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From Roy Fielding <>
Subject cvs commit: apache-devsite how-to-release.html
Date Thu, 21 Aug 1997 01:09:43 GMT
fielding    97/08/20 18:09:42

  Modified:    .        how-to-release.html
  Remove suggestion to produce a sorted tar file -- there is nothing
  professional about it, and it is always less reliable than using the
  filesystem directly.  Use the -exec feature of find instead of an
  unreliable pipe.  Use filesystem-based gzip and compress because they
  are always more reliable than stdin/stdout processing.  There is nothing
  wrong with gzip -9 (if you have encountered problems in the past, they
  were due to the stdin processing and not gzip/gunzip).  Test the resulting
  tar.gz file, because shit happens.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +17 -21    apache-devsite/how-to-release.html
  Index: how-to-release.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache-devsite/how-to-release.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- how-to-release.html	1997/08/19 06:52:16	1.10
  +++ how-to-release.html	1997/08/21 01:09:41	1.11
  @@ -13,19 +13,16 @@
   <!--#include virtual="header.html" -->
   <H1>How to build a release of Apache</H1>
  -Written by Ralf S. Engelschall <a href="">&lt;</a>,<br>
  -based on original work by Alexei Kosut <a href="">&lt;</a>,<br>
  +<P>First, use ssh to login to your account and cd to a scratch
   <b>[ Only for final releases, not for internal pre-releases ]</b><br>
  -<LI> First change <code>SERVER_VERSION</code> in <tt>src/httpd.h</tt>
  +<LI> Change <code>SERVER_VERSION</code> in <tt>src/httpd.h</tt>
   	 from ``<code>Apache/1.X.Y-dev</code>'' to
   	 ``<code>Apache/1.X.Y</code>''. Then also change
   	 <code>APACHE_RELEASE</code> in same file from
  @@ -49,12 +46,11 @@
        <code><b>$ cd apache_1.X.Y</b></code>
   <LI> Create <code>src/Configuration</code> file:<br>
  -     (<i>note: please no <code><b>-p</b></code> option here
to avoid Make problems</i>)<br>
        <code><b>$ cp src/Configuration.tmpl src/Configuration</b></code>
   <LI> Remove <code>RULES.CVS</code> file and various <code>.cvsignore</code>
        <code><b>$ rm RULES.CVS</b></code><br>
  -     <code><b>$ find . -name ".cvsignore" -print | xargs rm</b></code>
  +     <code><b>$ find . -name ".cvsignore" -exec rm {} \;</b></code>
   <LI> Add an empty <code>logs/</code> directory:<br>
        <code><b>$ mkdir logs</b></code>
  @@ -65,22 +61,20 @@
        <code><b>$ rm ./</b></code><br>
        <code><b>$ cd ../../..</b></code>
  -<LI> Roll the distribution tarball. Here you have two possible options:<br>
  -     Variant (a), professional tarball with sorted files (<i>recommended!</i>):<br>
  -     <code><b>$ tar cvf apache_1.X.Y.tar \</b></code><br>
  -     <code><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;`find apache_1.X.Y -depth -print | sort |\</b></code><br>
  -     <code><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;perl -nle 'print $_ if (-f $_ or
(-d _ and not join("", glob "$_/*")));'`</b></code><br>
  -     Variant (b), poor man's tarball with files sorted as found on filesystem:<br>
  +<LI> Roll the distribution tarball:<br>
        <code><b>$ tar cvf apache_1.X.Y.tar apache_1.2.3</b></code><br>
   <LI> Make the final packed distribution files:<br>
  -	 (<em>note: no <code>gzip -9</code> here because some Tars then don't
like the gunzip'ed result</em>)<br>
  -     <code><b>$ gzip &lt;apache_1.X.Y.tar &gt;apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz</b></code><br>
  -     <code><b>$ compress &lt;apache_1.X.Y.tar &gt;apache_1.X.Y.tar.Z</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ cp -p apache_1.X.Y.tar xapache_1.X.Y.tar</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ gzip -9 apache_1.X.Y.tar</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ mv xapache_1.X.Y.tar apache_1.X.Y.tar</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ compress apache_1.X.Y.tar</b></code><br>
  +<LI> Verify gzip'd tar file (check for errors):<br>
  +     <code><b>$ gunzip -c apache_1.X.Y.tar.gz | tar tvf -</b></code><br>
   <LI> Cleanup:<br>
  -     <code><b>$ rm -rf apache_1.X.Y</b></code><br>
  -     <code><b>$ rm -f apache_1.X.Y.tar</b></code><br>
  +     <code><b>$ rm -rf apache_1.X.Y</b></code>
   <LI> Sign the distribution files:<br>
        (<em>note: be sure your PGP key is already in the <code>KEYS</code>
  @@ -97,8 +91,10 @@
        <code><b>$ vi src/httpd.h</b></code><br>
        <code><b>$ cvs commit src/httpd.h</b></code>
   <!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->
  - </BODY>
  +Written by Alexei Kosut and Ralf S. Engelschall.

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