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Subject cvs commit: apache-devsite how-to-release.html
Date Tue, 06 Oct 1998 10:10:47 GMT
martin      98/10/06 03:10:46

  Modified:    .        how-to-release.html
  Updates - and corrections to my earlier commit
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.45      +30 -18    apache-devsite/how-to-release.html
  Index: how-to-release.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-devsite/how-to-release.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.44
  retrieving revision 1.45
  diff -u -r1.44 -r1.45
  --- how-to-release.html	1998/10/05 11:12:19	1.44
  +++ how-to-release.html	1998/10/06 10:10:46	1.45
  @@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
        <CODE><STRONG>$ vi Announcement</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit Announcement</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cd ..</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ rm -rf apache-1.X</STRONG></CODE>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs release -d apache-1.X</STRONG></CODE>
     <STRONG>[ Building the source release ]</STRONG><BR>
  @@ -131,22 +131,22 @@
   <LI> Change <CODE>SERVER_VERSION</CODE> in <TT>src/include/httpd.h</TT>
   	 from ``<CODE>Apache/1.X.Y-dev</CODE>'' to
   	 ``<CODE>Apache/1.X.Y</CODE>''. Then also change
  -	 <CODE>APACHE_RELEASE</CODE> in same file from
  +	 <CODE>APACHE_RELEASE</CODE> in the same file from
   	 The format is something like
   	 <CODE>printf("%d%02d%02d%02d", major, minor, bugfix,
  -	 betaseq)</CODE>. Additionally make sure the Configure scripts version
  +	 betaseq)</CODE>. Also update the Windows registry key: edit
  +	 <SAMP>src/os/win32/registry.c</SAMP> and change the
  +	 <CODE>VERSION</CODE> from "1.X.Y dev" to the string "1.X.Y".
  +	 Additionally make sure the Configure scripts version
   	 knowledge for the <CODE>SHARED_CORE</CODE> reflects the correct
   	 version.revision.patchlevel triple. Look for the line ``<CODE>V=1 R=3
   	 P=2</CODE>'' inside <CODE>src/Configure</CODE> and adjust it accordingly.
        <CODE><STRONG>$ vi src/include/httpd.h</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ vi src/os/win32/registry.c</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ vi src/Configure</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit src/include/httpd.h src/Configure</STRONG></CODE>
  -     <P>
  -     If the release is going from beta to non-beta, or non-beta to a
  -     beta, also update the Windows registry key release. See
  -     <SAMP>os/win32/registry.c</SAMP> for more details.
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit src/include/httpd.h src/os/win32/registry.c
   <LI> Tag the sources for this release:<BR>
        (<EM>note: be sure to tag the whole thing, not just <CODE>src</CODE></EM>!)<BR>
  @@ -155,10 +155,12 @@
   <STRONG>[ For all releases ]</STRONG><BR>
  -<LI> Make an export version of the distribution:<BR>
  +<LI> Make an export version of the distribution: (this creates a second
  +     subdirectory <CODE>apache-1.X.Y</CODE> for the exported version
  +     beside the existing CVS tree in <CODE>apache-1.X</CODE>)<BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cd ..</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ umask 022</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs export -r APACHE_1_X_Y -d apache_1.X.Y apache-1.3</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs export -r APACHE_1_X_Y -d apache_1.X.Y apache-1.X</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cd apache_1.X.Y</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <LI><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> There is a known problem
  @@ -166,7 +168,7 @@
        and later. If this affects you, you will need to do a checkout
        <CODE><STRONG>$ umask 022</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs checkout -r APACHE_1_X_Y -d apache_1.X.Y apache-1.3</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs checkout -r APACHE_1_X_Y -d apache_1.X.Y apache-1.X</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cd apache_1.X.Y</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  @@ -221,12 +223,16 @@
   <LI> Remember the CHANGES file:<BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cp apache_1.X.Y/src/CHANGES .</STRONG></CODE>
  +<LI> Cleanup: (this deletes the export tree: it is now no longer
  +     required. We still need the CVS tree, see below)<BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ rm -fr apache_1.X.Y</STRONG></CODE>
   <LI> Make the tarball available for testing purposes: (<BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ chmod 664 CHANGES apache_1.X.Y.tar.*</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cp apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz /pub/httpd/dist</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cp apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz.asc /pub/httpd/dist</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cp apache_1.X.Y.tar.Z /pub/httpd/dist</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cp apache_1.X.Y.tar.Z.asc /pub/httpd/dist</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ chmod 664 apache_1.X.Y.tar.*</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <LI><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> If rolling the tarball
        remotely, you should use <CODE>scp</CODE> to place them
  @@ -238,19 +244,24 @@
   <STRONG>[ Only for final releases, not for internal pre-releases ]</STRONG><BR>
   <LI> cd back into the CVS tree location.<BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cd apache-1.X.Y</STRONG></CODE>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cd apache-1.X</STRONG></CODE>
   <LI> Change <CODE>SERVER_VERSION</CODE> in <CODE>src/include/httpd.h</CODE>
   	 from ``<CODE>Apache/1.X.Y</CODE>'' to
   	 ``<CODE>Apache/1.X.(Y+1)-dev</CODE>'' and change
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ vi src/include/httpd.h</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit src/include/httpd.h</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  +     In the <CODE>VERSION</CODE> macro in
  +	 <SAMP>src/os/win32/registry.c</SAMP>, increase the version
  +	 number and re-insert the "dev" suffix (change the string
  +	 ``<CODE>1.X.Y</CODE>'' to ``<CODE>1.X.(Y+1) dev</CODE>''; note
  +	 the SPACE character instrad of the hyphen).<BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ vi src/include/httpd.h src/os/win32/registry.c</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit src/include/httpd.h src/os/win32/registry.c</STRONG></CODE><BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ cd ..</STRONG></CODE><BR>
   <LI> Cleanup:<BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ rm -rf apache-1.X.Y</STRONG></CODE>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs release -d apache-1.X</STRONG></CODE>
   <STRONG>[ Wait for group to test and approve the tarball ]</STRONG><BR>
  @@ -284,12 +295,13 @@
   <LI> Edit <CODE>README.html</CODE> from <CODE>apache-site</CODE>
CVS tree
        (it's in the <CODE>./dist</CODE> subdirectory) as required:<BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ vi dist/README.html</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit dist/README.html</STRONG></CODE>
   <LI> Edit the Apache <CODE>index.html</CODE> from <CODE>apache-site</CODE>
        CVS tree as required:<BR>
        <CODE><STRONG>$ vi index.html</STRONG></CODE><BR>
  -     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit index.html</STRONG></CODE>
  +<LI> Commit the changes:<BR>
  +     <CODE><STRONG>$ cvs commit index.html dist/README.html</STRONG></CODE>
   <LI> Update the checked-out versions of the <CODE>apache-site</CODE>
        for the web server:<BR>

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