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Subject cvs commit: apache-1.3/htdocs/manual upgrading_to_1_3.html
Date Sat, 04 Jul 1998 14:59:57 GMT
coar        98/07/04 07:59:57

  Modified:    htdocs/manual upgrading_to_1_3.html
  	Add a note about the new case-sensitivity of <Limit>.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.26      +19 -0     apache-1.3/htdocs/manual/upgrading_to_1_3.html
  Index: upgrading_to_1_3.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-1.3/htdocs/manual/upgrading_to_1_3.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.25
  retrieving revision 1.26
  diff -u -r1.25 -r1.26
  --- upgrading_to_1_3.html	1998/06/16 00:23:38	1.25
  +++ upgrading_to_1_3.html	1998/07/04 14:59:56	1.26
  @@ -88,6 +88,25 @@
       This change was made for consistency in the config language.
  +  <LI><STRONG>As of Apache 1.3.1, methods listed in <SAMP>&lt;Limit&gt;</SAMP>
  +    directives must be uppercase.</STRONG>  Method names, such as
  +    defined as being case-sensitive.  That is, a <SAMP>GET</SAMP>
  +    request is different from a <SAMP>get</SAMP> request.  Prior
  +    to Apache 1.3.1, the <SAMP>&lt;Limit&gt;</SAMP> directive
  +    parser incorrectly treated both of these as being the same.
  +    Apache's built-in method limit processing currently only understands
  +    uppercase method names, so if you've used clauses such as
  +    "<SAMP>&lt;Limit&nbsp;Get&nbsp;post&gt;</SAMP>" in your
  +    files, you need to correct them to use uppercase names.
  +    <P>
  +    Unrecognised method names in the server configuration files will
  +    result in the server logging an error message and failing to start.
  +    In <SAMP>.htaccess</SAMP> files, unknown methods will cause the
  +    server to log an error to its error log and return an 'Internal
  +    Server Error' page to the client.
  +    </P>
  +  </LI>
     <LI><STRONG>The default Apache ServerRoot directory changed</STRONG>
       from the NCSA-compatible <SAMP>/usr/local/etc/httpd/</SAMP> to
       <SAMP>/usr/local/apache/</SAMP>. This change covers only the default

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