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Subject cvs commit: httpd-site related_projects.html
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 22:11:48 GMT
stoddard    01/02/27 14:11:48

  Modified:    .        related_projects.html
  Update product blurb.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.62      +13 -12    httpd-site/related_projects.html
  Index: related_projects.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-site/related_projects.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.61
  retrieving revision 1.62
  diff -u -r1.61 -r1.62
  --- related_projects.html	2001/02/11 18:11:19	1.61
  +++ related_projects.html	2001/02/27 22:11:46	1.62
  @@ -267,19 +267,20 @@
  -<H3><A NAME="ibm">IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache</A></H3>
  +<H3><A NAME="ibm" HREF="">IBM
HTTP Server powered by Apache</A></H3>
  -<P><A HREF="">IBM
  -HTTP Server powered by Apache</A> is a secure web server that features
  -support for SSL V2 and V3, Fast Response Cache Accelerator (Windows NT
  -only) and native platform install. IBM HTTP Server runs on AIX,
  -Solaris and Windows NT.  Support for Linux (Caldera, Pacific HiTech,
  -Red Hat and S.u.S.E. distributions) has been announced with
  -availability later this year. Support for FRCA on AIX is anticipated
  -later this year.
  -IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache is available as a fully supported IBM product when purchased
  -bundled with the <A HREF="">IBM WebSphere
Application Server</A>.
  +<P><A HREF="">IBM HTTP Server
powered by Apache</A>
  +features support for secure transactions over SSL, iKeyMan SSL key and certificate
  +management GUI, kernel resident static page cache (a.k.a. Fast Response Cache Accelerator)
  +for AIX and Windows NT/2000, browser based secure remote administration, native platform
  +install and more. IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache runs on AIX, Solaris, HP-UX,
  +Windows NT/2000 and multiple distributions of Linux. Support for AS/400 has been announced
  +(based on Apache 2.0 alpha 5) with availability late 2000 or early 2001.
  +<P>You can download and use IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache, free of charge (but
  +support) from IBM's
  +<A HREF=""> HTTP
server download</A> site.
  +Full support is included with the purchase of any edition of the 
  +<A HREF=""> IBM WebSphere Application
   <H3><A NAME="kshIndex">kshIndex fancy index utility</A></H3>

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