pod should be sufficient.
  -    * mod_tls is very specific to OpenSSL. Make the API calls
  -      more generic to support other encryption libraries.
       * Performance & Debug: Eliminate most (and perhaps all) of the 
         malloc/free calls in the bucket brigade code.  Need some 
         light weight memory management functions that allow freeing 
  @@ -231,7 +230,12 @@
           necessarily the library that Apache was built with.  Aught to
           rewrite dbmmanage upon installation to bin/ with the proper library 
           for predictable mod_auth_db/dbm administration.
  +        Status: Mladen Turk has posted several patches and ideas.
  +                Key question, part of htpasswd, or a seperate utility?
  +                prefer htpasswd:
  +                prefer seperate: OtherBill
       * use apu_dbm in mod_auth_dbm
           Status: Greg +1 (low-priority volunteer)
           Justin says: "Seems like this is already there, so should we just 
  @@ -244,8 +248,6 @@
                       builds/machines, etc.  The use-multiple database schema
                       for apr-util would let us do this with just apr, though."
  -    * Fold mod_auth_db features back into mod_auth_dbm, and depricate it.
       * Integrate mod_dav.
           Some additional items remaining:
   	- case_preserved_filename stuff
  @@ -722,8 +724,6 @@
   Open issues:
  -   * What do we do about mod_proxy?
      * Which MPMs will be included with Apache 2.0?

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