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Subject cvs commit: apache-site/dist README.html
Date Sun, 19 Oct 1997 18:56:33 GMT
marc        97/10/19 11:56:33

  Modified:    dist     README.html
  Cleanup readme, add CHANGES file for 1.3.  Remove special notes on old
  bugs; the README.html is getting too long and this isn't the place for them
  now that they are fixed in more recent releases.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +7 -18     apache-site/dist/README.html
  Index: README.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-site/dist/README.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- README.html	1997/10/18 13:33:14	1.1
  +++ README.html	1997/10/19 18:56:32	1.2
  @@ -16,17 +16,11 @@
   <P>The fourth release in the 1.2 series is now available.  Apache
   1.2.4 is a maintenance release with numerous small bug fixes.  
  -For details, see the <A HREF="CHANGES">CHANGES</A> file.
  +For details, see the <A HREF="CHANGES_1.2">v1.2 CHANGES</A> file.
   <P>For information about new features in 1.2, see the 
   <A HREF="../docs/">documentation</A>.
  -<H2><FONT COLOR="red">Important Note:</FONT> 1.2.3 and mod_proxy</H2>
  -<P>There is a bug in the mod_proxy distributed with 1.2.3 that causes
  -it to fail when talking to most servers.  A patch is available in
  -the <A HREF="patches/apply_to_1.2.3/">1.2.3 patch directory</A>.
   <H2>Apache 1.3b2 Now Available</H2>
  @@ -34,9 +28,11 @@
   Apache 1.3 includes several new enhancements, improvements and
   performance boosts, but the most visible addition is the ability to run
   under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and 95. At present it is available in source
  -format only, so a compiler is neccessary to use it (Microsoft Visual C++
  +format only, so a compiler is necessary to use it (Microsoft Visual C++
   5.0 for Windows). If you are using, or had previously tried the
   1.3a1 release, please upgrade to 1.3b2 at your earliest convenience.
  +A summary of the more important changes is available in the 
   <p><FONT COLOR="red">Important Note:</FONT> Apache 1.3b1 was never formally
   released. Thus, the first public beta release is b2. Since this is
  @@ -44,16 +40,9 @@
   Although it has been tested somewhat strenuously, your milage may vary.
   <P>For information about new features in 1.3, see the 
  -<A HREF="../docs/">documentation</A>.
  -<H2>IMPORTANT NOTE: 1.2.1 and Solaris</H2>
  -If you are running 1.2.1 on any version of Solaris 2.x before 2.6,
  -there is a bug in Solaris that causes Apache to fail when it trys
  -to restart after receiving a HUP signal.  For information on 
  -workarounds, please see <A HREF="">
  +<A HREF="../docs/">documentation</A>.  For information about some of
  +the known issues in 1.3b2, see the <A HREF="../docs/misc/known_bugs.html">
  +known bugs</A> page.
   <H2>Compilation note:</H2>

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