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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/modules/http mod_mime.c
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 02:26:51 GMT
From: <>
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 8:45 PM

> gregames    01/10/08 18:45:20
>   Modified:    modules/http mod_mime.c
>   Log:
>   allow file extentions specified by AddHandler, AddInputFilter, and
>   AddOutputFilter to be ignored when matching the URI.
>   Submitted by: Bill Rowe

I aught to revert this patch, simply for your citing my name ;)

Look, 1.3 followed this behavior.  Roy and I have both pointed out that
by using content type drivers (which can be negotiated), instead of these
unnegotated handlers/filters, this will work just fine.  And I expressed
I'm entirely against the patch, although I provided it for clarity.

Did the type definition I provided for .asis not work correctly to
also resolve your problem?  The beauty for .asis, the content type 
is completely replaced by the .asis body ;)

I'm vetoing this patch until some mechansim for weighting different
multimatch targets by handler or by filter is introduced.  Some folks
had good suggestions, and Roy pointed out that we do so already with
content-type oriented negotation.  I have no opinion one way or the
other on that side of the issue.

Just because it 'worked' on 1.3 doesn't make it the right behavior.
And size matters, but it's irrelevant if we are choosing between
cgi-generated content, (filter) parsed content and static content.

You don't need to back out, we just need to solve before 2.0.26.  What
is the multiview mechanics?

[BTW - .asis should be the very highest priority, if the server can
find .asis content, it should nearly _always_ be the default.]


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