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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [cli-users] Announcement; cli-users@ List Folding into dev@ on May 15
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 16:15:18 GMT
CLI-USERS@ community,

this note is to let you know about some major changes coming up here over
the next week.  Effective on Monday, May 15th, cli-users@ traffic will all
move into the general community of, with this list
closing.  You can email to join that list
ahead of time.

This is part of a general effort to move mod_aspdotnet into the regular fold
of httpd development and user peer-to-peer support.  The cli-dev@httpd list
similarly folds into dev@httpd.  The mod_aspdotnet moves from cli into the
top-level httpd project.  Based on participation and oversight from the .NET
community on the dev@httpd community, the httpd project will continue to
support the module.  If there is an overall lack of participation, the module
may be shelved sometime in the future for want of support.  It's entirely up
to the community to ensure it's long term success.

We are doing so to ensure several things, better integration with the httpd
development process, better oversight by the httpd project, and to keep the
general development community aware of happenings in .NET space to their
project.  This provides a more open window to you - the cli-users community,
to learn about other aspects of Apache httpd by participating in the wider
users@httpd community process.

In closing, a new release will be submitted monday for consideration based on
the most recent snapshot (which many already use).  Once it's done, this will
be branched to a vs2002 specific branch, and the main code upgraded for the new
C++ API in Visual Studio 2005.  This should permit more users to roll-their-own
based on the Visual Studio 2005 express edition, and catches up to Microsoft's
current C++.NET programming language (which as some already know, looks little
like the original iteration of C++.NET).  We hope to see a strong showing in the
release vote process, because the release process is the one and only metric of
project health; it will determine if mod_aspdotnet continues to survive as an
effort of the ASF and the Apache HTTP Project.

We look forward to seeing you on users@httpd and answering your questions
there.  As always, general ASP.NET programming questions already have better
forums out there, but whenever you find discrepancies between hosting ASP.NET
pages under mod_aspdotnet v.s. mod_mono or IIS, will
become the place to ask about them!



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