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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject cvs commit: apache-devsite how-to-release.html
Date Mon, 09 Feb 1998 09:27:30 GMT
rse         98/02/09 01:27:30

  Modified:    .        how-to-release.html
  - a few cosmetics: made the windows part equal to the unix
    part, added a document article-style header, added
    paragraph tags to make the look consistent again
  - added command to remove src/INDENT because we already
    remove STATUS and src/INDENT is of the same type so
    both should be removed
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.23      +70 -25    apache-devsite/how-to-release.html
  Index: how-to-release.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-devsite/how-to-release.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.22
  retrieving revision 1.23
  diff -u -r1.22 -r1.23
  --- how-to-release.html	1998/02/08 15:23:36	1.22
  +++ how-to-release.html	1998/02/09 09:27:29	1.23
  @@ -14,12 +14,35 @@
   <!--#include virtual="header.html" -->
  -<h1>Announcing a New Release</h1>
  +<div align=center>
  +<H1>How to build a release of Apache</H1>
  +Alexei Kosut &lt;;<br>
  +Ralf S. Engelschall &lt;;<br>
  +Jim Jagielski &lt;;
  +This document describes the typical release cycle the release manager has to
  +step through when creating a new Apache release.  It is written down as a
  +step-by-step instruction list and should be followed exactly as specified to
  +avoid problems or inconsistencies both in the created tarballs and the source
  +<h2>Announcing a New Release</h2>
   <p>Once a release is built (<A HREF="#tarball">see below</A>),
   it is time to announce it to the world. Ideally, the Announcement
  -should be composed before the Release is actually built.
  +should be composed <strong>before</strong> the Release is actually built. So
  +we describe these steps at the beginning.
  @@ -31,15 +54,21 @@
         to reflect the current state of affairs concerning the
         release. For example, the Release Version should reflect
         what is actually being announced. Also, the key enhancements
  -      of the Release should be noted.
  -  <li><code>commit</code> the changes.
  +      of the Release should be noted.<br>
  +     <code><b>$ cvs checkout apache-1.3</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ cd apache-1.3</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ vi Announcement</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ cvs commit Announcement</b></code>
  +  <p> 
  -  <b>[ Posting the Announcement ]</b><br>
  +  <b>[ Building the source release ]</b><br>
     <li>First, build the source release (<A HREF="#tarball">see below</A>)
         if not already done.
  +  <p> 
  +  <hr>
  +  <b>[ Posting the Announcement ]</b><br>
  +  <p>
     <li>Once built, <code>Announcement</code> should be
         posted to the following places:
  @@ -59,14 +88,15 @@
  +  <p>
     <li>Bask in the glow
  +<h2><A NAME="tarball">How to build an Apache Unix release</A></h2>
  -<H1><A NAME="tarball">How to build a release of Apache</A></H1>
   <P><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> The below assumes that you are
   using <code>ssh</code> to login to your <code></code>
   account. If you are "rolling the tarball" remotely, the differences
  @@ -80,6 +110,8 @@
   <LI> cd into the <code>apache-1.3</code> CVS tree.<br>
        <code><b>$ cd apache-1.3</b></code>
   <b>[ Only for final releases, not for internal pre-releases ]</b><br>
   <LI> Change <code>SERVER_VERSION</code> in <tt>src/main/httpd.h</tt>
  @@ -99,7 +131,6 @@
   <b>[ For all releases ]</b><br>
   <LI> Make an export version of the distribution:<br>
        <code><b>$ cd ..</b></code><br>
        <code><b>$ umask 022</b></code><br>
  @@ -118,8 +149,9 @@
   <LI> Create <code>src/Configuration</code> file:<br>
        <code><b>$ cp src/Configuration.tmpl src/Configuration</b></code>
  -<LI> Remove <code>STATUS</code> and <code>RULES.CVS</code>
