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Subject cvs commit: apachen/htdocs/manual new_features_1_3.html
Date Mon, 20 Oct 1997 16:27:48 GMT
coar        97/10/20 09:27:48

  Modified:    htdocs/manual new_features_1_3.html
  	Add the LogFormat nickname stuff to the "new for 1.3" document,
  	fix some typos, and normalise some syntax.  Plus imposing my
  	personal view of HTML style in some places so Marc, Alexei,
  	and Jim can gritch at me. <g>
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.28      +68 -41    apachen/htdocs/manual/new_features_1_3.html
  Index: new_features_1_3.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apachen/htdocs/manual/new_features_1_3.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.27
  retrieving revision 1.28
  diff -u -r1.27 -r1.28
  --- new_features_1_3.html	1997/10/15 00:24:01	1.27
  +++ new_features_1_3.html	1997/10/20 16:27:47	1.28
  @@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
     mistyped characters. This catches the majority of mistyped requests.
     To make use of this module, it must be enabled in the server's
     <CODE>Configuration</CODE> file, and the
  -  <CODE><A HREF="mod/mod_speling.html#checkspelling">CheckSpelling</A></CODE>
  +  <A HREF="mod/mod_speling.html#checkspelling"><SAMP>CheckSpelling</SAMP></A>
     directive must be set to <CODE>on</CODE>.
  @@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
    If a directory listing is displayed using
  - >FancyIndexing</A>,
  + ><SAMP>FancyIndexing</SAMP></A>,
    clicking on a column title will now sort the listing in
    order by the values in that column.  Selecting the column
    repeatedly will toggle between ascending and descending order.
  @@ -112,12 +112,12 @@
    If a directory is marked for display with FancyIndexing, the listing
    page usually follows a predefined format using server-generated HTML.
  - <STRONG>If</STRONG> the IndexOptions directive for the directory
  + <STRONG>If</STRONG> the <SAMP>IndexOptions</SAMP> directive for
the directory
    includes the <SAMP>SuppressHTMLPreamble</SAMP> option,
    <STRONG>and</STRONG> a file specified by the
  - >HeaderName</A>
  + ><SAMP>HeaderName</SAMP></A>
    directive is found in the directory, <STRONG>and</STRONG> the header
    file is recognized as containing HTML (determined by the file
    extension), <STRONG>then</STRONG> the module will assume that the
  @@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
    the script.  This allows CGI script to provide partial status reports
    during long processing operations.
  -<li><b><a href="windows.html">Support for Windows NT/95</a></b><br>
  +<li><STRONG><a href="windows.html">Support for Windows NT/95</a></STRONG><br>
   Apache now supports the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems,
   as well as the Unix systems supported in previos releases. Although the
   Windows version of Apache may not be perform as well as on the Unix
  @@ -142,19 +142,19 @@
   Windows gives Apache the ability to run on a large number of web
   servers it was not previously able to.
  -<li><b><a href="mod/mod_alias.html">Regular Expression support for Alias
  -and Redirect</a></b>
  +<li><STRONG><a href="mod/mod_alias.html">Regular Expression support for
  +<SAMP>Alias</SAMP> and <SAMP>Redirect</SAMP></a></STRONG>
  -New <code><a href="mod/mod_alias.html#aliasmatch">AliasMatch</a></code>,
  +New <a href="mod/mod_alias.html#aliasmatch"><SAMP>AliasMatch</SAMP></a>,
  +<a href="mod/mod_alias.html#scriptaliasmatch"
  +><SAMP>ScriptAliasMatch</SAMP></a>, and
  +<a href="mod/mod_alias.html#redirectmatch"><SAMP>RedirectMatch</SAMP></a>
   directives allow for the use of regular expression matching.
