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Subject cvs commit: apache-1.3 Announcement
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 08:17:36 GMT
mjc         01/10/04 01:17:36

  Modified:    .        Announcement
  Update for yesterdays 1.3.21 changes
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.72      +16 -7     apache-1.3/Announcement
  Index: Announcement
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apache-1.3/Announcement,v
  retrieving revision 1.71
  retrieving revision 1.72
  diff -u -r1.71 -r1.72
  --- Announcement	2001/10/03 17:46:57	1.71
  +++ Announcement	2001/10/04 08:17:36	1.72
  @@ -125,11 +125,6 @@
      New features that relate to specific platforms:
  -     * On Win32 and NetWare the mod_unique_id and mod_vhost_alias modules
  -       are now included
  -     * On  Win32 the code to allow the server to run under Cygwin has had
  -       a  number  of fixes and updates. Cygwin support was first added to
  -       version 1.3.20
        * A  new  directive,  AcceptFilter,  has  been  added to control BSD
          accept  filters  at  run-time.  This should make it easier to move
          server  binaries  across  different BSD machines without requiring
  @@ -138,6 +133,14 @@
          a  child  process to handle a new connection until an HTTP request
          has arrived, therefore increasing the number of connections that a
          given number of child processes can handle
  +     * On  Win32  mod_unique_id,  mod_mime_magic, and the mod_vhost_alias
  +       modules are now enabled
  +     * On  Win32 the code to allow the server to run under Cygwin has had
  +       a  number  of fixes and updates. Cygwin support was first added to
  +       version 1.3.20
  +     * On  Windows  NT  or  2000,  the  service  display names can now be
  +       modified by the user (use the service control panel applet)
  +     * On Win32 add a new option -W that can set up a service dependancy
        * The  server  will now take advantage of recent improvements to the
          TPF  operating  system  which  include an enhanced system fork and
          exec,  updates  to  allow  non-blocking  file  descriptors, and an
  @@ -157,6 +160,10 @@
        * The   Multiviews   functionality   has   been   fixed  to  prevent
          mod_negotiation  from  serving any multiview variant that contains
          unknown filename extensions. PR#8130
  +     * Apache will prefer installed version of the Expat library over the
  +       bundled  version. This fixes conflicts when multiple copies of the
  +       Expat   library  get  loaded  (notably  when  using  mod_perl  and
  +       XML::Parsers::Expat)
        * UnsetEnv  now  works  from  the main body of a configuration file.
        * When  used  as  a  reverse  proxy any headers set by other modules
  @@ -167,8 +174,8 @@
          request is not to be cached. PR#5668
        * When  a  client  making a request via mod_proxy died unexpectedly,
          mod_proxy did not close its connection. PR#8090
  -     * The   CacheForceCompletion   directive  has  been  fixed  PR#7383,
  -       PR#8067, PR#6585
  +     * The  CacheForceCompletion  directive  has  been  fixed  PR#7383  ,
  +       PR#8067 , PR#6585
        * A memory leak has been fixed in the mod_mime_magic module
        * A  Satisfy  All  option  has  been  added to the default container
          designed   to   stop  access  to  .htaccess  files.  Without  this
  @@ -188,3 +195,5 @@
        * On  Win32,  mod_unique_id  did  not  guarantee  a unique ID due to
  +     * The  Win32  Makefiles  are  now 100% compatible with the Microsoft
  +       Visual C++ compiler versions 5,6,7

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