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Subject cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/test/rename apapi.h
Date Mon, 06 Apr 1998 10:49:50 GMT
rse         98/04/06 03:49:50

  Modified:    src/test/rename apapi.h
  Ok, here it comes the last part:
  The completely generated apapi.h header file containing prototypes for all
  public API functions (ap_xxx)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +259 -1    apache-1.3/src/test/rename/apapi.h
  Index: apapi.h
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-1.3/src/test/rename/apapi.h,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  --- apapi.h	1998/04/06 08:04:23	1.2
  +++ apapi.h	1998/04/06 10:49:48	1.3
  @@ -1 +1,259 @@
  +**  apapi.h -- Apache 1.3 API prototypes
  +#ifndef APAPI_H
  +#define APAPI_H
  +extern char                 ap_server_root[MAX_STRING_LEN];
  +extern const char           ap_day_snames[7][4];
  +extern const char           ap_month_snames[12][4];
  +extern void                 ap_MD5Final(unsigned char digest[16], AP_MD5_CTX * context);
  +extern void                 ap_MD5Init(AP_MD5_CTX * context);
  +extern void                 ap_MD5Update(AP_MD5_CTX * context, const unsigned char *input,
unsigned int inputLen);
  +extern void                 ap_add_cgi_vars(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_add_common_vars(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_add_module(module *m);
  +extern int                  ap_add_named_module(const char *name);
  +extern int                  ap_allow_options (request_rec *);
  +extern int                  ap_allow_overrides (request_rec *);
  +extern array_header *       ap_append_arrays(pool *, const array_header *, const array_header
  +extern void                 ap_array_cat(array_header *dst, const array_header *src);
  +extern char *               ap_auth_name (request_rec *);
  +extern char *               ap_auth_type (request_rec *);
  +extern void                 ap_basic_http_header(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_bclose(BUFF *fb);
  +extern BUFF *               ap_bcreate(pool *p, int flags);
  +extern int                  ap_bfilbuf(BUFF *fb);
  +extern int                  ap_bfileno(BUFF *fb, int direction);
  +extern int                  ap_bflsbuf(int c, BUFF *fb);
  +extern int                  ap_bflush(BUFF *fb);
  +extern int                  ap_bgetopt(BUFF *fb, int optname, void *optval);
  +extern int                  ap_bgets(char *s, int n, BUFF *fb);
  +extern void                 ap_bhalfduplex(BUFF *fb);
  +extern void                 ap_block_alarms(void);
  +extern int                  ap_blookc(char *buff, BUFF *fb);
  +extern int                  ap_bnonblock(BUFF *fb, int direction);
  +extern void                 ap_bonerror(BUFF *fb, void (*error) (BUFF *, int, void *),
void *data);
  +extern void                 ap_bpushfd(BUFF *fb, int fd_in, int fd_out);
  +extern int                  ap_bputs(const char *x, BUFF *fb);
  +extern int                  ap_bprintf(BUFF *fb, const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf,2,3)));
  +extern int                  ap_bread(BUFF *fb, void *buf, int nbyte);
  +extern int                  ap_bsetflag(BUFF *fb, int flag, int value);
  +extern int                  ap_bsetopt(BUFF *fb, int optname, const void *optval);
  +extern int                  ap_bskiplf(BUFF *fb);
  +extern int                  ap_bvputs(BUFF *fb,...);
  +extern int                  ap_bwrite(BUFF *fb, const void *buf, int nbyte);
  +extern long                 ap_bytes_in_free_blocks(void);
  +extern long                 ap_bytes_in_pool(pool *p);
  +extern int                  ap_call_exec(request_rec *r, char *argv0, char **env, int shellcmd);
  +extern int                  ap_can_exec(const struct stat *);
  +extern int                  ap_cfg_closefile(configfile_t *fp);
  +extern int                  ap_cfg_getc(configfile_t *cfp);
  +extern int                  ap_cfg_getline(char *buf, size_t bufsize, configfile_t *cfp);
  +extern void                 ap_chdir_file(const char *file);
  +extern int                  ap_check_alarm(void);
  +extern const char *         ap_check_cmd_context(cmd_parms *cmd, unsigned forbidden);
  +extern int                  ap_checkmask(const char *data, const char *mask);
  +extern void                 ap_child_terminate(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_cleanup_for_exec(void);
  +extern void                 ap_clear_module_list(void);
  +extern void                 ap_clear_pool(struct pool *);
  +extern void                 ap_clear_table(table *);
  +extern void                 ap_close_piped_log (piped_log *);
  +extern char *               ap_construct_server(pool *p, const char *hostname, unsigned
