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Subject cvs commit: apache-2.0/src/docs new_features_2_0.html
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2000 16:52:08 GMT
rbb         00/03/10 08:52:08

  Added:       src/docs new_features_2_0.html
  Add a new features document for Apache 2.0
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apache-2.0/src/docs/new_features_2_0.html
  Index: new_features_2_0.html
  Changes with Apache 2.0-dev
    *) ap_send{,v}, ap_recv, ap_sendfile API clarification --
       bytes_read/bytes_written is always valid (never -1).  Plus
       some fixes to buff.c to correct problems introduced by the
       errno => ap_status_t changes a while back.  Plus a fix to
       chunked encoding introduced right at the beginning of 2.0.
       [Dean Gaudet]
    *) port mod_rewrite to 2.0. [Paul J. Reder <>]
    *) More rigorous checking of Host: headers to fix security problems
       with mass name-based virtual hosting (whether using mod_rewrite
       or mod_vhost_alias).
       [Ben Hyde, Tony Finch]
    *) Add back support for UseCanonicalName in <Directory> containers.
       [Manoj Kasichainula]
    *) Added APLOG_STARTUP log type.  This allows us to write an error
       message without any of the date and time information.  As a part
       of this change, I also removed all of the calls to fprintf(stderr
       and replaced them with calls to ap_log_error using APLOG_STARTUP
       writing to stderr is no longer portable, because we don't direct 
       stderr to the error log on all platforms.
       [Ryan Bloom] 
    *) Convert error logging functions to take errno as an argument.
       This makes our error logs more portable, because some Windows API's 
       don't set errno.  This change allows us to still output a valid
       message on all of our platforms.
       [Ryan Bloom]
    *) mod_mime_magic runs in 2.0-dev now.
       [Paul Reder <>]
    *) sendfile has been added to APR.
       [John Zedlewski <zedlwski@Princeton.EDU>]
    *) buff.c has been converted to no longer use errno.
       [Manoj Kasichainula]
    *) mod_speling runs in 2.0-dev now: a bug in readdir_r handling and
       interface adaption to APR functions did it. [Martin Kraemer]
    *) Support DSOs properly on 32-bit HP-UX 11.0
       [Dilip Khandekar <>]
    *) Updated MM in APR source tree from version 1.0.8 to 1.0.11
       [Ralf S. Engelschall]
    *) Cleaned APR build environment integration and bootstrap APR 
       automatically for developers from src/Configure.
       [Ralf S. Engelschall]
    *) Fixed building of src/support/htpasswd.c
       [Ralf S. Engelschall]
    *) When generating the Location: header, mod_speling forgot
       to escape the spelling-fixed uri. (Forw-Port from 1.3)
       [Martin Kraemer]
    *) Moved mod_auth_digest.c from experimental to standard. [Roy Fielding]
    *) Change all pools to APR contexts.  This is the first step to
       incorporating APR into Apache. [Ryan Bloom]
    *) Move "handler not found" warning message to below the check
       for a wildcard handler.  [Dirk <>, Roy Fielding]
       PR#2584, PR#2751, PR#3349, PR#3436, PR#3548, PR#4384, PR#4795, PR#4807
    *) Support line-continuation feature in config.option file and
       allow the loading of multiple option sections at once via
       [Ralf S. Engelschall]
    *) Rebuilt CVS repository with Apache 1.3.9 as basis.  [Roy Fielding]
  Changes with Apache MPM
    *) Implement the APACI --with-option facility 
       (per default used the config.option file).
       [Ralf S. Engelschall]
    *) MPM BEOS port.  [David Reid <>]
    *) Start to implement module-defined hooks that are a) fast and b) typesafe.
       Replace pre_connection module call with a register_hook call and
       implement pre_connection as a hook. The intent is that these hooks will
       be extended to allow Apache to be multi-protocol, and also to allow the
       calling order to be specified on a per-hook/per-module basis.
       [Ben Laurie]
    *) Implement mpm_* methods as "modules". Each method gets its own
       subdir in src/modules (eg: src/modules/prefork). Selection
       of method uses Rule MPM_METHOD.  [Jim Jagielski]
    *) Port the hybrid server from the apache-apr repository as
       mpm_mpmt_pthread.  [Manoj Kasichainula]
    *) os/unix/unixd.[ch]: detach, setuid, setgid, stuff which will be common
       amongst the unix MPMs.
    *) mpm_prefork: throw away all the alarm/timeout crud; and clean up the
       signal handling for the new world order.  [Dean Gaudet]
    *) Crude ap_thread_mutex abstraction so that we get the pthread stuff out
       of alloc.c for now.  [Dean Gaudet]
    *) Handle partial large writes correctly.  [Ben Laurie]
    *) Eliminate conn_rec's pointer to server. All it knows is the base server
       based on IP/port.  [Ben Laurie]
    *) Port a bunch of modules to the new module structure.
       ["Michael H. Voase" <>]
    *) I/O layering and BUFF revamp.  See docs/buff.txt.  [Dean Gaudet]
    *) Basic restructuring to introduce the MPM concept; includes various
       changes to the module API... better described by
       docs/initial_blurb.txt.  [Dean Gaudet]
  Changes with Apache pthreads
    *) New buff option added: BO_TIMEOUT. It describes the timeout for
       buff operations (generally over a network).
       [Dean Gaudet, Ryan Bloom, Manoj Kasichainula]
    *) Created http_accept abstraction. Added 4 new functions (not exported):
       init_accept(), begin_accepting_requests(), get_request(), 
       stop_accepting_requests() [Bill Stoddard]
    *) Fix to ap_rprintf call that allows mod_info to work properly.
       [James Morris <>]
    *) user and ap_auth_type fields were moved from connection_rec to 
       request_rec. [Ryan Bloom] 
    *) Removed the ap_block_alarms and ap_unblock_alarm calls.  These aren't
       needed in a threaded server.
  Prior Changes
    *) Attributions (names only) will be filled-in later.

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