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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject cvs commit: apachen/htdocs/manual/mod core.html
Date Sun, 24 Aug 1997 13:17:58 GMT
pcs         97/08/24 06:17:57

  Modified:    htdocs/manual/mod core.html
  Attempt to clarify relationship between VirtualHost and
  PR: 1046
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.73      +53 -6     apachen/htdocs/manual/mod/core.html
  Index: core.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apachen/htdocs/manual/mod/core.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.72
  retrieving revision 1.73
  diff -u -r1.72 -r1.73
  --- core.html	1997/08/23 03:10:53	1.72
  +++ core.html	1997/08/24 13:17:56	1.73
  @@ -245,9 +245,15 @@
   every IP address, otherwise it will only listen on the IP address
   specified. <p>
  -This option can be used as an alternative method for supporting
  -<A HREF="../virtual-host.html">virtual hosts</A> instead of using
  -<A HREF="#virtualhost">&lt;VirtualHost&gt;</A> sections.
  +Only one <code>BindAddress</code> directive can be used. For more
  +control over which address and ports Apache listens to, use the
  +<code><a href="#listen">Listen</a></code> directive instead of
  +<code>BindAddress</code> can be used as an alternative method for
  +supporting <A HREF="../virtual-host.html">virtual hosts</A> using
  +multiple independent servers, instead of using <code><A
  +HREF="#virtualhost">&lt;VirtualHost&gt;</A></code> sections.
   <p><strong>See Also:</strong>
   <a href="../dns-caveats.html">DNS Issues</a><br>
  @@ -783,8 +789,41 @@
   <p>The Listen directive instructs Apache to listen to more than one IP
   address or port; by default it responds to requests on all IP
  -interfaces, but only on the port given by the <a href="#port">Port</a>
  +interfaces, but only on the port given by the <code><a
  +href="#port">Port</a></code> directive.</p>
  +<tt>Listen</tt> can be used instead of <tt><a
  +href="bindaddress">BindAddress</a></tt> and <tt>Port</tt>. It
  +the server to accept incoming requests on the specified port or
  +address-and-port combination. If the first format is used, with a port
  +number only, the server listens to the given port on all interfaces,
  +instead of the port given by the <tt>Port</tt> directive. If an IP
  +address is given as well as a port, the server will listen on the
  +given port and interface.  <p>
  +Note that you may still require a <tt>Port</tt> directive so
  +that URLs that Apache generates that point to your server still
  +Multiple Listen directives may be used
  +to specify a number of addresses and ports to listen to. The server
  +will respond to requests from any of the listed addresses and
  +For example, to make the server accept connections on both port
  +80 and port 8000, use:
  +   Listen 80
  +   Listen 8000
  +To make the server accept connections on two specified
  +interfaces and port numbers, use
  +   Listen
  +   Listen
   <p><strong>See Also:</strong>
   <a href="../dns-caveats.html">DNS Issues</a><br>
  @@ -1626,6 +1665,12 @@
   the directory where logfiles are stored is writable by anyone other
   than the user that starts the server.
  +<p><strong>NOTE</strong>: The use of &lt;VirtualHost&gt; does
  +<strong>not</strong> affect what addresses Apache listens on. You may
  +need to ensure that Apache is listening on the correct addresses using
  +either <a href="#bindaddress">BindAddress</a> or <a
   <p><strong>See also:</strong>
   <A HREF="../dns-caveats.html">Warnings about DNS and Apache</a><br>
   <strong>See also:</strong>
  @@ -1634,7 +1679,9 @@
   <strong>See also:</strong>
   <a href="../host.html">Non-IP address-based Virtual Hosts</a><br>
   <strong>See also:</strong>
  -<a href="../vhosts-in-depth.html">In-depth description of Virtual Host matching</a>
  +<a href="../vhosts-in-depth.html">In-depth description of Virtual Host matching</a><br>
  +<strong>See also:</strong>
  +<a href="../bind.html">Setting which addresses and ports Apache uses</a>
   <!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->

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