port, const request_rec *r);
  +extern char *               ap_construct_url(pool *p, const char *uri, const request_rec
  +extern array_header *       ap_copy_array(pool *p, const array_header *src);
  +extern array_header *       ap_copy_array_hdr(pool *p, const array_header *src);
  +extern table *              ap_copy_table(pool *p, const table *);
  +extern int                  ap_count_dirs(const char *path);
  +extern char **              ap_create_environment(pool *p, table *t);
  +extern unsigned short       ap_default_port_for_request(const request_rec *r);
  +extern unsigned short       ap_default_port_for_scheme(const char *scheme_str);
  +extern char *               ap_default_type (request_rec *);
  +extern void                 ap_destroy_pool(pool *);
  +extern void                 ap_destroy_sub_req(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_discard_request_body(request_rec *r);
  +extern char *               ap_document_root (request_rec *);
  +extern int                  ap_each_byterange(request_rec *r, long *offset, long *length);
  +extern void                 ap_error_log2stderr (server_rec *);
  +extern char *               ap_escape_html(pool *p, const char *s);
  +extern char *               ap_escape_path_segment(pool *p, const char *s);
  +extern char *               ap_escape_shell_cmd(pool *p, const char *s);
  +extern int                  ap_exists_scoreboard_image(void);
  +extern int                  ap_find_last_token(pool *p, const char *line, const char *tok);
  +extern module *             ap_find_linked_module(const char *name);
  +extern const char *         ap_find_module_name(module *m);
  +extern int                  ap_find_path_info(const char *uri, const char *path_info);
  +extern pool *               ap_find_pool(const void *ts);
  +extern int                  ap_find_token(pool *p, const char *line, const char *tok);
  +extern int                  ap_fnmatch(const char *, const char *, int);
  +extern int                  ap_get_basic_auth_pw(request_rec *r, char **pw);
  +extern long                 ap_get_client_block(request_rec *r, char *buffer, int bufsiz);
  +extern struct tm *          ap_get_gmtoff(int *tz);
  +extern void *               ap_get_module_config(void *conf_vector, module *m);
  +extern const char *         ap_get_remote_host(conn_rec *conn, void *dir_config, int type);
  +extern const char *         ap_get_remote_logname(request_rec *r);
  +extern const char *         ap_get_server_name(const request_rec *r);
  +extern unsigned             ap_get_server_port(const request_rec *r);
  +extern char *               ap_get_time(void);
  +extern char *               ap_get_token(pool *p, char **accept_line, int accept_white);
  +extern void                 ap_getparents(char *name);
  +extern char *               ap_getword(pool *p, const char **line, char stop);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_conf(pool *p, const char **line);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_conf_nc(pool *p, char **line);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_nc(pool *p, char **line, char stop);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_nulls(pool *p, const char **line, char stop);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_nulls_nc(pool *p, char **line, char stop);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_white(pool *p, const char **line);
  +extern char *               ap_getword_white_nc(pool *p, char **line);
  +extern char *               ap_gm_timestr_822(pool *p, time_t t);
  +extern gid_t                ap_gname2id(const char *name);
  +extern void                 ap_hard_timeout(char *, request_rec *);
  +extern char *               ap_ht_time(pool *p, time_t t, const char *fmt, int gmt);
  +extern int                  ap_ind(const char *, char);
  +extern int                  ap_index_of_response(int status);
  +extern void                 ap_internal_redirect(const char *new_uri, request_rec *);
  +extern void                 ap_internal_redirect_handler(const char *new_uri, request_rec
  +extern int                  ap_is_directory(const char *name);
  +extern int                  ap_is_fnmatch(const char *);
  +extern int                  ap_is_initial_req(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_is_matchexp(const char *str);
  +extern int                  ap_is_url(const char *u);
  +extern void                 ap_kill_cleanup(pool *p, void *data, void (*plain_cleanup)
(void *));
  +extern void                 ap_kill_cleanups_for_fd(pool *p, int fd);
  +extern void                 ap_kill_cleanups_for_socket(pool *p, int sock);
  +extern void                 ap_kill_timeout(request_rec *);
