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Subject cvs commit: apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/include apr_errno.h
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 23:50:17 GMT
rbb         00/07/04 16:50:17

  Modified:    src/lib/apr/include apr_errno.h
  Begin to document the error codes in APR.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.35      +53 -0     apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/include/apr_errno.h
  Index: apr_errno.h
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/include/apr_errno.h,v
  retrieving revision 1.34
  retrieving revision 1.35
  diff -u -r1.34 -r1.35
  --- apr_errno.h	2000/06/13 13:41:20	1.34
  +++ apr_errno.h	2000/07/04 23:50:16	1.35
  @@ -52,6 +52,59 @@
    * <>.
  +=head1 APR ERROR CODES 
  +    APR_ENOSTAT        APR was unable to perform a stat on the file 
  +    APR_ENOPOOL        APR was not provided a pool with which to allocate memory
  +    APR_EBADDATE       APR was given an invalid date 
  +    APR_EINVALSOCK     APR was given an invalid socket
  +    APR_ENOFILE        APR was not give a file structure
  +    APR_ENOPROC        APR was not given a process structure
  +    APR_ENOTIME        APR was not given a time structure
  +    APR_ENODIR         APR was not given a directory structure
  +    APR_ENOLOCK        APR was not given a lock structure
  +    APR_ENOPOLL        APR was not given a poll structure
  +    APR_ENOSOCKET      APR was not given a socket
  +    APR_ENOTHREAD      APR was nto given a thread structure
  +    APR_ENOTHDKEY      APR was not given a thread key structure
  +    APR_ENOSHMAVAIL    There is no more shared memory available
  +    APR_EDSOOPEN       APR was unable to open the dso object.  For more
  +                       information consult ap_dso_error.
  +    APR_INCHILD        Program is currently executing in the child
  +    APR_INPARENT       Program is currently executing in the parent
  +    APR_DETACH         The thread is detached
  +    APR_NOTDETACH      The thread is not detached
  +    APR_CHILD_DONE     The child has finished executing
  +    APR_CHILD_NOTDONE  The child has not finished executing
  +    APR_TIMEUP         The operation did not finish before the timeout
  +    APR_INCOMPLETE     The character conversion stopped because of an 
  +                       incomplete character or shift sequence at the end of
  +                       the input buffer.
  +    APR_BADCH          Getopt found an option not in the option string
  +    APR_BADARG         Getopt found an option that is missing an argument and
  +                       and argument was specified in the option string
  +    APR_EOF            APR has encountered the end of the file
  +    APR_NOTFOUND       APR was unable to find the socket in the poll structure
  +    APR_ANONYMOUS      APR is using anonymous shared memory
  +    APR_FILEBASED      APR is using a file name as the key to the shared memory
  +    APR_KEYBASED       APR is using a shared key as the key to the shared 
  +                       memory
  +    APR_EINIT          Ininitalizer value.  If no option has been found, but
  +                       the status variable requires a value, this should be 
  +                       used
  +    APR_ENOTIMPL       The APR function has not been implemented on this 
  +                       platform, either because nobody has gotten to it yet,
  +                       or the function is impossible on this platform.
  +    APR_EMISMATCH      Two passwords do not match.
  + */
   #ifndef APR_ERRNO_H
   #define APR_ERRNO_H

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