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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject hello there, and info on where to get dev snapshots
Date Sat, 14 Mar 1998 02:58:00 GMT
Hi folks,

Welcome to the current-testers experiment.  What we hope to gain from this
is more widespread testing of code as we develop it.  We hope that this
means that new releases won't result in us being deluged with bug reports
(especially from platforms that we don't have core developers on).

The "current" release is the 1.3 source tree, for which we released beta5
recently.  (If you're interested in 1.2 only then you want the
stable-testers mailing list.) 

You can find a bunch of information on our development process at
<>, and in the ABOUT_APACHE file that accompanies
the releases.  In particular you should become familiar with the various
methods of retrieving development source code.  For example, you can
retrieve development snapshots at <>; 
and there is anonymous CVS access. 

What we think would be most useful here are reports of new bugs introduced
since the last released version.  For bugs that exist in released versions
we hope you will continue to use the bugdb interface.  So
before reporting something please verify that it doesn't also exist in
1.3b5.  We're open to suggestions on how this list may better serve all of

So if you've got the time, grab a development snapshot, and give it a
spin.  There have been numerous changes to uri handling, mod_rewrite, the
Configuration process, plus some performance improvements. 

Note to NT users:  We do not automatically build NT binaries, so in order
to play here you're going to need tools to build an NT binary yourself.
Sorry about that, but we're not set up to build NT binaries automatically. 
(Heck we don't build any binaries, this is development code!) 



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