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Subject cvs commit: httpd-site Announcement
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 17:51:49 GMT
rbb         01/03/12 09:51:48

  Modified:    .        Announcement
  Update the Announcement for Apache 2.0.14
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +296 -77   httpd-site/Announcement
  Index: Announcement
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-site/Announcement,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -d -b -w -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- Announcement	2001/02/05 03:16:51	1.1
  +++ Announcement	2001/03/12 17:51:48	1.2
  @@ -1,9 +1,15 @@
  -Apache 2.0beta1 Released
  +Apache 2.0.14 Released
  -After two long years of development he Apache Group is pleased to announce 
  -the release of the first public beta release of Apache 2.0.
  +The Apache Group is proud to announce the release the fourteenth release
  +of Apache 2.0.  This release is the first release to use our new release
  +process.  This process allows the Apache developers to more easily
  +determine the quality of any release.  Instead of tagging any release
  +as an alpha or beta from now on, all releases will be available as
  +numbered releases, and the release status will only be available in the
  +tarball name.  More information is available on this process in the
  +Apache development archives.
   Apache 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements and performance
   boosts over the 1.3 codebase. The most visible and noteworthy addition
  @@ -36,7 +42,7 @@
   For more information, please check out
  -Known problems with Apache 2.0b1
  +Known problems with Apache 2.0.14
     *) WARNING: Apache 2.0b1 is not expected to run on Windows 95, 98 or ME.
        The intitial production release of Apache 2.0 is expected to run on
  @@ -54,11 +60,225 @@
        console.  While normal for unix, this differs from the behavior in
        Apache 1.3 on Windows.
  +Changes with Apache 2.0.14
  +  *) Fix content-length computation.  We ONLY compute a content-length if
  +     We are not in a 1.1 request and we cannot chunk, and this is a keepalive
  +     or we already have all the data.  [Ryan Bloom]
  -Changes with Apache 2.0b1
  +  *) Report unbounded containers in the config file.  Previously, a typo
  +     in the </container> directive could result in the rest of the config
  +     file being silently ignored, with undesired defaults used.
  +     [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Make the old_write filter use the ap_f* functions for the buffering.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Move more code from the http module into the core server.  This
  +     is core code, basically the default handler, the default input
  +     and output filters, and all of the core configuration directives.
  +     All of this code is required in order for the server to work, with or
  +     without HTTP.  The server is closer to working without the HTTP
  +     module, although there is still more to do.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Fix a number of SGI compile warnings throughout the server.  Fix some
  +     bad parameters to apr_bucket_read().  Fix a bad statement in
  +     ap_method_in_list().  For the mod_rewrite cache use apr_time_t
  +     consistently; we were mixing apr_time_t and time_t in invalid ways
  +     before.  In load_file(), call apr_dso_error() instead of
  +     apr_strerror() so that we get a more specific string on some platforms.
  +     PR #6980  [Jeff Trawick]
  +  *) Allow modules to query the MPM about it's execution profile.  This
  +     query API can and should be extended in the future, but for now,
  +     max_daemons, and threading or forking is a very good start.
  +     [Jon Travis <>]
  +  *) Modify mod_include to send blocks of data no larger than 9k.
  +     Without this, mod_include will wait until the whole file is parsed,
  +     or the first tag is found to send any data to the client.
  +     [Paul J. Reder <>]
  +  *) Fix mod_info, so that <Directory> and <Location> directives are
  +     not displayed twice when displaying the current configuration.
  +     [Ryan Morgan <>]
  +  *) Add config directives to override DEFAULT_ERROR_MSG and
  +     DEFAULT_TIME_FORMAT.  This was sent in as PR 6193.
  +     [Dan Rench <>]
  +  *) Get mod_info building and loading on Win32.  [William Rowe]
  +  *) Begin to move protocol independant functions out of mod_http.  The goal
  +     is to have only functions that are HTTP specific in the http directory.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +Changes with Apache 2.0.13 (not released)
  +  *) Don't assume that there will always be multiple calls to the byterange
  +     filter.  It is possible that we will need to do byteranges with only
  +     one call to the filter.  [Ryan Morgan <>]
  +  *) Move the error_bucket definition from the http module to the
  +     core server.  Every protocol will need this ability, not just
  +     HTTP.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +Changes with Apache 2.0.12 (not released)
  +  *) Modify mod_file_cache to save pre-formatted strings for
  +     content-length and last-modified headers for performance.
  +     [Mike Abbot <>]
  +  *) Namespace protect IOBUFSIZ since it is exposed in the API.
  +     [Jon Travis <>]
  +  *) Use "Basic" authentication instead of "basic" in ab, as the spec
  +     says we should.  [Andre Breiler <>]
  +  *) Fix a seg fault in mod_userdir.c.  We used to use the pw structure
  +     without ever filling it out.  This fixes PR 7271.
  +     [Taketo Kabe <> and
  +      Cliff Woolley <>]
  +  *) Add a couple of GCC attribute tags to printf style functions.
  +     [Jon Travis <>]
  +  *) Add the correct language tag for interoperation with the Taiwanese
  +     versions of MSIE and Netscape. [Clive Lin <clive@CirX.ORG>] PR#7142
  +  *) Migrate the perchild MPM to use the new apr signal child, and
  +     APR thread functions.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Close one copy of the CGI's stdout before creating the new process.
  +     The CGI will still have stdout, because we have already dup'ed it.
  +     This keeps Apache from waiting forever to send the results of a CGI
  +     process that has forked a long-lived child process.
  +     [Taketo Kabe <>]
  +  *) Remove the rest of the pthreads functions from the threaded MPM.
