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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0/modules/ssl - Imported sources
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 21:56:14 GMT
rse         01/05/04 14:56:13

  Plain import of the src/modules/ssl/ subdir from
      Apache 1.3.19 + mod_ssl 2.8.3
  This is still totally untouched and is still not usable inside Apache
  2.0 in any way, of course. But we import it in original form to have a
  reasonable CVS history which allows us to compare Apache 2.0's future
  mod_ssl with the old and now frozen version for Apache 1.3.
  PS: Please do not touch this stuff until the following next steps were
      done over the next two days:
      o adjustments of all license texts because this code's copyright
        is transferred to the ASF under the Apache license (v1.1)
      o stripping down the code by removing all files which are already
        obsolete (because of APR, etc.)
      o temporarily disabling all code with #if-0's
      o integrating this source tree part into the build procedure
      After these steps were performed, feel free to touch whatever you want
      to touch.
  Vendor Tag:	RSE
  Release Tags:	MOD_SSL_2_8_3
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_compat.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/Makefile.libdir
  C httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/.cvsignore
  C httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/Makefile.tmpl
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/Makefile.win32
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/README
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/README.dsov.fig
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/libssl.module
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/libssl.version
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/mod_ssl.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/mod_ssl.h
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util_sdbm.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr_eval.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_config.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_dh.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_ds.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr.h
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_ext.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_kernel.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_log.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_mutex.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_pphrase.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_rand.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_engine_vars.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_scache_shmcb.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr_parse.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr_parse.h
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr_parse.y
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr_scan.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_expr_scan.l
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_scache.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util_sdbm.h
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util_table.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util_ssl.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util_ssl.h
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_util_table.h
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_scache_dbm.c
  N httpd-2.0/modules/ssl/ssl_scache_shmht.c
  2 conflicts created by this import.
  Use the following command to help the merge:
  	cvs checkout -jRSE:yesterday -jRSE httpd-2.0/modules/ssl

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