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From Roy Fielding <>
Subject cvs commit: apache/src util_date.h util_date.c
Date Sun, 27 Oct 1996 10:36:30 GMT
fielding    96/10/27 02:36:30

  Added:       src       util_date.h util_date.c
  I extracted the HTTP date parsing routines from proxy_util.c,
  added the asctime format to those being parsed, modified the
  interface to only include what was actually being used, and made
  a bunch of improvements for speed and robustness.  I tested the
  routines with a random date generator (maybe we should add a directory
  for test programs?) and a variety of invalid formats.
  I needed these for use by http_protocol.c in interpreting IMS and IUS dates,
  but I strongly recommend that they also be used by the proxy module;
  it will require a bit of work to modify the proxy's calls, but the
  new routines supply a superset of functionality with better portability
  (i.e., they don't assume long == int) and speed.

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