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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache RULES.CVS
Date Mon, 18 Mar 1996 17:18:55 GMT
Ermmm ... wasn't it you who said not to have discussions on apache-cvs a while


> In reply to Ben Laurie who said
> > 
> > ben         96/03/18 02:28:23
> > 
> >   Added:       .         RULES.CVS
> >   Log:
> >   First attempt at a "rules" file for CVS. Note that I didn't make these rules
> >   up, I'm just writing down what I see as the consensus.
> Looks like a reasonable start. I guess rule 4 is down to me :-)
> Only thing is, do we really want it in that particular location? Maybe
> we should have a docs directory under apache that holds all these
> files.


> Some other things I'd like to see would be a style guide and a "how to
> send us a patch" guide.
> On the style guide issue, I started to clean up some warnings yesterday
> and the code style varies *A LOT* across different files. This makes it
> very hard to see quickly what is happening and in some cases the coding
> style is just simply bizarre by most common standards (everyone has
> their personal taste I guess). For a group project I think some basic
> coding standards would be a good idea.

I'd agree, except that almost noone likes the style I prefer.

> I've always been a fan of the Berkeley style, I can dig up their
> style guide if people think this is a good idea. I'll even volunteer
> to clean up the current sources once we agree on a guide.

One thing I cannot bear is any style where the opening "{" doesn't align
(vertically) with the closing "}". Where does Bark-Lee stand on this?

Also, I'm a fan of Hungarian (as anyone who has read the Apache-SSL source will
have guessed) - I'd like to see that used.

If we do this, I insist on clear instructions on how to make Emacs do it ;-)

But, lets start this thread again on the RIGHT list!



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