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Subject cvs commit: apache-devsite binaries.html
Date Tue, 16 Mar 1999 23:45:22 GMT
lars        99/03/16 15:45:22

  Modified:    .        binaries.html
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +88 -45    apache-devsite/binaries.html
  Index: binaries.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-devsite/binaries.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- binaries.html	1999/03/16 00:39:51	1.10
  +++ binaries.html	1999/03/16 23:45:21	1.11
  @@ -1,66 +1,105 @@
  -<TITLE>Binary Releases</TITLE>
  +<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN">
  + <HEAD>
  +  <TITLE>Apache Unix Binary Distributions</TITLE>
  + </HEAD>
  +<!-- Background white, links blue (unvisited), navy (visited), red (active) -->
  + <BODY
  +  TEXT="#000000"
  +  LINK="#0000FF"
  +  VLINK="#000080"
  +  ALINK="#FF0000"
  + >
  +<!--#include virtual="header.html" -->
  +  <H1 ALIGN="CENTER">Apache Unix Binary Distributions</H1>
  +From Apache 1.3.5 onwards binary releases are made with a script which
  +is part of every standard Apache distribution:
  -<H1>Binary Releases</H1>
  -Binary releases of Apache are defined as having an httpd executable in
  -the src/ directory and a Makefile/Configuration already set to the
  -platform's settings.  The binary is built with only the standard
  -modules.  The .o files should *not* be left in the directory after the
  -build - they just add space to the .tar.gz file to be transferred.
  -Binaries are to be put in the
  -<CODE>dist/binaries/(platform)_(version)</CODE> directory of the
  -apache web site (as in, dist/binaries/solaris_2.4), with the following
  -format for its filename:
  +To create a binary distribution with this script you have to follow
  +these steps:
  -As in, apache_0.8.16-solaris-2.4.tar.gz.  The name of the directory
  -created by the tar file should not change.  The name of the executable should be
  -As in, <CODE>httpd-solaris</CODE>.
  +<LI><CODE>gzip -d -c apache_1.3.x.tar.gz | tar xvf -</CODE>
  +    <BR>(<small><cite>You may use <code>cvs export</code>,
but please
  +         make sure that you rename the directory to reflect the complete
  +         version number, e.g. <code>apache_1.3.5</code>.</cite></small>)
  +<LI><CODE>cd apache_1.3.x</CODE>
  +After the execution of you should see the following
  -<STRONG>Compiling:</STRONG> Use the "best" compiler for the platform, given
  -the object code built with the compiler is free from any restrictions
  -the compiler might put on it.  Set for the first or second level of
  -optimization, and don't compile with debugging since anyone who can use a
  -debugger to backtrace a core dump can probably also compile it themselves
  +<DD><CODE>Building Apache 1.3.x binary distribution...</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>Platform is "<cite>platform</cite>"...</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>Binary images successfully created...</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>Creating supplementary files...</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>Creating distribution archive and readme file...</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>You can find the binary archive
  +          (apache_1.3.x-<cite>platform</cite>.tar.gz)</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>and the readme file (apache_1.3.x-<cite>platform</cite>.README)
in the</CODE>
  +<DD><CODE>parent directory.</CODE>
  +Before the archive is created the binbuild script checks if the httpd
  +was successfully created. If anything went wrong you will see a
  +corresponding error message. Take a look at the file
  +<code>build.log</code> to find out why the build failed.
  +Binaries are configured with the following APACI options:
  +    --with-layout=BinaryDistribution
  +    --enable-module=most
  +    --enable-shared=max
  +If your platform has no DSO support you have to edit and
  +remove the <CODE>--enable-shared</CODE> option from the
  +<CODE>CONFIGPARAM</CODE> variable. If you need to specify compiler
  +options or flags you can simply pass them to the binbuild script, e.g.
  +After you have successfully built the binary distribution you
  +can upload the archive and README to the Apache site.
  +Feel free to create PGP or MD5 signatures.
  +<H2>Binary Contributors</H2>
   Here is a list of platforms and the people who volunteered to compile
  -binary releases.
  +binary releases:
   <LI>alpha-dec-osf3.0:		Sameer Parekh
   <LI>alpha-dec-osf4.0:		Lars Eilebrecht
   <LI>arm-linux(Netwinder-ELF)    Rasmus Lerdorf
   <LI>hppa1.1-hp-hpux:		Rob Hartill
  -<LI>i386-slackware-linux(a.out):	Sameer Parekh
  +<LI>i386-slackware-linux(a.out):        Sameer Parekh
   <LI>i386-sun-solaris2.5:	Sameer Parekh
  +<LI>i386-sun-solaris2.7:        Cliff Skolnick
   <LI>i386-unixware-svr4:		Sameer Parekh
   <LI>i386-unknown-freebsd2.1:	Andrew Wilson, Brian Tao
  +<LI>i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.8:  Jim Jagielski
   <LI>i686-pc-freebsd3.1:		Ralf S. Engelschall
   <LI>i585-pc-redhat5.2:		Ralf S. Engelschall
   <LI>i386-unknown-linux(ELF):	Aram Mirzadeh, Michael Douglass
  -<LI>i386-unknown-netBSD:	Bill &lt;;
  +<LI>i386-unknown-netBSD:	Lars Eilebrecht, Bill &lt;;
   <LI>i386-unknown-sco3:		Ben Laurie
   <LI>i386-unknown-sco5:		Ben Laurie
   <LI>m68k-apple-aux3.1.1:	Jim Jagielski
  @@ -73,15 +112,19 @@
   <LI>rs6000-ibm-aix4.2:		Ralf S. Engelschall
   <LI>sparc-sun-solaris2.5:	Lars Eilebrecht
   <LI>sparc-sun-solaris2.6:	Lars Eilebrecht, Ralf S. Engelschall
  +<LI>sparc-sun-solaris2.7:       Cliff Skolnick
   <LI>sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4:	Michael Douglass
   <LI>sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3_U1:	Sameer Parekh
   <LI>sparc-unknown-linux:	Lars Eilebrecht
   <LI>mips-dec-ultrix4.4:		Sameer Parekh
  +<LI>mips-unknown-linux:         Lars Eilebrecht
  +<STRONG>Binaries should be built for every Apache release, including
  +minor-number revisions, i.e. 1.3.0 -&gt; 1.3.1.</STRONG>
  -Binaries must be built for every Apache release, including
  -minor-number revisions, i.e. 1.1.0 -&gt; 1.1.1.
  +<!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->

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