  +extern void                 ap_log_assert(const char *szExp, const char *szFile, int nLine)
  +extern void                 ap_log_printf(const server_rec *s, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,2,3)));
  +extern void                 ap_log_reason(const char *reason, const char *fname, request_rec
  +extern void                 ap_log_unixerr(const char *routine, const char *file, const
char *msg, server_rec *s);
  +extern array_header *       ap_make_array(pool *p, int nelts, int elt_size);
  +extern char *               ap_make_dirstr(pool *a, const char *s, int n);
  +extern char *               ap_make_dirstr_parent(pool *p, const char *s);
  +extern char *               ap_make_dirstr_prefix(char *d, const char *s, int n);
  +extern char *               ap_make_full_path(pool *a, const char *dir, const char *f);
  +extern pool *               ap_make_sub_pool(pool *);
  +extern table *              ap_make_table(pool *p, int nelts);
  +extern int                  ap_matches_request_vhost(request_rec *r, const char *host,
unsigned port);
  +extern int                  ap_meets_conditions(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_no2slash(char *name);
  +extern void                 ap_note_auth_failure(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_note_basic_auth_failure(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_note_cleanups_for_fd(pool *, int);
  +extern void                 ap_note_cleanups_for_file(pool *, FILE *);
  +extern void                 ap_note_cleanups_for_socket(pool *, int);
  +extern void                 ap_note_digest_auth_failure(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_note_subprocess(pool *a, int pid, enum kill_conditions how);
  +extern void                 ap_null_cleanup(void *data);
  +extern piped_log *          ap_open_piped_log (pool *p, const char *program);
  +extern table *              ap_overlay_tables(pool *p, const table *overlay, const table
  +extern void *               ap_palloc(struct pool *, int nbytes);
  +extern time_t               ap_parseHTTPdate(const char *date);
  +extern void                 ap_parse_uri(request_rec *r, const char *uri);
  +extern int                  ap_parse_uri_components(pool *p, const char *uri, uri_components
  +extern int                  ap_parse_hostinfo_components(pool *p, const char *hostinfo,
uri_components *uptr);
  +extern void *               ap_pcalloc(struct pool *, int nbytes);
  +extern configfile_t *       ap_pcfg_open_custom(pool *p, const char *descr, void *param,
int(*getc_func)(void*), void *(*gets_func) (void *buf, size_t bufsiz, void *param), int(*close_func)(void*));
  +extern configfile_t *       ap_pcfg_openfile(pool *p, const char *name);
  +extern void                 ap_pclosedir(pool *p, DIR * d);
  +extern int                  ap_pclosef(struct pool *, int fd);
  +extern int                  ap_pclosesocket(pool *a, int sock);
  +extern struct hostent *     ap_pduphostent(pool *p, struct hostent *hp);
  +extern int                  ap_pfclose(struct pool *, FILE *);
  +extern FILE *               ap_pfdopen(struct pool *, int fd, const char *fmode);
  +extern FILE *               ap_pfopen(struct pool *, const char *name, const char *fmode);
  +extern struct hostent *     ap_pgethostbyname(pool *p, const char *hostname);
  +extern int                  ap_pool_is_ancestor(pool *a, pool *b);
  +extern void                 ap_pool_join(pool *p, pool *sub);
  +extern DIR *                ap_popendir(pool *p, const char *name);
  +extern int                  ap_popenf(struct pool *, const char *name, int flg, int mode);
  +extern regex_t *            ap_pregcomp(pool *p, const char *pattern, int cflags);
  +extern void                 ap_pregfree(pool *p, regex_t * reg);
  +extern char *               ap_pregsub(pool *p, const char *input, const char *source,
size_t nmatch, regmatch_t pmatch[]);
  +extern const char *         ap_psignature(const char *prefix, request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_psocket(pool *p, int, int, int);
  +extern char *               ap_pstrcat(struct pool *,...);
  +extern char *               ap_pstrdup(struct pool *, const char *s);
  +extern char *               ap_pstrndup(struct pool *, const char *s, int n);
  +extern char *               ap_psprintf(struct pool *, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,2,3)));
  +extern char *               ap_pvsprintf(struct pool *, const char *fmt, va_list);
  +extern void *               ap_push_array(array_header *);
  +extern time_t               ap_rationalize_mtime(request_rec *r, time_t mtime);
  +extern void                 ap_register_cleanup(pool *p, void *data, void (*plain_cleanup)
(void *), void (*child_cleanup) (void *));
