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Subject cvs commit: apache-site/info apache_users.html
Date Mon, 26 Jan 1998 06:56:19 GMT
brian       98/01/25 22:56:19

  Modified:    info     apache_users.html
  Removed a whole slew of hosts which just don't exist no more.  Link rot?  Never!
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.6       +4 -80     apache-site/info/apache_users.html
  Index: apache_users.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-site/info/apache_users.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.5
  retrieving revision 1.6
  diff -u -r1.5 -r1.6
  --- apache_users.html	1997/08/03 16:12:00	1.5
  +++ apache_users.html	1998/01/26 06:56:18	1.6
  @@ -104,9 +104,6 @@
   <A NAME="chook"></A>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Calcom Communications</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Commercial low cost web services. Web page design and web servers.</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">University of California San
Francisco Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics</A></DT>
     <DD>Maintainers of the World Wide Web Virtual Library: Epidemiology Page</DD>
  @@ -125,9 +122,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">CetLink.Net</A></DT>
     <DD>South Carolina ISP and advanced networking services company.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Chaos Computing </A></DT>
  -  <DD> Linux Products & Services </DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Cistron Internet Services</A></DT>
     <DD>An independent Dutch Internet provider.</DD>
  @@ -155,9 +149,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Computers For Christ</A></DT>
     <DD>Christian Computer Ministry</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Craftwork Solutions, Inc.</A></DT>
  -  <DD>System & S/W Solution Provider</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Creative Software Technologies</A></DT>
     <DD>Videoconferencing and multimedia applications</DD>
  @@ -167,12 +158,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Cyberspace Online Information Services</A></DT>
     <DD>ISP - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Cyberspace Asia (Thailand Ltd.</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Commercial Website development  :-)</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">CyCity</A></DT>
  -  <DD>The business link for Cyprus and the Middle East</DD>
   <A NAME="dhook"></A>
  @@ -182,9 +167,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">dataway</A></DT>
     <DD>An Internet Service and WWW Provider in Winterthur, Switzerland.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Dave's World</A></DT>
  - <DD>Internet Service Provider in Central Illinois</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">David Bowie Outside</A></DT>
     <DD>Tour info, sound samples, concepts and other happenings<DD>
  @@ -265,9 +247,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">GetNet International</A></DT>
     <DD>Internet Service/Network/Presence Provider, Phoenix, AZ</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">GiftLink</A></DT>
  -  <DD>The Modern Gift Registry For All Occasions...</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Gospel Communications Network</A></DT>
     <DD>Online Christian Resources</DD>
  @@ -277,9 +256,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Greyhawkes Cyberservices</A></DT>
     <DD> Web Services, Consulting & Training</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">GS-Link Systems</A></DT>
  -  <DD> Orlando Provider Specializing In Security  :-)</DD>
   <A NAME="hhook"></A>
  @@ -307,10 +283,7 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">HotWired</A></DT>
    <DD>No description necessary.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">The Hundred Acre Wood</A></DT>
  -  <DD>a small, safe patch of trees in the midst of that huge forest, the net</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Hyperreal</A></DT>
  +<DT><A HREF="">Hyperreal</A></DT>
    <DD>The Techno/Ambient/Alternative Culture Archives</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Hypersurf Internet Services</A></DT>
  @@ -328,18 +301,12 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Indra's Net, Inc </A></DT>
     <DD>An Internet access and Web presence provider based in Boulder,Colorado</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Information Cascade Ltd</A></DT>
  -  <DD> Space Station Raven - Linux  :-)</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">InfoStreet, Inc.</A></DT>
     <DD>Commercial Web Weaving and Web Hosting Provider specializing in turn key solutions</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">InfinityWeb Communications</A></DT>
       <DD>Design and/or Hosting with offices in Honolulu, Tampa, and Tucson.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">INRIA SOR project</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Distributed Object Systems research group</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Instant Web Sites</A></DT>
     <DD>Fill in a simple form and instantly get your own Web site.</DD>
  @@ -352,9 +319,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">InterActions</A></DT>
       <DD>Internet Service Provider, Mount Pearl, NF, Canada</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">GDW.COM, Inc.</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Internet Access Services for NH, MA, VT, and ME</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Internet Connect Services, Inc.</A></DT>
     <DD>ICSI's Primary WWW Server - Running 40+ Virtual Domains</DD>
  @@ -391,9 +355,6 @@
   <A NAME="khook"></A>
  -<DT><A HREF="">KatSoft Information Services</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Serving Prince William County, Va and the world</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Kemmunet Ltd</A></DT>
