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Subject cvs commit: httpd-docs-2.0/htdocs/manual STATUS
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 20:44:50 GMT
slive       00/11/15 12:44:50

  Added:       htdocs/manual STATUS
  First stab at a STATUS file for httpd-docs-2.0.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  httpd-docs-2.0/htdocs/manual/STATUS
  Index: STATUS
  Apache HTTP Server 2.0 Documentation Status File.
  If you are interested in helping accomplish some of the tasks on this
  list or otherwise improving the documentation, please join the
  apache-docs mailing list by mailing to
  - MPM documentation
     - Each MPM needs to have a documentation file in manual/mod/
       which lists the directives it provides, and some details
       about its operation.
          Status: Ryan <> offers to supply information
                  on the operation of each MPM.  There is also some info in
                  htdocs/manual/mpm.html that will need to be cleaned up,
                  linked up, and updated.
  - Merging of changes in 1.3.
     - There have been many changes in the 1.3 docs which haven't
       been propagated into 2.0.  For example, many of the "It Worked"
       translations have not made it.
       Things which need to be merged:
  - Reorganizing.
     - Joshua thinks this is a good opportunity to think about directory
       structure.  He was thinking of having a "platform" directory
       for platform specific notes and a "FAQ" directory.  What
       others are needed?
  - Cleaning.
     - We could use a list of all the docs that can be axed out of 2.0
       because they are redundant or irrelevant.
          Status: Rich <> is going to look at this.
     - Individual docs will need some cleanup.  For example,
       manual/invoking.html could use a big cleanup with lots of the
       "this changed in 1.3.10" stuff removed.
  - New build process.
     - The new build process is autoconf based, so manual/install.html
       will need to be completely rewritten.  Someone with enough
       patience could probably figure out most of the important stuff
       by trial and error.
          Status: Ryan's "Building and Installing Apache 2.0" might be
                  a starting place.  Rich <> is interested
                  in collaborating with someone else on this.
  - Documentation of new features.
     - This will probably require more input from new-httpd, since
       not many people here follow the development process close
       enough to know what is going on.
          Status: Ryan has two ApacheToday articles which may be useful 
                  for this.
  - Translations
          Status: ???
  - The STATUS Document.
     - Is this the best organization/format?  What else needs to be
       added?  Should this be auto-posted to apache-docs?

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