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Subject cvs commit: apache-site/dist .htaccess
Date Wed, 17 Dec 1997 03:04:47 GMT
marc        97/12/16 19:04:47

  Added:       dist     .htaccess
  Add a htaccess file with some descriptions of the files; may as
  well use the space...
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apache-site/dist/.htaccess
  Index: .htaccess
  AddDescription "1.3b3 NT binary" apache_1.3b3_win32.exe
  AddDescription "1.3b3 NT docs & icons" apache_1.3b3_win32_ext.exe
  AddDescription "1.3b3 gzipped source" apache_1.3b3.tar.gz
  AddDescription "1.2.4 compressed source" apache_1.2.4.tar.Z
  AddDescription "1.2.4 gzipped source" apache_1.2.4.tar.gz
  AddDescription "List of changes in 1.3" /export/pub/apache/dist/CHANGES
  AddDescription "List of changes in 1.2" /export/pub/apache/dist/CHANGES_1.2
  AddDescription "Developer PGP keys" /export/pub/apache/dist/KEYS
  AddDescription "PGP signature" *.asc
  AddDescription "Binary distributions" /export/pub/apache/dist/binaries
  AddDescription "Contributed software" /export/pub/apache/dist/contrib
  AddDescription "Old source & binaries" /export/pub/apache/dist/old
  AddDescription "Official patches" /export/pub/apache/dist/patches
  IndexIgnore CVS

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