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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject cvs commit: apache CHANGES README
Date Sun, 01 Dec 1996 05:38:17 GMT
akosut      96/11/30 21:38:17

  Modified:    .         CHANGES README
  Update top-level CHANGES and README files.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.6       +124 -80   apache/CHANGES
  Index: CHANGES
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache/CHANGES,v
  retrieving revision 1.5
  retrieving revision 1.6
  diff -C3 -r1.5 -r1.6
  *** CHANGES	1996/11/03 20:57:23	1.5
  --- CHANGES	1996/12/01 05:38:15	1.6
  *** 1,85 ****
    New features with this release, as extensions of the Apache functionality
  ! (see also more detailed CHANGES file) in the source directory. For more
  ! information, see
    In addition to a number of bug fixes and internal performance
  ! enhancements, Apache 1.1 has the following specific new user
  !   *) Caching Proxy Server
  !        Apache can now act as an HTTP proxy server, allowing clients
  !        behind firewalls to use the server to access the outside world. In
  !        addition, it can cache documents it proxies, speeding up access to
  !        frequently requested documents.
  !   *) Filetype-based Script "Actions"
  !        You can now run CGI scripts whenever a file of a certion type is
  !        requested. Makes it much easier to execute scripts that process
  !        files.
  !   *) Support for Keep-Alive Persistent Connections
  !        Apache now has (optional) support for persistent connections, as
  !        defined by the HTTP/1.1 draft. This protocol, supported by a
  !        number of current HTTP servers and browsers (including Netscape
  !        Navigator 2.0) has been shown to increase speed of document
  !        transfer by up to 50% in certain cases.
  !   *) Customizable CGI Environment Variables (not in this release)
  !        New PassEnv and SetEnv directives allow you to modify the
  !        environment variables passed to CGI scripts
  !   *) CERN Metafile Support
  !        Now emulates the CERN httpd's support for metafiles containing
  !        additional HTTP headers to be supplied with a document.
  !   *) Redirect Now Usable in .htaccess Files
  !        The Redirect directive can now be used in .htaccess files when the
  !        FileInfo directive has been set on. This allows users to redirect
  !        parts of their directories without requiring CGI scripts
  !   *) Improved UserDir Directive (not in this release)
  !        Now supports the ability to point user's files (as specificed by
  !        URLs beginning with the "~" character) at directories other than
  !        those specified by the Unix password file.
  !   *) Minimal DNS Now Runtime Option
  !        New HostnameLookups server configuration directive can be used to
  !        turn On or  Off DNS lookups. This supercedes the -DMINIMAL_DNS
  !        compile-time configuration option.
  !   *) Listen to Multiple Addresses and Ports
  !        Using the new Listen directive, Apache can listen to more than one
  !        port and IP address, using the same configuration set.
  !   *) Anonymous HTTP Logins
  !        New options allow you to allow, using Basic HTTP Authentication,
  !        anonymous logins, like those of FTP. This allows you to collect
  !        email addresses of people accessing your site.
  !   *) File Owner Avialable to Included CGI Scripts
  !        Server-side includes that call CGI scripts will now set a
  !        USER_NAME environment variable that contains the owner of the file
  !        which included it.
  !   *) Improved Icons
  !        Thanks to Kevin Hughes, Apache's nifty color GIF icons for
  !        directory listings have been updated. In addition, the Powered by
  !        Apache (apache_pb.gif) logo has been included.
  !   *) Log Rotation
  ! 	New support utility to allow log rotation without shutting down the
  ! 	server. See support/rotatelogs.c.
  ! Note: These modules are not compiled into the server by default, as
  ! they require special support on the host system. They must be enabled
  ! specifically in the Configuration file.
  !   *) Support for Unix DB Authentication - mod_db.c
  !        In addition to DBM support, Apache now contains optional support
  !        for Berkeley DB databases.
  !   *) mSQL Database Authentication - mod_auth_msql.html
  !        Support for the use of mSQL databases for user authentication via
  !        HTTP is now supported.
  --- 1,129 ----
  +                    OVERVIEW OF NEW FEATURES IN APACHE 1.2
    New features with this release, as extensions of the Apache functionality
  ! For more information, see the documentation included with this release
  ! (htdocs/manual/) or
    In addition to a number of bug fixes and internal performance
  ! enhancements, Apache 1.2 has the following specific new user
  !   *) HTTP/1.1 Compliance
  !        Apache (except for the optional proxy) is fully compliant with the
  !        new HTTP/1.1 standard, as ratified by the IETF HTTP working group.
  !        HTTP/1.1 provides a much-improved protocol, and should allow for
  !        greater performance and efficiency when transfering files. Apache
  !        does, however, still work great with HTTP/1.0 browsers.
  !   *) eXtended Server Side Includes (XSSI)
  !        A new set of server-side include directives allows the user to
  !        better create WWW pages. This includes number of powerful new
  !        features, such as the ability to set variables and use conditional
  !        HTML.
  !   *) File-based and Regex-enabled Directive Sections
  !        The new <Files> section allows directives to be enabled based on
  !        full filename, not just directory and URL. In addition, <Files>
  !        sections can appear in .htaccess files. <Files>, along with
  !        <Directory> and <Location>, can also now be based on regular
  !        expressions, not just simple prefix matching.
  !   *) Browser-based Environment Variables
  !        Environment variables can now be set based on the User-Agent
  !        string of the browser. Combined with XSSI, this allows you to
  !        write browser-based conditional HTML documents.
