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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 15:18:01 GMT
wrowe       01/09/10 08:18:01

  Modified:    .        STATUS
    Everything on my mind at the moment (about 2.0 stability).
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.293     +34 -6     httpd-2.0/STATUS
  Index: STATUS
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-2.0/STATUS,v
  retrieving revision 1.292
  retrieving revision 1.293
  diff -u -r1.292 -r1.293
  --- STATUS	2001/09/10 13:45:12	1.292
  +++ STATUS	2001/09/10 15:18:01	1.293
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
   APACHE 2.0 STATUS:						-*-text-*-
  -Last modified at [$Date: 2001/09/10 13:45:12 $]
  +Last modified at [$Date: 2001/09/10 15:18:01 $]
  @@ -34,6 +34,27 @@
  +    * Revert to a 1.3 behavior and allow a non-file request to travel
  +      through the request cycle.  If any request gets to the core handler,
  +      without a flag that this r->filename was tested by dir/file_walk,
  +      then we 500 at the very end of the request cycle.  This provides
  +      authors of older modules better compatibility, while still improving
  +      the security and robustness of 2.0.  This does not remove the new
  +      map_to_storage hook itself, but makes it optional for some cases.
  +    * There is an observation that svn + ssl has a significant interaction
  +      in dir_merge sections with the new location_walk optimization.  This
  +      could reflect a bug in retrieving the cached location_walk, or some
  +      other nasty mis-config.  Core dump post to httpd-dev;
  +      Message-ID: <>
  +    * There is an interesting problem with directory_walk, now that it is
  +      optional (may be overridden by a map_to_storage hook.)  The change
  +      of per_dir_default for a vhost switch doesn't happen until dir_walk.
  +      This switch needs to be pushed out of directory_walk, perhaps the
  +      burden is put on the 'switcher' of the ->server entry, such as 
  +      mod_vhost_alias itself.
       * There is a bug in how we sort some hooks, at least the pre-config
         hook.  The first time we call the hooks, they are in the correct 
         order, but the second time, we don't sort them correctly.  Currently,
  @@ -41,11 +62,12 @@
         modules/http/config2.m4 to work around this problem, it should moved
         back when this is fixed.    rbb
  -    * The AddInputFilter and AddOutputFilter directives do not allow the
  -      administrator to remove or reorder filters.  Once a filter is added
  -      in a container, it is present in any subcontainers.  It can only be
  -      added to the filter chain after any filters specified in enclosing
  -      containers.
  +    * The Add...Filter and Set...Filter directives do not allow the
  +      administrator to order filters, beyond the order of filename (mime)
  +      extensions.  It isn't clear if Set...Filter(s) should be inserted 
  +      before or after the Add...Filter(s) which are ordered by sequence of
  +      filename extensions.  Add...FilterByType will add to this quandry.
  +      Some sort of resolution needs to be proposed, 
       * mod_dir should normally redirect ALL directory requests which do
         not include a trailing slash on the URI. However, if a "notes"
  @@ -87,6 +109,12 @@
           as a compiled-in module (bad).
  +    * Allow the DocumentRoot directive within <Location > scopes?  This
  +      allows the beloved (crusty) Alias /foo/ /somepath/foo/ followed
  +      by a <Directory /somepath/foo> to become simply 
  +      <Location /foo/> DocumentRoot /somefile/foo (IMHO a bit more legible
  +      and in-your-face.)  This proposed change would not depricate Alias.
       * add mod_gz to httpd-2.0 (in modules/experimental/)
         +1: Greg, Justin, Cliff, ben, Ken, Jeff

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