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Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0/modules/mappers config9.m4 config.m4
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:39:09 GMT
orlikowski    01/04/10 08:39:08

  Added:       modules/mappers config9.m4
  Removed:     modules/mappers config.m4
  Moved config.m4 to config9.m4. This allows most (if not all) other modules
  to be handled before mod_so, so that sharedobjs is set if needed, so
  that mod_so is enabled as needed if building any modules shared.
  NOTE: This is no guarantee. There exists the possibility that a config.m4
  could be used after this one, and that the modules it specifies are the only
  ones that the server will be built with as shared. This is highly unlikely,
  but possible.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  httpd-2.0/modules/mappers/config9.m4
  Index: config9.m4
  dnl modules enabled in this directory by default
  dnl APACHE_MODULE(name, helptext[, objects[, structname[, default[, config]]]])
  APACHE_MODULE(vhost_alias, mass hosting module)
  APACHE_MODULE(negotiation, content negoatiation, , , yes)
  APACHE_MODULE(dir, directory request handling, , , yes)
  APACHE_MODULE(imap, internal imagemaps, , , yes)
  APACHE_MODULE(actions, Action triggering on requests, , , yes)
  APACHE_MODULE(speling, correct common URL misspellings)
  APACHE_MODULE(userdir, mapping of user requests, , , yes)
  APACHE_MODULE(alias, translation of requests, , , yes)
  APACHE_MODULE(rewrite, regex URL translation, , , most, [
  dnl ### this isn't going to work quite right because of ordering issues
  dnl ### among the config.m4 files. it is possible that a *later* module
  dnl ### is marked as shared (thus setting sharedobjs), so we won't see
  dnl ### it here. we need to shift *this* config.m4 to be "last" or we
  dnl ### need to find a different way to set up this default and module spec.
  if test "$sharedobjs" = "yes"; then
      APACHE_MODULE(so, DSO capability, , , yes)
      APACHE_MODULE(so, DSO capability, , , no)
  dnl ### why save the cache?

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