  +extern void                 ap_register_other_child(int pid, void (*maintenance) (int reason,
void *data, int status), void *data, int write_fd);
  +extern void                 ap_remove_module(module *m);
  +extern array_header *       ap_requires (request_rec *);
  +extern void                 ap_reset_timeout(request_rec *);
  +extern int                  ap_rflush(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_rind(const char *, char);
  +extern int                  ap_rprintf(request_rec *r, const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf,2,3)));
  +extern int                  ap_rputc(int c, request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_rputs(const char *str, request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_run_cleanup(pool *p, void *data, void (*cleanup) (void *));
  +extern int                  ap_run_sub_req(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_rvputs(request_rec *r,...);
  +extern int                  ap_rwrite(const void *buf, int nbyte, request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_satisfies (request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_scan_script_header_err(request_rec *r, FILE *f, char *buffer);
  +extern int                  ap_scan_script_header_err_buff(request_rec *r, BUFF *f, char
  +extern long                 ap_send_fb(BUFF *f, request_rec *r);
  +extern long                 ap_send_fb_length(BUFF *f, request_rec *r, long length);
  +extern long                 ap_send_fd(FILE *f, request_rec *r);
  +extern long                 ap_send_fd_length(FILE *f, request_rec *r, long length);
  +extern int                  ap_send_header_field(request_rec *r, const char *fieldname,
const char *fieldval);
  +extern void                 ap_send_http_header(request_rec *l);
  +extern size_t               ap_send_mmap(void *mm, request_rec *r, size_t offset, size_t
  +extern void                 ap_send_size(size_t size, request_rec *r);
  +extern char *               ap_server_root_relative(pool *p, char *fname);
  +extern int                  ap_set_byterange(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_set_content_length(request_rec *r, long length);
  +extern void                 ap_set_etag(request_rec *r);
  +extern const char *         ap_set_file_slot(cmd_parms *, char *, char *);
  +extern const char *         ap_set_flag_slot(cmd_parms *, char *, int);
  +extern int                  ap_set_keepalive(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_set_last_modified(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_set_module_config(void *conf_vector, module *m, void *val);
  +extern const char *         ap_set_string_slot(cmd_parms *, char *, char *);
  +extern const char *         ap_set_string_slot_lower(cmd_parms *, char *, char *);
  +extern int                  ap_setup_client_block(request_rec *r, int read_policy);
  +extern int                  ap_should_client_block(request_rec *r);
  +extern void                 ap_soft_timeout(char *, request_rec *);
  +extern int                  ap_some_auth_required(request_rec *r);
  +extern int                  ap_spawn_child_err(pool *, int (*)(void *), void *, enum kill_conditions,
FILE **pipe_in, FILE **pipe_out, FILE **pipe_err);
  +extern int                  ap_spawn_child_err_buff(pool *, int (*)(void *), void *, enum
kill_conditions, BUFF **pipe_in, BUFF **pipe_out, BUFF **pipe_err);
  +extern const char *         ap_srm_command_loop(cmd_parms *parms, void *config);
  +extern void                 ap_str_tolower(char *);
  +extern int                  ap_strcasecmp_match(const char *str, const char *exp);
  +extern int                  ap_strcmp_match(const char *str, const char *exp);
  +extern request_rec *        ap_sub_req_lookup_file(const char *new_file, const request_rec
  +extern request_rec *        ap_sub_req_lookup_uri(const char *new_file, const request_rec
  +extern void                 ap_sync_scoreboard_image(void);
  +extern void                 ap_table_add(table *, const char *name, const char *val);
  +extern void                 ap_table_addn(table *, const char *name, const char *val);
  +extern void                 ap_table_do(int (*comp) (void *, const char *, const char *),
void *rec, const table *t,...);
  +extern char *               ap_table_get(const table *, const char *);
  +extern void                 ap_table_merge(table *, const char *name, const char *more_val);
  +extern void                 ap_table_mergen(table *, const char *name, const char *more_val);
  +extern void                 ap_table_set(table *, const char *name, const char *val);
  +extern void                 ap_table_setn(table *, const char *name, const char *val);
  +extern void                 ap_table_unset(table *, const char *key);
