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Subject cvs commit: apache-site security_report.html bug_report.html index.html security_reports.html
Date Tue, 11 Aug 1998 03:19:17 GMT
dgaudet     98/08/10 20:19:17

  Modified:    .        bug_report.html index.html
  Added:       .        security_report.html
  Removed:     .        security_reports.html
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.18      +4 -0      apache-site/bug_report.html
  Index: bug_report.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-site/bug_report.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.17
  retrieving revision 1.18
  diff -u -r1.17 -r1.18
  --- bug_report.html	1998/08/04 20:18:21	1.17
  +++ bug_report.html	1998/08/11 03:19:15	1.18
  @@ -96,5 +96,9 @@
   <H1>Do NOT send configuration questions or requests for help debugging CGI!</H1>
  +<p>Folks wishing to report a security/denial of service bug may want to
  +visit <a href="security_report.html">this page</a>.
  1.65      +2 -1      apache-site/index.html
  Index: index.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-site/index.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.64
  retrieving revision 1.65
  diff -u -r1.64 -r1.65
  --- index.html	1998/07/22 20:19:27	1.64
  +++ index.html	1998/08/11 03:19:16	1.65
  @@ -26,9 +26,9 @@
     <LI> <A HREF="docs/">Server Documentation</A><BR>
     <LI> <A HREF="docs/misc/FAQ.html">The Apache FAQ</A><BR>
     <LI> <A HREF="bug_report.html">Bug Reporting</A><BR>
  +  <LI> <A HREF="security_report.html">Security Bug Reporting</A>
     <LI> <A HREF="info.html">Background Information</A><BR>
     <LI> <A HREF="library/">Project Library</A>
  -  <LI> <A HREF="search.html">Search This Site</A>
  @@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
     <LI> <A HREF="related_projects.html">Related Projects</A><BR>
     <LI> <A HREF="contributors/">Project Contributors</A><BR>
     <LI> <A HREF="info/">Other Information</A>
  +  <LI> <A HREF="search.html">Search This Site</A>
  1.1                  apache-site/security_report.html
  Index: security_report.html
  <TITLE>Reporting Security Problems with Apache</TITLE>
  <!-- Background white, links blue (unvisited), navy (visited), red (active) -->
  <IMG SRC="images/apache_sub.gif" ALT="">
  <H2>Reporting Security Problems with Apache</H2>
  <p>The Apache Group takes a very active stance in eliminating security
  problems, and denial of service attacks against the Apache web server.  We
  strongly encourage folks to report such problems to our private security
  mailing list first, before disclosing them in a public forum.  The mailing
  address is <a href=""></a>.
  We cannot accept regular bug reports or other queries at this address,
  we ask that you use our <a href="bug_report.html">bug reporting page</a>
  for those.
  <p>Note that all networked servers are subject to denial of service
  attacks, and we cannot promise magic workarounds to generic problems
  (such as a client streaming lots of data to your server, or re-requesting
  the same URL repeatedly).  In general our philosophy is to avoid any
  attacks which can cause the server to consume resources in a non-linear
  relationship to the size of inputs.

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