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Subject cvs commit: apache-2.0 STATUS
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 17:06:21 GMT
coar        00/08/01 10:06:20

  Modified:    .        STATUS
  	Put back PR#6347, but note that it's waiting for an external
  	entity.  Add a 'Status:' line for each PR, but don't remove
  	any -- because if they're not in STATUS, they essentially
  	don't exist.  If we're not serious about dealing with them,
  	let's just close them.  If we *are* serious, they should be
  	in the work-to-do list.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.123     +116 -0    apache-2.0/STATUS
  Index: STATUS
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apache-2.0/STATUS,v
  retrieving revision 1.122
  retrieving revision 1.123
  diff -u -u -r1.122 -r1.123
  --- STATUS	2000/08/01 16:45:55	1.122
  +++ STATUS	2000/08/01 17:06:20	1.123
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
   Apache 2.0 STATUS:
  -Last modified at [$Date: 2000/08/01 16:45:55 $]
  +Last modified at [$Date: 2000/08/01 17:06:20 $]
  @@ -175,354 +175,470 @@
       * PR#73: mod_log-any
         reporting of referer in error_log
  +	Status: 
       * PR#76: general
         missing call to "setlocale();"
  +	Status: 
       * PR#78: mod_include
         Additional status for XBitHack directive
  +	Status: 
       * PR#161: mod_dir
         Questionable performace of mod_dir() with negotiation
  +	Status: 
       * PR#362: mod_proxy
         Mod_proxy doesn't allow change of error pages
  +	Status: 
       * PR#370: mod_env
         Modified PATH environemnt variable is not passed, instead
         system's is used
  +	Status: 
       * PR#440: mod_proxy
         Proxy doesn't deliver documents if not connected
  +	Status: 
       * PR#534: mod_proxy
         proxy converts ~name to %7Ename when name starts with a dot (.)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#537: mod_access
         mod_access syntax allows hosts that should be restricted
  +	Status: 
       * PR#557: mod_auth-any
         ~UserHome directories are not honored in absolute pathname
         requests (.htaccess)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#573: mod_log-any
         More LogFormat directives
  +	Status: 
       * PR#612: mod_proxy
         Proxy FTP Authentication Fails
  +	Status: 
       * PR#623: mod_include
         A smarter "Last Modified" value for SSI documents (see PR number 600)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#628: config
         Request of "Options SymLinksIfGroupMatch"
  +	Status: 
       * PR#697: mod_include
         A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
  +	Status: 
       * PR#700: mod_proxy
         Proxy doesn't do links right for OpenVMS files through ftp:
  +	Status: 
       * PR#759: mod_imap
         imap should read <MAP><AREA>*</MAP> too!
  +	Status: 
       * PR#793: general
         RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like they should
  +	Status: 
       * PR#921: suexec
         Uses cwd before filling it in, doesn't use syslog
  +	Status: 
       * PR#922: config
         it is useful to allow specifiction that root-owned symlinks
         should always be followed
  +	Status: 
       * PR#980: mod_proxy
         Controlling Access to Remote Proxies would be nice...
  +	Status: 
       * PR#994: mod_proxy
         Adding authentication "on the fly" through the proxy module
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1004: apache-api
         request_config field in request_rec is moderately bogus
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1028: other
         DoS attacks involving memory consumption
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1050: mod_log-any
         Logging of virtual server to error_log as well
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1085: mod_proxy
         ProxyRemote make a dead cycle.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1117: mod_auth-any
         Using NIS passwd.byname dbm files with AuthDBMUserFile
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1120: suexec
         suexec does not parse arguments to #exec cmd
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1145: mod_include
         Allow for Last-Modified: without resorting to XBitHack
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1156: config
         insufficent AllowOverrides granularity for autoindexing
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1158: apache-api
         improvements to child spawning API
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1166: mod_proxy
         ``nph-'' not honored (no buffering) for ProxyRemote mapping
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1176: mod_cgi
         Apache cannot handle continuation line in headers
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1191: general
         setlogin() is not called, causing problems with e.g. identd
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1204: general
         regerror() exists, use it
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1206: general
         where possible use herror()
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1233: apache-api
         there is no way to keep per-connection per-module state
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1263: mod_dir
         Add frame-safe anchor attribute to mod_autoindex links
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1268: suexec
         CGI scripts running as Apache user: security (suexec etc.)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1285: suexec
         Error messages could be easier to spot in cgi.log file for suexec.c
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1287: mod_access
         add allow,deny/deny,allow warning to mod_access
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1290: mod_proxy
         Need to know "hit-rate" on proxy cache
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1358: mod_log-any
         Selective url-encode of log fields (or maybe a pseudo
         log_rewrite module?)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1383: mod_headers
         I make mod_headers to modify request headers as well as
         response ones.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1532: mod_proxy
         Proxy transfer logging
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1547: mod_proxy
         No HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR set...