  !   *) SetUID CGI Execution Apache now supports the execution of CGI
  !        scripts as users other than the server user. A number of security
  !        checks are built in to try and make this as safe as possible.
  !   *) URL Rewriting Module
  !        The optional mod_rewrite module is now included. This module can
  !        provide powerful URL mapping, using regular expressions. There's
  !        nothing this module can't do!
  !   *) Optional FastCGI Module Included
  !        FastCGI is a high-performance alternative to CGI. FastCGI gets its
  !        speed by having the Web server keep the application processes
  !        running between requests. So, unlike CGI, you do not have the
  !        overhead of starting up a new process and doing application
  !        initialization (e.g. connecting to a database) each time somebody
  !        requests a document. The processes start up with the Web server
  !        and keep on running.
  !   *) Enhanced, Configurable Logging
  !        The optional mod_log_config included with earlier versions of
  !        Apache is now standard, and has been enhanced to allow logging of
  !        much more detail about the transaction, and can be used to open
  !        more than one log at once (each of which can have a different log
  !        format).
  !   *) User Tracking (Cookies) Revisions
  !        The mod_cookies included with previous versions of Apache has been
  !        renamed mod_usertrack, to more accurately reflect its function
  !        (some people inadvertantely thought it enabled cookie support in
  !        Apache, which is not true - Apache supports the use of cookies
  !        directly). It is also now possible to disable the generation of
  !        cookies, even when the cookie module is compiled in. Also, an
  !        expiry time can be set on the cookies.
  !   *) Multiple IPs in <VirtualHost>
  !        The <VirtualHost> directive can now take more than one IP address
  !        or hostname. This lets a single vhost handles requests for
  !        multiple IPs or hostnames.
  !   *) CGI Debugging Environment
  !        ScriptLog allows you to now set up a log that records all input
  !        and output to failed CGI scripts. This includes environment
  !        variables, input headers, POST data, output, and more. This makes
  !        CGI scripts much easier to debug.
  !   *) Resource Limits for CGI Scripts
  !        New directives allow the limiting of resources used by CGI scripts
  !        (e.g. max CPU time). This is helpful in preventing 'runaway' CGI
  !        processes.
  !   *) Redirect Directive Can Returns Additional Statuses
  !        The Redirect directive can return permanent or temporary
  !        redirectes, "Gone" or "See Other" HTTP statuses. For
  !        NCSA-compatability, RedirectTemp and RedirectPermanent are also
  !        implemented.
  !   *) Graceful Restarts
  !        Apache can re-read the config files and re-open log files without
  !        terminating transactions in progress.
  !   *) Simplified Compliation
  !        The process of configuring Apache for compilation has been
  !        simplified.
  !   *) Add or Remove Options
  !        The Optionsdirective can now add or remove options from those
  !        currently in force, rather than always replacing them.
  !   *) Command-line Help
  !        The -h command-line option now lists all the available directives.
  !   *) Optional Headers Module to Set or Remove HTTP Headers
  !        The optional mod_headers module can be used to set custom headers
  !        in the HTTP response. It can append to existing headers, replace
  !        them, or remove headers from the response.
  !   *) Conditional Config Directives
  !        A new <IfModule> section allows directives to be enabled only if a
  !        given module is loaded into the server.
  !   *) Authorization Directives Now Use NCSA-style Syntax
  !        The AuthUserFile, AuthGroupFile and AuthDigestFile commands now
  !        have a syntax compatible with the NCSA server.
  !   *) Optional proxy module
  !        An improved FTP, HTTP, and CONNECT mode SSL proxy is included with
  !        Apache 1.2. Some of the changes visible to users:
  !               - Improved FTP proxy supporting PASV mode
  !               - NoProxy directive for excluding sites to proxy
  !               - CONNECT mode ports are configurable from a list
  !               - NoCache * directive for disabling proxy caching
  !               - Numerous bug fixes
  1.8       +5 -13     apache/README
  Index: README
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/apache/README,v
  retrieving revision 1.7
  retrieving revision 1.8
  diff -C3 -r1.7 -r1.8
  *** README	1996/11/03 20:57:24	1.7
  --- README	1996/12/01 05:38:15	1.8
  *** 1,5 ****
  !                              Version 1.1 (and up)
    What is it?
  --- 1,5 ----
  !                              Version 1.2 (and up)
    What is it?
  *** 12,18 ****
  ! All the documentation is on-line on the WWW, via <URL:>.
  --- 12,21 ----
  ! The documentation available as of the date of this release is also
  ! included, in HTML format, in the htdocs/manual/ directory. For the
  ! most up-to-date documentation, visit us on the WWW, at
  ! <URL:>.
  *** 58,74 ****
    Details of the latest version are in the apache project page (above).
  - NOTE: At the time of release of Apache 1.1, two modules had updated
  - versions which were not sufficiently tested for inclusion into the 1.1
  - distribution: mod_auth_msql and mod_cern_meta.  The newer versions are
  - available from - if you
  - plan on using this functionality we encourage you to give the newer
  - modules a test drive, and let us know of any problems.  In particular,
  - mod_cern_meta is now configurable per-directory, and the configuration
  - directives have changed.  We can not promise that the existing
  - configuration directives provided by the mod_cern_meta included in the
  - distribution will be supported in the future.
  --- 61,66 ----

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