  +     This requires the APR support for a signal thread that was just
  +     added.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Make mod_dir use a fixup for sending a redirect to the browser.
  +     Before this, we were using a handler, which doesn't make much
  +     sense, because the handler wasn't generating any data, it would
  +     either return a redirect error code, or DECLINED.  This fits the
  +     current hooks better.  [Ryan Morgan <>]
  +  *) Make the threaded MPM use APR threads instead of pthreads.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Get mod_tls to the point where it actually appears to work in all cases.
  +     [Ben Laurie]
  +  *) implement --enable-modules and --enable-mods-shared for "all" and
  +     "most".  [Greg Stein]
  +  *) Move the threaded MPM to use APR locks instead of pthread locks.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Rename mpmt_pthread to threaded.  This is more in line with the
  +     fact that mpmt_pthread shouldn't be using pthreads directly, and
  +     it is a smaller name that doesn't tie into anything.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Rename the module structures so that the exported symbol matches
  +     the file name, and it is easier to automate the installation
  +     process (generating LoadModule directives from the module filenames).
  +     [Martin Kraemer]
  +  *) Remove the coalesce filter.  With the ap_f* functions, this filter
  +     is no longer needed. [Ryan Bloom]
  +Changes with Apache 2.0.11 (not released)
  +  *) Remove the dexter MPM.  Perchild is the same basic idea, but it has the
  +     added feature of allowing a uid/gid per child process.  If no
  +     uid/gid is specified, then Perchild behaves exactly like dexter.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Get perchild building again. [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Don't disable threads just because we are using the prefork MPM.
  +     If somebody wants to compile without threads, they must now add
  +     --disable-threads to the configure command line.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Begin to move the calls to update_child_status into common code, so
  +     that each individual MPM does not need to update the scoreboard itself.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Allow mod_tls to compile under Unix boxes where openssl has been
  +     installed to the system include files.
  +     [Gomez Henri <>]
  +  *) Cleanup the mod_tls configure process.  This should remove any need
  +     to hand-edit any files.  We require OpenSSL 0.9.6 or later, but
  +     configure doesn't check that yet.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Add a very early prototype of SSL support (in mod_tls.c). It is
  +     vital that you read modules/tls/README before attempting to build
  +     it. [Ben Laurie]
  +  *) Fix a potential seg fault on all platforms.  David Reid fixed this
  +     on BEOS, but the problem could happen anywhere, so we don't want
  +     to #ifdef it. [Cliff Woolley <>]
  +  *) Add new LogFormat directive, %D, to log time it takes to serve a
  +     request in microseconds. [Bill Stoddard]
  +  *) Change AddInputFilter and AddOutputFilter to SetInputFilter and
  +     SetOutputFilter.  This corresponds nicely with the other Set
  +     directives, which operate on containers while the Add* directives
  +     tend to work directly on extensions.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Cleanup the header handling a bit.  This uses the apr_brigade_*
  +     functions for the buffering so that we don't need to compute
  +     the length of the headers before we actually create the header
  +     buffer.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Allow filters to buffer data using the ap_f* functions.  These have
  +     become macros that resolve directly to apr_brigade_*.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Get the Unix MPM's to do a graceful restart again.  If we are going
  +     to register a cleanup with ap_cleanup_scoreboard, then we have to
  +     kill the cleanup with the same function,  and that function can't be
  +     static.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Install all required header files.  Without these, it was not
  +     possible to compile some modules outside of the server.
  +     [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Fix the AliasMatch directive in Apache 2.0.  When we brought a patch
  +     forward from 1.3 to 2.0, we missed a single line, which broke regex
  +     aliases.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) We have a poor abstraction in the protocol.  This is a temporary
  +     hack to fix the bug, but it will need to be fixed for real.  If
  +     we find an error while sending out a custom error response, we back
  +     up to the first non-OK request and send the data.  Then, when we send
  +     the EOS from finalize_request_protocol, we go to the last request,
  +     to ensure that we aren't sending an EOS to a request that has already
  +     received one.  Because the data is sent on a different request than
  +     the EOS, the error text never gets sent down the filter stack.  This
  +     fixes the problem by finding the last request, and sending the data
  +     with that request.  [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Make the server status page show the correct restart time, and
  +     thus the proper uptime. [Ryan Bloom]
  +  *) Move the CGI creation logic from mod_include to mod_cgi(d).  This
  +     should reduce the amount of duplicate code that is required to
  +     create CGI processes.
  +     [Paul J. Reder <>]
  +  *) ap_new_connection() closes the socket and returns NULL if a socket
  +     call fails.  Usually this is due to a connection which has been
  +     reset.  [Jeff Trawick]
     *) Move the Apache version information out of httpd.h and into release.h.
  -     This is in preparation for the first tag with the new tag and release           system.
 [Ryan Bloom]
  +     This is in preparation for the first tag with the new tag and release
  +     system.  [Ryan Bloom]
     *) Begin restructuring scoreboard code to enable adding back in
        the ability to use IPC other than shared memory.
  @@ -78,7 +298,8 @@
     *) Make mod_cgid work with SuExec.  [Ryan Bloom]
  -  *) Adopt apr user/group name features for mod_rewrite.  Eliminates some            'extra'
stat's for user/group since they should never occur, and now
  +  *) Adopt apr user/group name features for mod_rewrite.  Eliminates some
  +     'extra' stat's for user/group since they should never occur, and now
        resolves the SCRIPT_USER and SCRIPT_GROUP, including on WinNT NTFS
        volumes.  [William Rowe]
  @@ -334,5 +555,3 @@
        called before.  Instead of a static variable (which is replaced when
        the DSO is loaded a second time), use userdata in the process pool.
        [Jeff Trawick]

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