  +extern time_t               ap_tm2sec(const struct tm *t);
  +extern uid_t                ap_uname2id(const char *name);
  +extern void                 ap_unblock_alarms(void);
  +extern int                  ap_unescape_url(char *url);
  +extern char *               ap_unparse_uri_components(pool *p, const uri_components *uptr,
unsigned flags);
  +extern void                 ap_unregister_other_child(void *data);
  +extern time_t               ap_update_mtime(request_rec *r, time_t dependency_mtime);
  +extern char *               ap_uudecode(pool *, const char *);
  +extern int                  ap_vbprintf(BUFF *fb, const char *fmt, va_list vlist);
  +extern const char *         ap_get_server_built(void);
  +extern const char *         ap_get_server_version(void);
  +extern void                 ap_log_error(const char *file, int line, int level, const server_rec
*s, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,5,6)));
  +extern void                 ap_log_error_old(const char *err, server_rec *s);
  +extern char *               ap_escape_path(pool *p, const char *path, int partial);
  +#endif /* APAPI_H */
  1.3       +30 -12    apache-1.3/src/test/rename/
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-1.3/src/test/rename/,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  ---	1998/04/06 08:04:23	1.2
  +++	1998/04/06 10:49:49	1.3
  @@ -14,11 +14,31 @@
       my ($func) = @_;
       $rc = join('', `lid -f $id --key=token --result=grep $func`);
  -    if (($r, $f) = ($rc =~ m|\.c:\d+:\s*API_EXPORT\((.+?)\)(.+?\))|s)) {
  -        $pt = "$r$f";
  -        $pt =~ s|\n.+?:\d+:||sg;
  -        return "extern $1$2;";
  -    }
  +    if (   $rc =~ m|^(.+?\.h):\d+:\s*API_EXPORT(?:_NONSTD)?\(.+?\)\s*$func\s*\(|m
  +        or $rc =~ m|^(.+?\.h):\d+:\s*(?:extern\s*)?API_VAR_EXPORT\s*.+?$func.+?;|m) {
  +		$file = $1;
  +		open(FP, "<$file") || die;
  +		$contents = join('', <FP>);
  +		close(FP);
  +        if (($r, $f) = ($contents =~ m|\n\s*API_EXPORT(?:_NONSTD)?\(([^)]+)\)\s+($func\s*\(.+?\);)|s))
  +            $r =~ s|\s*\n\s*| |sg;
  +            $r =~ s|\s+| |sg;
  +			$r =~ s|extern\s+||g;
  +            $f =~ s|\s*\n\s*| |sg;
  +            $f =~ s|\s+| |sg;
  +            $pt = sprintf("%-20s %s", $r, $f);
  +            return $pt;
  +        }
  +        if (($r, $f) = ($contents =~ m|\n\s*(?:extern\s*)?API_VAR_EXPORT\s*([^;]*?)($func[^;]*;)|s))
  +            $r =~ s|\s*\n\s*| |sg;
  +            $r =~ s|\s+| |sg;
  +			$r =~ s|extern\s+||g;
  +            $f =~ s|\s*\n\s*| |sg;
  +            $f =~ s|\s+| |sg;
  +            $pt = sprintf("%-20s %s", $r, $f);
  +            return $pt;
  +        }
  +	}
       return '';
  @@ -26,9 +46,10 @@
   open(HDR, ">$header") || die;
   print HDR <<'EOT';
  -**  apapi.h -- Apache API prototypes
  +**  apapi.h -- Apache 1.3 API prototypes
   #ifndef APAPI_H
  @@ -41,16 +62,13 @@
       if (($s1, $old, $s2, $new, $s3) = ($l =~ m|^(\s*)(\S+)(\s+)(\S+)(\s*)$|)) {
           if ($new =~ m|^API_|) {
               $new =~ s|^API_|ap_|;
  +			$pt = &func_prototype($new);
               if ($pt eq '') {
                   print STDERR "Sorry, prototype for `$new' cannot be determined automatically\n";
                   print HDR "/* prototype for `$new' cannot be automatically determined */\n";
  -            elsif ($pt eq 'extern ;') {
  -                print STDERR "Sorry, prototype for `$new' cannot be determined automatically\n";
  -                print HDR "/* prototype for `$new' cannot be automatically determined */\n";
  -            }
               else {
  -                print HDR "$pt\n";
  +                print HDR "extern $pt\n";
  1.3       +4 -2      apache-1.3/src/test/rename/
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-1.3/src/test/rename/,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  ---	1998/04/06 08:04:24	1.2
  +++	1998/04/06 10:49:49	1.3
  @@ -175,7 +175,7 @@
   core_reorder_directories       APX_core_reorder_directories
   count_dirs                     API_count_dirs
   create_environment             API_create_environment
  -create_per_dir_config          API_create_per_dir_config
  +create_per_dir_config          APX_create_per_dir_config
   create_request_config          APX_create_request_config
   default_port_for_request       API_default_port_for_request
   default_port_for_scheme        API_default_port_for_scheme
  @@ -448,5 +448,7 @@
   aplog_error                    API_log_error
   log_error                      API_log_error_old
   os_escape_path                 API_escape_path
  -os_is_path_absolute            API_is_path_absolute
  +#   specials: needs tag in source to become API_!
  +os_is_path_absolute            APX_is_path_absolute

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