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Subject cvs commit: apache-apr/docs dir_struct.txt
Date Tue, 16 Feb 1999 13:10:09 GMT
rbb         99/02/16 05:10:08

  Added:       docs     dir_struct.txt
  Just a very basic outline for the directory structure for APR.  When people
  start working on it, it is better to have everything laid out for them.  Plus,
  I really wanted to get some of my ideas out in the open again, because they
  aren't doing anybody any good locked up in my head.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apache-apr/docs/dir_struct.txt
  Index: dir_struct.txt
  This is just to outline the directory structure for APR, in case anybody wants
  to write some code.
  apache-apr/docs			Basic design documents for apr.
  apache-apr/pthreads		Apache hybrid process/thread model that will
  				some day soon (hopefully) use apr.
  apache-apr/apr			This is the base directory for APR itself.
  apache-apr/apr/include		The include files programs will need to
  				use apr.
  apache-apr/apr/file_io		The base for the file/io functions.
  apache-apr/apr/file_io/UNIX     The UNIX code for APR.
  apache-apr/apr/file_io/windows  The Windows code for APR.
  apache-apr/apr/file_io/XXX	Any other directories for file_io code.
  apache-apr/apr/network_io		The base for the network/io functions.
  apache-apr/apr/network_io/UNIX          The UNIX code for APR.
  apache-apr/apr/network_io/windows       The Windows code for APR.
  apache-apr/apr/network_io/XXX	         Any other directories for network_io
  And so on for the rest of the major breakdowns for the library.
  Any include files that are internal to APR routines, should go in their OS's

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