file and various <code>.cvsignore</code> files:<br>
  -     <code><b>$ rm STATUS RULES.CVS</b></code><br>
  +<LI> Remove <code>STATUS</code>, <code>RULES.CVS</code> and
  +     <code>src/INDENT</code>file and various <code>.cvsignore</code>
  +     <code><b>$ rm STATUS RULES.CVS src/INDENT</b></code><br>
        <code><b>$ find . -name ".cvsignore" -exec rm {} \;</b></code>
        <LI><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> If you needed to do a
  @@ -154,9 +186,12 @@
        <code><b>$ rm -rf apache_1.X.Y</b></code>
   <LI> Sign the distribution files:<br>
  -     (<em>note: be sure your PGP key is already in the <code>KEYS</code>
        <code><b>$ pgp -sba apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz</b></code><br>
        <code><b>$ pgp -sba apache_1.X.Y.tar.Z</b></code><br>
  +     <UL>
  +	 <LI><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> Be sure your PGP key is already
in the
  +	 <code>KEYS</code> file</em>!)<br>
  +	 </UL>
   <LI> Make the tarball available for testing purposes:<br>
        <code><b>$ cp apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz /pub/httpd/dist</b></code><br>
  @@ -169,9 +204,15 @@
        in <code></code> in the <code>/pub/httpd/dist</code>
  -     <P>
  -     <em><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> Do not continue with the rest
  -     these instructions until the group approves the tarball !</em>
  +<b>[ Final release steps <u>after</u> the group has approved the tarball
  +<em><FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> Do not continue with the rest of
  +these instructions until the group really approves the tarball !</em>
   <LI> Make the distribution available:<br>
        <code><b>$ cp apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz /pub/apache/dist</b></code><br>
  @@ -198,6 +239,7 @@
   <LI> Edit the Apache <code>index.html</code> from <code>apache-site</code>
        CVS tree as required:<br>
  +     <code><b>$ vi index.html</b></code><br>
        <code><b>$ cvs commit index.html</b></code><br>
  @@ -215,17 +257,13 @@
   <h2>How to build an Apache Windows release</h2>
  -<strong>Note:</strong> These instructions are temporary, until we have a
  +<FONT COLOR="red">Note:</FONT> These instructions are temporary, until we have
   working installation of InstallShield, which will eventually be used to
   distribute Apache for Windows. At that time, these instructions will be
  @@ -238,20 +276,24 @@
         linebreaks will be correct (alternately, export the repository with
         Unix, and convert all text files - all text files - from \n to
  +  <p>
     <li>Create a zipfile, using your favorite zip program, containing the
         <code>apache_1.X.Y</code> directory. Name this zipfile
  -      <hr>
  +  <p>
  +  <hr>
     <b>[ Building a binary release ]</b><br>
     <li>First, build the source release (see above).
  +  <p>
     <li>Compile and "install" a release version of Apache:<br>
         <code><b>&gt; nmake /f Makefile.nt _apacher</b></code><br>
         <code><b>&gt; nmake /f Makefile.nt installr</b></code>
  +  <p>
     <li>Rename the directory<br>
         <code><b>&gt; move \Apache \Apache_1.X.Y</b></code>
  +  <p>
     <li>Move the configuration files into the correct place<br>
         <code><b>&gt; copy conf\access.conf-dist-win
  @@ -263,12 +305,16 @@
         <code><b>&gt; copy conf\magic
  +  <p>
     <li>Move the HTML documents into place<br>
         <code><b>&gt; copy htdocs \Apache_1.X.Y\htdocs</b></code>
  +  <p>
     <li>Copy the readme file<br>
         <code><b>&gt; copy README.NT \Apache_1.X.Y\readme.txt</b></code>
  +  <p>
     <li>Install the Visual C++ runtime DLLs, wherever it is they need to
         go (???)
  +  <p>
     <li>Create a zipfile of <code>\Apache_1.X.Y</code> named
  @@ -276,6 +322,5 @@
   <!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->
  -Written by Alexei Kosut and Ralf S. Engelschall and Jim Jagielski

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