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Subject cvs commit: apache-site HEADER.html README.html
Date Sat, 18 Oct 1997 13:25:52 GMT
coar        97/10/18 06:25:52

  Added:       .        HEADER.html README.html
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apache-site/HEADER.html
  Index: HEADER.html
  <H2>Make sure you're downloading from <A HREF="">
  a nearby mirror site!</A></H2>
  If you're having trouble accessing these files, there's probably a
  closer mirror to you.<BR> 
  <A HREF="">Go here to find it.</A>
  1.1                  apache-site/README.html
  Index: README.html
  <TITLE>Apache HTTP Server Project Distribution</TITLE>
  <!-- Background white, links blue (unvisited), navy (visited), red (active) -->
  <H2>Apache 1.2.4 Released</H2>
  <P>The fourth release in the 1.2 series is now available.  Apache
  1.2.4 is a maintenance release with numerous small bug fixes.  
  For details, see the <A HREF="CHANGES">CHANGES</A> file.
  <P>For information about new features in 1.2, see the 
  <A HREF="../docs/">documentation</A>.
  <H2><FONT COLOR="red">Important Note:</FONT> 1.2.3 and mod_proxy</H2>
  <P>There is a bug in the mod_proxy distributed with 1.2.3 that causes
  it to fail when talking to most servers.  A patch is available in
  the <A HREF="patches/apply_to_1.2.3/">1.2.3 patch directory</A>.
  <H2>Apache 1.3b2 Now Available</H2>
  Apache 1.3b2 is the first public beta of the forthcoming Apache 1.3 Server.
  Apache 1.3 includes several new enhancements, improvements and
  performance boosts, but the most visible addition is the ability to run
  under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and 95. At present it is available in source
  format only, so a compiler is neccessary to use it (Microsoft Visual C++
  5.0 for Windows). If you are using, or had previously tried the
  1.3a1 release, please upgrade to 1.3b2 at your earliest convenience.
  <p><FONT COLOR="red">Important Note:</FONT> Apache 1.3b1 was never formally
  released. Thus, the first public beta release is b2. Since this is
  the first beta release, it undoubtedly has it's share of warts and bugs.
  Although it has been tested somewhat strenuously, your milage may vary.
  <P>For information about new features in 1.3, see the 
  <A HREF="../docs/">documentation</A>.
  <H2>IMPORTANT NOTE: 1.2.1 and Solaris</H2>
  If you are running 1.2.1 on any version of Solaris 2.x before 2.6,
  there is a bug in Solaris that causes Apache to fail when it trys
  to restart after receiving a HUP signal.  For information on 
  workarounds, please see <A HREF="">
  <H2>Compilation note:</H2>
  Apache 1.2 uses regular expressions for several modules, such as
  mod_rewrite.  Since system-level "regex" support isn't consistent
  across platforms, we have provided Henry Spencer's regex library as a
  part of the Apache distribution, but have taken pains to only use it
  if the platform requires it.  Since we don't have access to all
  operating systems out there, we may not have correctly defined the
  "WANTHSREGEX" #define for a given platform.  If you get a warning
  about a missing 'regex.h', set WANTHSREGEX=yes in the 'Configuration',
  and send a message to indicating you needed to
  do this for your platform.  Include the output of the command "uname
  -a".  Thanks!
  <H2>Binary Releases</H2>
  <P>Are available in the <A HREF="binaries/">binaries/</A> directory.
  <H2>PGP Signatures</H2>
  <P>Many of the distribution kits have been digitally signed (using PGP)
  by the Apache Group members that constructed them.  If so, there
  will be an accompanying <SAMP><EM>distribution</EM>.asc</SAMP> file
  in the same directory as the distribution.  The PGP keys can be found
  in the distribution directory at &lt;<A HREF=""
  ><SAMP></SAMP></A>&gt;, and in the
  <SAMP>KEYS</SAMP> file after unpacking the
  % pgp &lt; KEYS
  % gunzip apache_1.2.1.tar.gz 
  % pgp apache_1.2.1.tar.asc  apache_1.2.1.tar
  <H2>Contributory Patches/Modules/Code</H2>
  <P>Are available in the <A HREF="contrib/">contrib/</A> directory.
  <H2>Official Patches</H2>
  <P>When we have patches to a minor bug or two, or features which we
  haven't yet included in a new release, we will put them in the
  <a href="patches/">patches</a>
  subdirectory so people can get access to it before we roll another
  complete release.
  <P>Unofficial patches (things we are not yet sure about including)
  are in the <A HREF="contrib/patches/">contributed patches</a> directory.

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