   Additionally, new
  -<code><a href="mod/core.html#directorymatch">&lt;DirectoryMatch&gt;</a></code>,
  -<code><a href="mod/core.html#locationmatch">&lt;LocationMatch&gt;</a></code>,
  -and <code><a href="mod/core.html#filesmatch">&lt;FilesMatch&gt;</a></code>
  +<a href="mod/core.html#directorymatch"><SAMP>&lt;DirectoryMatch&gt;</SAMP></a>,
  +<a href="mod/core.html#locationmatch"><SAMP>&lt;LocationMatch&gt;</SAMP></a>,
  +<a href="mod/core.html#filesmatch"><SAMP>&lt;FilesMatch&gt;</SAMP></a>
   sections provide a new syntax for regular expression sectioning.
   <li><strong><a href="mod/mod_mime_magic.html">New "Magic" MIME-typing
  @@ -191,27 +191,30 @@
     pre-sized <SAMP>IMG</SAMP> tags are used.  This can substantially
     speed up the display of large directory listings.
  -<li><strong><a href="mod/core.html#accessfilename">AccessFileName
  +<li><strong><a href="mod/core.html#accessfilename"><SAMP>AccessFileName</SAMP>
  -The &lt;AccessFileName&gt; directive can now take more than one
  +The <SAMP>AccessFileName</SAMP> directive can now take more than one
   filename. This lets sites serving pages from network file systems and
   more than one Apache web server, configure access based on the server
   through which shared pages are being served.
  -<li><strong>HostNameLookups now defaults to "Off"</strong><br>
  -    The <a href="mod/core.html#hostnamelookups">HostNameLookups</a>
  +<li><strong><SAMP>HostNameLookups</SAMP> now defaults to "Off"</strong><br>
  +    The <a
  +    href="mod/core.html#hostnamelookups"><SAMP>HostNameLookups</SAMP></a>
       directive now defaults to "Off". This means that, unless explictly
       turned on, the server will not resolve IP addresses into names. This
  -    was done to spare the Internet from unneccessary DNS traffic.
  +    was done to spare the Internet from unnecessary DNS traffic.
   <li><strong>Double-Reverse DNS enforced</strong><br>
  -    The <a href="mod/core.html#hostnamelookups">HostnameLookups</a> directive
  -    now supports double-reverse DNS.  (Known as <i>PARANOID</i> in the
  +    The
  +    <a href="mod/core.html#hostnamelookups"><SAMP>HostnameLookups</SAMP></a>
  +    directive  
  +    now supports double-reverse DNS.  (Known as <EM>PARANOID</EM> in the
       terminology of tcp_wrappers.)  An IP address passes a double-reverse
       DNS test if the forward map of the reverse map includes the original
       IP.  Regardless of the HostnameLookups setting,
       <a href="mod/mod_access.html">mod_access</a> access lists using DNS
  -    names <b>require</b> all names to pass a double-reverse DNS test.
  +    names <STRONG>require</STRONG> all names to pass a double-reverse DNS test.
       (Prior versions of Apache required a compile-time switch to enable
       double-reverse DNS.)
  @@ -220,11 +223,12 @@
       CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) style prefixes, and netmasks for
       greater control over IP access lists.
  -<li><strong><a href="mod/mod_proxy.html#noproxy">NoProxy</a></strong>
  -and <strong><a href="mod/mod_proxy.html#proxydomain">ProxyDomain</a>
  -</strong> directives added to proxy, useful for intranets.
  +<li><strong><a href="mod/mod_proxy.html#noproxy"><SAMP>NoProxy</SAMP></a>
  +and <a href="mod/mod_proxy.html#proxydomain"><SAMP>ProxyDomain</SAMP></a>
  +directives added to proxy, useful for intranets.</STRONG>
  -<li><strong><a href="mod/mod_info.html#addmoduleinfo">AddModuleInfo</a>
  +<li><strong><a href="mod/mod_info.html#addmoduleinfo"
   directive added to <a href="mod/mod_info.html">mod_info</a></strong><br>
   Allows additional information to be listed along with a specified module.
  @@ -237,10 +241,11 @@
       <li>The critical path for static requests has fewer system calls.  This
   	generally helps all requests.  (45 syscalls for a static request
   	in 1.2 versus 22 in 1.3 in a well tuned configuration).