     <DD>Kemmunet is an Internet Service Provider in the island.</DD>
  @@ -415,18 +376,12 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Little Blue Productions</A></DT>
     <DD>Web space provider in Kansas City, powered by Apache on Silcon Graphics.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">LiveNet, Inc.</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Southeastern VA ISP. Webhosting, dedicated and Dialup Access</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">XXX e-print archives at Los Alamos National Lab</A></DT>
  +<DT><A HREF="">XXX e-print archives at Los Alamos National
     <DD>Repository for electronic publishing in the fields of physics, math and more.</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">The University of Louisville</A></DT>
     <DD>Univ. of Lou.  Louisville, KY.  Main WWW server.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">The University of Louisville
WWW Testing Ground</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Univ. of Lou.  Louisville, KY.  Test WWW server for faculty and staff.</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Lund Institute of Technology</A></DT>
     <DD>The technical faculty at Lund University in the south of Sweden</DD>
  @@ -442,9 +397,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="http://WWW.Zmall.Com/">Mall of Cyberspace</A></DT>
     <DD>Your Storefront on the Information Superhighway</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">McGill University RCSM</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Research Computing Systems Management, Dept of EE, McGill University, Montr&eacute;al,
   <DT><A HREF="">Mediabridge Infosystems</A></DT>
     <DD>Custom Web and other Internet servers</DD>
  @@ -489,9 +441,6 @@
   <dt><a href="">Next Online</a></DT>
     <dd>Internet Presence Provider, Sydney, Australia</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">No Limit Information Services - Alaska</A></DT>
  -  <DD>The First Apache in the Last Frontier</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">North Sea, Ltd.</A></DT>
     <DD>Internet-Based Health Care Analyis and Provider Management Systems.</DD>
  @@ -523,9 +472,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">OpenCAD International, Inc.</A></DT>
      <DD>Web Prescence Providers in Santa Monica, California</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">OKRA: net.citizen directory Service</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Email database</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Organic Online</A></DT>
    <DD>Web Site Developers/Networked Hypermedia Designers</DD>
  @@ -583,21 +529,15 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Research Centre "Module"</A></DT>
     <DD>Internet Service Provider in Moscow, Russia. Apache Project HTTP-mirror.</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Rising Sun Pictures</A></DT>
  +<DT><A HREF="">Rising Sun Pictures</A></DT>
     <DD>3D Animation and Visual Effects for Film and Television</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">The Rob&eacute
     <DD>The on-line database containing more than 110,000 companies in The Netherlands</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">University of Rochester Computing
Center Student Consulting Office</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Where old hardware goes to die.</DD>
   <A NAME="shook"></A>
  -<DT><A HREF="">SAATEL Sistemi - Firenze</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Internet Service Provider in Florence, Italy</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">SAPO - Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses</A></DT>
     <DD>Exhaustive list of Pointers to Portuguese Servers</DD>
  @@ -619,11 +559,8 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">Sonoma.Net</A></DT>
     <DD>An ISP hosting a growing list of different Websites...</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Spyder Web Services</A></DT>
  -  <DD>The Center Of Coolness. Autobank. Gross Site. Balance Of Power.</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Stanford Telecommunications Inc.,</A></DT>
  -<DD>Bringing you the world of communications through wireless and Web services.</DD>
  +  <DD>Bringing you the world of communications through wireless and Web services.</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Stardot Consulting</A></DT>
     <DD>Political resources and consulting on the Web</DD>
  @@ -692,9 +629,6 @@
   <A NAME="uhook"></A>
  -<DT><A HREF="">Universal Access Inc.</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Internet Software and Games Development</DD>
   <DT><A HREF="">Universal Algorithms, Inc.</A></DT>
     <DD>CollegeNET, Precision Guides, Schedule25, Equinet</DD>
  @@ -719,10 +653,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">VRx Network Services INC.</A></DT>
     <DD>Internet Solutions Provider in Toronto, CANADA</DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">V&auml;xj&ouml; Student Union</A></DT>
  -  <DD>The Student Union's web at the University of V&auml;xj&ouml;, Sweden.</DD>
   <A NAME="whook"></A>
  @@ -744,9 +674,6 @@
   <DT><A HREF="">World Wide Network Services</A><DT>
     <DD>An Internet Presence Provider.  "Creating Your Image For The World" </DD>
  -<DT><A HREF="">WSTech, Inc.</A></DT>
  -  <DD>Specializing in cost-effective Web solutions.</DD>
   <A NAME="xhook"></A>
   <DT><A HREF="">Xensei</A></DT>
  @@ -756,9 +683,6 @@
   <A NAME="zhook"></A>
  -<dt><a href="">The Zocalo</a></dt>
  -  <dd>Your Virtual Watering Hole: A collection of personal web pages</dd>
   <DT><A HREF="">Zycad</A></DT>
     <DD>Suppliers of EDA acceleration products</DD>

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