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From Johan Arens <>
Subject [cli-users] mod_aspotnet and dll in the URL
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 20:59:08 GMT

I have a problem with the exec of a DLL in the URL.

I'm trying to install an ASP.Net app under apache instead of IIS. My server
is Win2k3, and aswell Apache 2.0.

Here is my comfig :

LoadModule aspdotnet_module modules/

AddHandler ascx asax cs ashx asmx aspx axd config cs csproj \
           licx rem dll resources resx soap vb vbproj vsdisco webinfo

<IfModule mod_aspdotnet.cpp>
   AspNetMount /AMWebHost "c:/Program Files/GroupSystems/Cognito/AMWebHost"
   Alias /AMWebHost "c:/Program Files/GroupSystems/Cognito/AMWebHost"
   <Directory "c:/Program Files/GroupSystems/Cognito/AMWebHost">
        Options FollowSymlinks ExecCGI
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
        DirectoryIndex Default.htm Default.asp Default.aspx

Actually the web server doen't exec the DLL in the URL, the browser starts
to download the file. I tried to add the dll extention in the AddHandler
statement w/o success.

As this is a commercial APP, and I don't have any support from those guys
(they only supports  IIS and don't even knows there is something else than

Any idea what could be missing in my config ?

Thanks in advance


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