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Subject cvs commit: apache-apr/docs time.txt
Date Tue, 20 Apr 1999 15:08:49 GMT
rbb         99/04/20 08:08:49

  Added:       docs     time.txt
  First pass at time api's for apr.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apache-apr/docs/time.txt
  Index: time.txt
  	These are absolutly necessary.  They allow Apache to ensure it is free
  	of any y2k or 2038 bugs, because we write our own timing routines.  I
  	am using seconds instead of milliseconds, because HTTP says we only
  	need second granularity, if this is not granular enough, it is easy to
  	change later.
   APRStatus apr_current_time(APRTime *)
  	Returns the number of seconds since the epoch.  define the epoch
  	as midnight January 1, 1970, UTC.
  	arg 1) current time on local machine.
   APRStatus apr_implode_time(const APRExplodedTime *, APRTime)
  	Convert exploded time format into an APRTime value.
  	arg 1)  Time to convert in Exploded format
  	arg 2)  converted time as seconds since epoch
   APRStatus apr_format_time(char *, APRUInt32, char *, APRExplodedTime,
  	Format time into a buffer.
  	arg 1)  Buffer to store string into
  	arg 2)  size of buffer.  Truncate if buffer not long enough
  	arg 3)	format to convert to.  Use strftime formats (see posix 
  		reference above)
  	arg 4)  Time variable to convert
  	arg 5)  number of bytes of buffer used.
   APRStatus apr_explode_time(APRTime, APRTimePARAMFN, APRExplodedTime);
  	Convert APRTime vlaue into an expanded time format.
  	arg 1)  number of seconds since the epoch to convert to Expanded time
  	arg 2)  Time parameter function of the specified time zone.
  	arg 3)  structure to store expanded time into

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