  -    <li><a href="mod/mod_proxy.html#ReceiveBufferSize">ReceiveBufferSize</a>
  -	directive gives mod_proxy's outgoing connections larger network
  -	buffers, for increased throughput.
  -    <li>The low level i/o routines use <code>writev</code> (where available)
  +    <li><a href="mod/mod_proxy.html#receivebuffersize"
  +        ><SAMP>ReceiveBufferSize</SAMP></a>
  +	directive gives <CODE>mod_proxy</CODE>'s outgoing connections
  +	larger network buffers, for increased throughput.
  +    <li>The low level I/O routines use <code>writev</code> (where available)
   	to issue multiple writes with a single system call.  They also avoid
   	copying memory into buffers as much as possible.  The result is
   	less CPU time spent on transferring large files.
  @@ -291,15 +296,36 @@
       Auth filenames for the various authentication modules are now treated
       as relative to the ServerRoot if they are not full paths.
  -<li><strong>Include directive</strong><br>
  -    The Include directive includes other config files immediately at that
  +<li><strong><SAMP>Include</SAMP> directive</strong><br>
  +    The
  +    <A
  +     HREF="mod/core.html#include"
  +    ><SAMP>Include</SAMP></A>
  +    directive includes other config files immediately at that
       point in parsing.
  -<li><strong>No TransferLog disables logging</strong><br>
  -    If no <a href="mod/mod_log_config.html#TransferLog">TransferLog</a>
  +<li><strong>Absence of any <SAMP>TransferLog</SAMP> disables logging</strong>
  +    <br>
  +    If no <a href="mod/mod_log_config.html#transferlog"
  +    ><SAMP>TransferLog</SAMP></a>
       directive is given then no log is written.  This supports co-existence
       with other logging modules.
  +<LI><STRONG>Ability to name logging formats</STRONG>
  + <BR>
  + The
  + <A
  +  HREF="mod/mod_log_config.html#logformat"
  + ><SAMP>LogFormat</SAMP></A>
  + directive has been enhanced to allow you to give nicknames to
  + specific logging formats.  You can then use these nicknames in other
  + <SAMP>LogFormat</SAMP>
  + and
  + <A
  +  HREF="mod/mod_log_config.html#customlog"
  + ><SAMP>CustomLog</SAMP></A>
  + directives, rather than having to spell out the complete log format
  + string each time.
   <li><strong>mod_cern_meta configurable per-directory</strong><br>
       <a href="mod/mod_cern_meta.html">mod_cern_meta</a> is now configurable
       on a per-directory basis.
  @@ -311,8 +337,9 @@
       it easier to start Apache via rsh or crontab.
   <li><strong>Improved HTTP/1.1-style Virtual Hosts</strong><br>
  -    The new (undocumented) <a href="mod/core.html#namevirtualhost"><code>
  -    NameVirtualHost</code></a> directive is used to list ip address:port
  +    The new (undocumented)
  +    <a href="mod/core.html#namevirtualhost"><SAMP>NameVirtualHost</SAMP></a>
  +    directive is used to list IP address:port 
       pairs on which HTTP/1.1-style virtual hosting occurs.  This is
       vhosting based on the <code>Host:</code> header from the client.
       Previously this address was implicitly the same as the "main address"
  @@ -348,7 +375,7 @@
       See <code>http_log.h</code>.  This API provides the common code for
       implementing piped logs.  In particular it implements a reliable piped
  -    log on architectures supporting it (i.e. Unix at the moment).
  +    log on architectures supporting it (<EM>i.e.</EM>, Unix at the moment).
       <li><strong>MD5 functions renamed <code>ap_*</code></strong><br>
       MD5 functions renamed to avoid conflicts with other libraries.
  @@ -388,8 +415,8 @@
       directory reading.
  -    Test if the request is the initial request (i.e. the one coming from
  -    the client).
  +    Test if the request is the initial request (<EM>i.e.</EM>, the one
  +    coming from the client).
       An option to <code>spawn_child</code> functions which prevents Apache

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