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Subject cvs commit: httpd-proxy/module-2.0 CHANGES
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 09:59:28 GMT
chuck       01/06/08 02:59:27

  Added:       module-2.0 CHANGES
  moved CHANGES here
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  httpd-proxy/module-2.0/CHANGES
  Index: CHANGES
  mod_proxy changes for httpd 2.0.18-dev
    *) Reverse previous patch since the core reverted.
       [Chuck Murcko <>]
    *) Remove indirection on number of bytes to read for input filters.
       [Chuck Murcko <>]
    *) Fixed a problem with directory listing corruption in the
       PROXY_DIR filter.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) mod_proxy and the proxy submodules now build properly as DSOs.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Stopped the HTTP proxy from trying to read entity bodies when there
       wasn't one (response was 1xx, 204, 205 or 304).
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Made sure dates were canonicalised correctly when passed to the client
       browser through the HTTP proxy.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Split each individual proxy protocol into separate modules.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Added Max-Forwards support for all request types so as to prevent
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fix warnings about byte count type on Darwin (connect handler).
       [Chuck Murcko <>]
    *) IPV6 EPSV support for IPV6 in FTP proxy.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) FTP directory filter works now.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fixed some thread-safety issues with the HTTP proxy in mod_proxy.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) PASV FTP works now.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Reworked the line-at-a-time read from the control connection to
       workaround a stray empty bucket returned by the HTTP_IN filter.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Stopped the CORE filter from sending off an HTTP response when a
       CONNECT tunnel was closed.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fixed the poll() loop in proxy_connect.c -> it works now!!!
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Converted send_dir() to ap_proxy_send_dir_filter() in proxy_ftp.c.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Major rework of ap_proxy_ftp_handler() to use filters (begone foul
       BUFF!!!). It compiles, but is untested, and the build environment needs
       to be fixed to include proxy_ftp.c.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Cleanup of dead functions within proxy_util.c.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Reworked the storage of the client socket between keepalive connections
       to fix some nasty problems with the socket lasting longer than the
       memory pool it was allocated from.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fixed bug where a hostname without a "." in it (such as "localhost")
       would not trigger an IP address check with ProxyBlock.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fixed ProxyBlock bugs with ap_proxy_http_handler() and
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Updated ap_proxy_connect_handler() to support APR, while
       moving some common code between http_handler and connect_handler
       to proxy_util.c.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Updated mod_proxy.html docs to include v2.0 configuration.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fixed problem where responses without entity bodies would cause
       the directly following proxy keepalive request to fail.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Added support for downstream keepalives in mod_proxy.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Changed mod_proxy ap_proxy_http_handler() to support APR properly.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fix problem where incoming response headers were not being returned
       to the client in mod_proxy.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Added X-Forwarded-For, X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-Server to
       reverse proxied request headers in mod_proxy.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) replace INADDR_NONE with APR_INADDR_NONE [Ian Holsman <>]
    *) Fix problem with proxy configuration where globally set
       configuration options were overridden inside virtual hosts.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Fix ProxyReceiveBufferSize where default value was left
       [Graham Leggett <>]
    *) Some small changes:
       - Ensured hop-by-hop headers were stripped as per
         RFC2616 13.5.1.
       - Upgraded version code to HTTP/1.1.
       - Added Connection: close until Keepalives come.
       - Some cosmetic fixes and commenting.
       [Graham Leggett <>]
  mod_proxy changes for 2.0.14 alpha
    *) removed ProxyNoCache and ProxyCacheForceCompletion config directives,
       since we no longer directly cache from this module [Chuck Murcko]
    *) removed cache [Chuck Murcko]
    *) initial rerebuild for 2.0 [Chuck Murcko]

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