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1567: mod_proxy
         ProxyRemote proxy requests fail authentication by firewall
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1574: mod_autoindex
         ReadmeName and HeaderName don't allow for server-parsed html.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1582: mod_rewrite
         mod_rewrite forms REQUEST_URI different than mod_cgi does
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1677: mod_headers
         mod_headers should allow mod_log_config-style formats in
         header values
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1702: mod_proxy
         mod_proxy to support persistent conns?
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1803: mod_include
         patches to mod_include to allow for file tests
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1809: mod_auth-any
         Suggestion for improving authentication modules and core source
         code, problem with 401 and ErrorDocument
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1855: mod_autoindex
         More Control over autoindex layout
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1878: mod_proxy
         listing of proxy cache content
  +	Status: 
       * PR#1905: suexec
         Allow modules to set user:group for execution.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2024: apache-api
         adding auth_why to conn_rec
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2073: mod_log-any
         pipelined connections are not logged correctly
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2074: mod_rewrite
         mod_rewrite doesn't pass Proxy Throughput on internal subrequests
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2113: config
         HTTP Server Rebuild Line Needs Changing for the better
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2138: mod_status
         mod_status always displays 256 possible connection slots
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2144: general
         apache always detaches for normal operation
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2221: documentation
         Make online documentation search link back to my installation
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2284: general
         Can not POST to ErrorDocument - Apache/1.3b6
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2314: mod_proxy
         patterns in ProxyRemote
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2343: mod_status
         Status module averages are for entire uptime
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2360: suexec
         suexec for general access of user content?
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2396: general
         Proposal for TimeZone directive
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2415: mod_info
         /server-info doesn't check for the virtual host to list the info
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2421: config
         problem specifying ndbm library for build ?with autoconfigure
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2431: general
         A small addition to rotatelogs.c to improve program functionality.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2446: config
         AllowOverride FileInfo is too coarse
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2460: mod_cgi
         TimeOut applies to output of CGI scripts
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2512: mod_access
         &lt;IfDenied&gt; directive wanted
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2573: suexec
         CGI's for general use still have to be run as another user
         with suExec
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2648: general
         Cache file names in Proxy module
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2760: config
         [PATCH] User/Group for <Directory> and <Location> i.e. not only
         in global and <Virtual>.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2763: general
         mailto tags and bundling bug report script
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2772: mod_log-any
         more % escapes
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2785: os-aix
         Support for System Resource Controller
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2793: protocol
         When will Apache support P3P? Any Plans?
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2818: general
         Parent process should remain attached to the terminal for high
         availibility system's software check
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2873: config
         Feedback/Comment on APACI
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2889: general
         Inclusion of RPM spec file in CVS/distributions
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2906: general
         Propose that Apache recommend $UNIQUE_ID for all "session id"
  +	Status: 
       * PR#2907: config
         suggestion: power up your Include directive :)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3018: general
         cannot limit some HTTP methods
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3026: mod_autoindex
         No way to change ReadmeName/HeaderName suffixes.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3143: apache-api
         No module specific data hook for per-connection data
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3181: config
         Configuration file in Japanese
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3191: mod_negotiation
         no way to set global quality-of-source (qs) coneg values
         with multiviews
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3430: mod_negotiation
         Enhancement: MultiViews, Multi-Language Documents
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3568: mod_proxy
         Accessing URL through proxy server corrupts data.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3594: os-windows
         Please add an Apache icon to the systray instead of a DOS window
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3605: mod_proxy
         Some anonymous FTP URLs ask for authentication
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3654: mod_autoindex
         BORDER=0 makes Icons look nicer (FancyIndexing)
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3677: general
         New ErrorDocumentMatch directive
  +	Status: 
       * PR#3854: apache-api
         apache lacks hook for output stream "filter" modules in api
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4180: os-windows
         Alternative for win95 users
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4241: config
         Need to be able to override shebang line to make CGI scripts
         more portable.
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4244: config
         "Files" and "FilesMatch" regexp does not recognize bang as
         negation operator
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4448: mod_log-any
         Please allow CGI env variables (QUERY_STRING, ...) to be logged
         with %{}e
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4455: config
         apache provides no way to do a wildcard/global NameVirtualHost
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4459: mod_include
         Suggestion for better handling of Last-modified headers
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4490: mod_cgi
         mod_cgi prevents handling of OPTIONS requests
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4520: mod_autoindex
         mod_autoindex does not generate Last-Modified response headers
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4658: os-windows
         The output of CGI scripts appears in the window that apache
         is running in
  +	Status: 
       * PR#4816: general
         SSI in CGI
  +	Status: 
       * PR#5079: config
         Apache header files should have a private name, e.g.
         #include "apache/httpd.h"
  +	Status: 
       * PR#5713: os-windows
         [PATCH] install as service with domain account
  +	Status: 
       * PR#5993: general
         AllowOverride should have a 'CheckNone' and 'AllowNone' argument
         instead of only 'None'
  +	Status: 
  +    * PR#6347: mod_mime
  +      MIME types for MNG and JNG files need adding to mime.types and
  +      the mime.types and magic files
  +	Status: Waiting for IANA types to be defined
   Other bugs that need fixing:

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