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Subject cvs commit: apache-2.0/htdocs/manual/user new_features_2_0.html
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 21:03:17 GMT
manoj       00/01/17 13:03:16

  Added:       htdocs/manual/user new_features_2_0.html
  The start of a 2.0 changes document. This will be a basis for Manoj's
  ApacheCon 2000 presentation, so please add to this. :)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apache-2.0/htdocs/manual/user/new_features_2_0.html
  Index: new_features_2_0.html
  <TITLE>New features with Apache 2.0</TITLE>
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        VLINK="#000080" ALINK="#FF0000">
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  <H1 ALIGN="CENTER">Overview of New Features in Apache 2.0</H1>
  <P>Enhancements: <A HREF="#core">Core</A> |
  <H2><A NAME="core">Core Enhancements:</A></H2>
  <DT><STRONG>Unix Threading</STRONG>
  <DD>On Unix systems with POSIX threads support, Apache can now run in a
      hybrid multiprocess, multithreaded mode. This should improve
  <DT><STRONG>New Build System</STRONG>
  <DD>The build system has been rewritten from scratch to be based on
      autoconf and libtool. This makes Apache's configuration system more
      similar to that of other packages.
  <DT><STRONG>Multiprotocol Support</STRONG>
  <DD>Apache now has some of the infrastructure in place to support serving
      multiple protocols. mod_echo has been written as an example.
  <DT><STRONG>Better support for non-Unix platforms</STRONG>
  <DD>Apache 2.0 should be faster and more stable on non-Unix platforms such
      as BeOS, OS/2, and Windows. With the introduction of platform-specific
      multiprocessing modules and the Apache Portable Runtime, these
      platforms can now avoid using POSIX-emulation functions that are
      sometimes buggy and always hurt performance.
  <DD>The API for modules has changed significantly for 2.0. Many of the
      module-ordering problems from 1.3 should be gone, since 2.0 does much
      of this automatically now. Also, new calls have been added that should
      allow modules to do more without requiring patching of the core Apache
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